Beginning My Wardrobe Transition This Week!

My transition from my summer wardrobe to my fall wardrobe begins on a small scale this week.  I always select the most summery of my clothing and wear it this week.  Like these Chicos printed pants I got last spring.  I wore them to work, and then will retire them until next spring because of their lighter colors and light fabric.  Each day I have worn one of my favorite spring/summer pieces to work, and this weekend will pack them away.  Then after Labor Day, I will wear the clothing I own which is still lighter fabrics but more autumn like colors.  It is a gentle transition going toward the wardrobe I wear when cooler weather arrives.

I love my autumn pieces so much that I am more than ready to bring some out a little early.  And I am usually ready to reitre the really summery styles.  Today’s look is composed of my Chico’s top and bottoms, an old necklace from JC Penney’s that I still really like, and Unisa flats with pearls from Marshalls last spring.

I am excited that the printed pants are still in style this fall, so I have already purchased a pair to show you later.  However, I also found some to share with you in the slideshow below.  When do you typically begin to transition your wardrobe?  It is possible to do it before the weather changes.  We will discuss that more later….for now, I am enjoying my favorite summer style all week (that is step #1 in the transition)



  1. Oh I do love that black Chico’s top Pam! That is amazing! And the necklace so perfectly ties in with your pants! I have found some fun pieces at JCP. I’m going to borrow your idea about transitioning. I am really anxious to switch over too. There comes a point when you are just done with summer clothes (at least for me), but then the same thing happens toward the end of winter! I think we are just ready for a change! This is such a good method for transitioning, starting with lightweight fabrics in fall colors. The fall clothing catalogs have been arriving and it has only made me more anxious for the next season! This look you are showing today is just beautiful!

    1. It is one of my favorite tops, Karen. I haven’t been in a JCP in a long time, but I do love this necklace. This type of transitioning just helps me to get out of summer faster and into the clothing and colors I love the most. Have a great day!

    2. I love today’s look…from your toes to your necklace!
      I’m 5 foot 4, wear a 8 or 10 pant but it’s my thick waist!! Ugh. These sizes are very loose over the thigh and hip, but need it for the waist.
      Help! ( alterations are pricy)!

  2. This is the cutest warm weather outfit! I love all the details: pearls on shoe tops, necklace echoing the print of the pants, and the paisley print on the pants.
    I think your plan of celebrating the end of season by wearing and then packing up your summer clothes is excellent. Ritual and tradition are important to enrich our ordinary days.

    1. Thanks Lavenia….I like this look alot. And I will look forward to wearing the pants again next spring!

    1. Try them on with jackets and cardigans. Take a lot in the dressing room to see if you can find a look you like. Let me know if you find something

  3. I love the look and I love Fall – it is my favorite season. But, it is hard to get into my Fall clothing when it still is nearly 100 and humid outside and will still be very hot for a few more weeks 🙁

    1. I am in the same heat but I use lighter fabrics and deeper colors. I will retire the pastels this weekend. It’s possible to think autumn while enduring heat…oh, and I retire sandals this weekend too.

  4. Pretty outfit, Pam! I was surprised to see quite a few pinks in the new collections from J.Jill and Chico’s… perhaps like white, pink isn’t just for spring and summer any longer.

  5. I absolutely, positively love your outfit – from head to toe! If I had that exact outfit, that baby would be making appearances from now til October! Very flattering on you! :):):) My “transition” from summer to autumn is slowly adding longer sleeves as the weather cools… And my colors change (like yours) – I love all those lovely “fall” colors. Looking forward to the day when I can actually WEAR a sweater… it’s been dang hot down here in GA!
    (Also so glad you are continuing Would You Wear It?!)

  6. I transitioned to fall colors just this morning! It’s still in the 90’s so I have saved some new, lighter weight tunics in fall colors to wear with beige capris. I also pull out the black capris and wear a lot of red. Navy is my favorite and I wear it year-round. I noticed a lot of white pants in the fall collections, I love white, but I can’t do it for fall but cream might work, so I’m keeping that out this year. Leopard is a good transition coupled with beige. Teal or peach also eases me into the season change. I can’t give up the sandals until November though, it’s still so hot and we swim up to Halloween. Oh, I want those pearl flats!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Cindy! I found the pearl flats at Marshall’s last year but I also saw them at Macy’s.

  7. By the time Labor Day arrives, I am ready to start transitioning to Fall colors in my wardrobe & home. I usually start by adding colors like burgundy & teal into the mix & letting go of pinks & other pale colors. I also start adding light weight long sleeved blouses with the sleeves rolled up with my skorts. By the way, I love those flats!

  8. Good looking outfit Pam, top to bottom! Love the statement necklace! Well, it’s still with a heat index hovering in the 100s here, but after enjoying the fall clothes in the many catalogs, etc., and the fast approaching Labor Day holiday, I must say I am ready to wear some fall colors! I’m about tired now of all the lightweight pastel tops/pants I’ve been wearing, and I am surely tired of the sandals! My feet want back in some shoes, y’all! Lovely outfit Pam! Love those shoes!

  9. Fall is my favorite season. I’m looking forward to cooler temps and using my fall wardrobe to make the most of it. Your outfit looks really nice, …stylish yet comfortable. Something you can wear all day and forgo the ‘can’t wait to change out of the minute you get home’, that some outfits can be.

  10. I’m one who loves summer and actually feels a little depressed each year to think cold weather will soon follow (Canada; minus a billion Celsius at times) however we are still having a heat wave and I will still wear summer clothes as long as it feels like it. I’ll just tone it down from a very summery look. I love your idea about wearing favourite pieces one more time before packing them away. I think it wouldn’t be so bad if fall clothes weren’t so dark and drab when I need colour to feel good. Anyway, you look fabulous in this outfit and I look forward to what you’ll be wearing this coming season. Hopefully some purple too along the way.?

    1. The colors this fall are amazing, Janet. So vibrant and rich. Make sure you add some to keep loving your fashion through the winter!

  11. Does it EVER get cool in SA? Hope you have some cooler weather soon and will show us some pretty things for fall.

    1. I will show you pretty things for fall…even when the weather does not cooperate. I wish I lived in more seasonal climate…but family is here and San Antonio is a great place to live. No worries…I love fall clothes and wear them!!

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