My transition from my summer wardrobe to my fall wardrobe begins on a small scale this week.  I always select the most summery of my clothing and wear it this week.  Like these Chicos printed pants I got last spring.  I wore them to work, and then will retire them until next spring because of their lighter colors and light fabric.  Each day I have worn one of my favorite spring/summer pieces to work, and this weekend will pack them away.  Then after Labor Day, I will wear the clothing I own which is still lighter fabrics but more autumn like colors.  It is a gentle transition going toward the wardrobe I wear when cooler weather arrives.

I love my autumn pieces so much that I am more than ready to bring some out a little early.  And I am usually ready to reitre the really summery styles.  Today’s look is composed of my Chico’s top and bottoms, an old necklace from JC Penney’s that I still really like, and Unisa flats with pearls from Marshalls last spring.

I am excited that the printed pants are still in style this fall, so I have already purchased a pair to show you later.  However, I also found some to share with you in the slideshow below.  When do you typically begin to transition your wardrobe?  It is possible to do it before the weather changes.  We will discuss that more later….for now, I am enjoying my favorite summer style all week (that is step #1 in the transition)


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