Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

It’s time for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer of A Well Styled Life.  We bring you mannequins we have found around town, and you tell us if you would wear them or not wear them and explain why.  Today, I am going to show you several angles of my look.  So, here goes…

You’ve seen all sides………………so tell us……………………………WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Make sure to explain your answers ……….then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s look………..and make sure you see the slideshow below…lots of fun pieces are coming out now!  After all that go out into the weekend and



  1. I like the style  of   top, but think the print is aging. It reminds me of The Golden Girls. It looks like they couldn’t make a decision on the print, so they added a little of everything. I like the style of the pants, but not the  colors. They look like a tie pattern from a long time ago and appear muddy. For me, it’s just way too much going on here. There is nowhere for your eye to rest. I wouldn’t wear it in these patterns, but the general  style of flowy over slim is good.

  2. Wow No! That print is too big, and the top is shapeless. Teaming it with print pants makes it worse. I would like to see the entire shoe.

  3. Love the color of these pants! Love the colors of the top, also, but I would not wear it as I believe it would make me appear even larger than I already am. If it were an open kimono style I think it would appeal to me more, as I could wear a more shape-conforming tank or tee underneath.

  4. As it is, this top would overwhelm me. I have a similar top to this but the print is not as big and the top itself is not as full that I enjoy. The pants are cute and I would wear them with a similar top that is proportioned for petites.

  5. I love the colors in this outfit, but not sure I would wear it. The top seems so large & flowy, it feels a bit overwhelming. I like the small pattern in the pants, so I might try those with a top that’s not so large.

  6. Finally, a mannequin outfit I love! Love the style and the richly coloured stunning print of the top paired with the simple bottom. I am 5’3″,155 lbs and pair shaped. I think it would be flattering on me.

  7. I love it. I love the bold, brightly colored print in the blouse (or actually, it is more like a poncho). I would wear it.

  8. Looks great on the mannequin, and I love the pants. However, I wouldn’t wear this top to work because my high school students would be too focused deciding if they like it and commenting, I’d be too busy wondering if they like it, and I could never wear any Patagonia ski jacket over it here in Vermont! The place to wear it might be whilst entertaining, although I’m sure the fabric would be dragging in the sauce! So…..nice on the mannequin and other people, but no for my lifestyle.

    1. Karen – you and I are on the same wavelength here – can’t wear a coat/jacket over it, and would be a fire hazard in the kitchen 🙂

  9. Not my style. Too flowy and a tad too long. Print a bit busy. I am quite short, with short legs, so the proportion is not right for me. Not a fan of brown for the tights, they look too heavy and too warm.

  10. I would definitely try it on because I love the bold print and colors. I’m 5’8″, but billowy often makes me look too big. I love the more subtle print slim pants and instead would wear them with a long tailored jacket or duster sweater and blouse in a rust or cocoa. I’d want some great shoes. Sometimes I start my outfit with the shoes!

  11. I find the top very interesting. If it wasn’t so big and flow-y, yes I would wear it. (That much material on my upper half, makes me appear larger. I need a little structure, for some shape.) If the same fabric was done in a button down blouse, I’d snap it right up. As for the pants, I’m not crazy about the pattern or style. The top is already making a statement, I’d pair it with solid leggings, instead.

  12. At first glance I absolutely loved this look, but I’m not sure about the pants. I would definitely wear the top with a skinny pant or leggings, but I would have to see that particular pair in person. When I first looked at them in photo 2, I thought they were a solid colour which would probably be my preference, but if the print is as subtle as it looks in photos 2 and 4, I’d be fine with it.

  13. I love this outfit! The colors are perfect and while I’m not sure I would have put the pants and top together they work well together. Like an earlier response, I would need to try it on to make sure it wouldn’t overwhelm my 5’2” frame. I think a chinky boot heel would be helpful and maybe having a seamstress take in the sides of the top to reduce volume.

