So Thankful for the Omron Evolv and A Special Just for You

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Today, I am reflecting on the difference the Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor made in my life and offering you a special on this important machine.  I wrote about the 90 Day Challenge I participated in with Omron HERE, and shared how awareness of my high blood pressure lead me to make some huge lifestyle changes…which have made such a difference in how I feel.  I do not believe I would have had the awareness or made the changes so quickly without the ease of this simple device and having it available to me at home with an app on my phone.

Omron Healthcare has a company mission called Going for Zero, with the hope of significantly decreasing heart attacks and strokes…in fact, they hope to eliminate them.  The company has pursued its bold mission by developing new heart health technologies, working in collaboration with physicians, launching a national education campaign, and forming partnerships with groups like the American Heart Association and like-minded companies like Alive Cor, combining their collective strengths to achieve new category breakthroughs.

Prior to owning my own Omron Evolv, I hated to have my blood pressure taken at the doctor and would never use an availalbe machine at the pharmacy or grocery market.  But, once I began to monitor my numbers on a routine basis I knew I had a problem.  Fortunately, I learned the role stress was playing in my life.  Once I changed jobs, eating habits, increased exercise, and better sleep…the numbers improved significantly.  This is one brand I met through my blog, I owe alot to.  I just cannot say enough how different and how much better I feel after making the changes.  Now, going to the doctor is a little less stressful.

Through September 10 or while discounted supplies last (this is a limited time special offer), you can order your own device on Amazon and use this special 15% off discount.  Make sure after you click on the link, you put in the code at checkout 15PAM. (the 15% will come off after you put in the code. It is already offered at a discount rate of $69.99 from the full price of $99.99, so your discount comes off of the already discounted price. Good Deal)…Just click here for 15% off the Omron Evolv.

I am so glad to have one at home now and be able to do my own regular blood pressure checks.  it helps me to


Please Note:

The Omron EVOLV® is the latest Omron innovation which is a portable, wireless upper-arm blood pressure monitor that is clinically validated for accuracy and has received FDA clearance. It is a sleek one-piece upper arm unit with no tubes or wires. The EVOLV is also equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows the device to seamlessly sync with the Omron Connect App to store, track and share data.

Omron Healthcare, Inc. is the global category leader in personal heart health and wellness technology, with a heritage of over 40 years. Omron is the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended home blood pressure monitor brand on the market, and the brand is known for its clinically-validated accuracy.  Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death, and stroke is the top cause of adult disability in the U.S., with high blood pressure being the leading risk factor for both these conditions.


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post and I am compensated as a brand ambassador, but the words are my own.


  1. Thanks, Pam. Just ordered it. Unfortunately, I am already on medication but at least it keeps it under control but I need to monitor it anyway. I have a blood pressure monitor but I like that this one is made by Omron, a brand I trust and the cordless feature.

  2. Pam, after your last post about the OMRON Evolv, I purchased one and started monitoring my blood pressure. After sharing the data with my doctor, he wanted me to have further tests. Long story short, I am now on meds and actively trying to lower my bp. So thank you for sharing. The best part about the Evolv is I can download it to my phone, making it easy to show my doctor.

  3. As a nurse I urge everyone to check and monitor their BP. You can feel great and have issues with BP.

    Omron is a quality product used by professionals and every day people.

    Thanks for sharing this important post Pamela

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