  14. I would try it on. I love it but I am not certain it would flatter me. I love colour but the flowy top might be a challenge. Would the fitted pant give me the shape that the top hides?

  15. Love the pants- a piece or two of menswear plaid or check is on my radar for fall. Not so much the poncho. Kind of skating the edge of matronly. I know dark botanicals are a big trend but this one just has a little too much going on for me. I do love the colors though!

  16. I think the top looks so big because the mannequin is posed with her arms out, hands on hips. How often does anyone do that? If her arms were down, the top would not look so voluminous.

    I do wear this kind of top in the summer months, in lighter colors, always with slim pants.

    I don’t wear the colors in this top, and I don’t wear this kind of top when fall rolls around. It’s coat time, and I need ordinary sleeves at that point.

  17. Just yuck … obviously I don’t like it. Overblown print top and too much floaty fabric for me (5’4″ and chunky). And just don’t like the color and pattern on the pants. Where are all the attractive clothes that make us look nice without being skin tight or baggy and long?

    1. They are out there Ann…we talk about them all the time. Hope you return for those types of looks.

  18. While bright colors are not something I wear, I do like this pairing. The mix of prints between the top and bottom is really interesting!! The style of the sleeves would be too much for me since I am only 5’4″ but it is very striking.

    Actually Pam, I could see you in this outfit!!

    1. Hi Beth…I could see me in this outfit also!! Wish it was in my closet right now. Thanks so much….

  19. I love the colors and think with the slimmer pant it looks stylish and quite elegant. The colors would be flattering to most complexions, and it could be styled up or down depending on the shoes and earrings. The top could be worn again with leggings or slim jeans, and the pants could be worn with a duster cardigan. It is season-spanning too. These last two points are always part of the criteria for me, as I seldom buy “outfits,” but more think of separates as opportunities for restyling. I love tops where I can gain or lose several pounds (my weight is always in flux). So, yes, I would SO wear it.

  20. I can’t imagine wearing the top. I would be an accident waiting to happen in it. It is also a bit too dramatic for my simple taste. The pants are one of those items I would need to try on to make my decision. They look interesting.

  21. The pants are a definite no. I usually like warm colors, but the print is a bit too much for a pair of pants, I think. The top is a qualified no. I like the drape and the shape of the top, but the print is too busy (and there’s too much purple in there.)

  22. This outfit speaks to a lifestyle much different than mine. I think the woman who wears this needs confidence that fills the room before the outfit. Her personality is larger than the print. She can’t doubt her choice for a second because then the outfit begins to wear her. Bravo for her.

  23. I love these fabrics, but would not wear this shape. A more fitted, traditional blouse is more flattering on me – the caftan style top would add visual weight. But I always love the scarf print blouses!

  24. I don’t mind the top but not for me, I could disappear inside, too shapeless,but I think it could be very elegant for another kind of woman. Maybe with black pants. (Greetings from Italy!?)

  25. I like the top but not those pants. Not a good combination. The print on the pants seems to be fighting for attention, the dramatic style, pattern and color on the top is taking all the attention. I would wear it with a pair of black cigarette pants

  26. I love the top! I’m team top! I’d wear it with skinny jeans and either low or high heel boots (I’ve got the height). Not so much team pants. The pattern nor color appeal to me. If pressed, I might get away with wearing the pants with an over-sized white button down long shirt and black ballet slippers (and an armful of gold bangles).

  27. I love this outfit in theory—flowy over narrow, pattern mixing, the rich, warm color palette. It would be stunning on someone tall and thin with auburn hair.
    Unfortunately for me, I am not tall and thin, and I don’t do animal prints. I would do those pants in a hot minute if the background is black, not brown. Can’t tell from the photo.

  28. Catching up on your posts after a week with no internet (vacation) which is both good and bad. My frame couldn’t carry this print and ‘cape-like’ width but I love the look: rich colors, fabric, etc

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