Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  Time for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer Connolly!  All you do is tell us if you would wear the mannequins as they are presented and styled.  Don’t just say Yes or No, but explain your answer or tell us if you would do the look a different way.  And please be thoughtful and kind…remember there has never been a style that everyone felt 100% the same about.  So don’t say something that would offend someone else….please.  So, let’s begin, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Would You Wear It?

Now, go over to A Well Styled Life and tell her what you think about her selection.  And you might want to give the slideshow below a look…………….I found some really fun accessories!  There’s lots to enjoy so, please join in and



  1. I have a moto-style jacket and I don’t really feel comfortable in it—yet. I would not wear the dress as it is in warm colors and just too much leopard. I’m just going to ignore the hood thing and say it is just part of the faceless mannequin because it looks just plain weird. The hat looks dramatic which is not my style.

  2. My friends would call me Safari Sue in this getup! I love leopard, love the jacket, but I want my animal prints in smaller doses-like shoes or a purse. All over prints just don’t suit me. Nope on the hat too-appreciate the sunblock effects but not that hat. The crown is too tall for my long face!

  3. Love moto jackets and animal prints. I like animal prints a little more subtle than this, so no to the dress. Yes to the jacket … but readymade more fitted jackets are hard to find for my narrow shoulders and wider hips ?.

  4. Can’t even imagine what they were thinking with the hood. That’s not a good look at all. I like both jackets and would wear those. The floral pants are too much pattern for me and would make me appear wide. I’m just not one to wear the overall animal print. I might consider animal print accessories, but not an entire  garment. They need to rethink their  displays. That hood ruins the entire look of the jacket and dress.

      1. I think the hood is more a display thing trick than something they envision you actually wearing. It probably keeps the hat on the mannequin better, seeing as how she’s hairless 🙂

        I’d be more likely to wear the dress + jacket – hoodie than I would wear the pants. Didn’t we see mustard/yellow with a green/blue in a prior ‘would you wear it” post? I wonder if that’s going to be a popular combination this fall.

        1. Hi Rose, I agree that I think the hood is for creative purposes and probably not meant to be worn this way. And YES! The peacock colors are on trend this year…good eye.

  5. Love the dress but don’t care for the hoodie. I’d wear the dress with a long cardigan or blazer (both in black) and red pumps & purse. I do like this jacket but I’d wear it with pants. I love hats but don’t care for this one. If i decided to wear a hat with this dress I’d choose a black one!

  6. Too much leopard for my taste in the dress, however, the black jacket helps to tone it down. Wouldn’t wear other ensemble ~ mustard coat is NOT my hue and the print design on pants is too large (too many colors going on here).

  7. i do not find the outfit objectionable at all, although I no longer wear dresses. I can imagine it on a tall, slender built woman wearing a great pair of shoes. I think it is too busy for any other body style and the jacket plus the hat would make a short person appear even shorter.

  8. I generally prefer animal prints to be in accessories so I probably wouldn’t purchase this dress but I like the look: dress, jacket, and hat

  9. Too much leopard print int he dress for my taste. However the black jacket helps to tone it down. Hat is too big. The other ensemble is strange with so many colors together. Not a fan of the mustard coat, not my color! So No to
    both outfits!!

  10. Oh yes, I would wear this if I was a beekeeper, or had a very bad haircut and wanted attention drawn to my wild dress instead.

  11. Hat and hood…NO! Dress and jacket ..possibly?. I love the floral pants and mustard coat…I have decided that I need more color and fun in my wardrobe!

  12. I absolutely love the dress and jacket. I think it’s conservative with a bit of edginess. If that hood is attached to the dress, I would have to surgically remove it. I like the yellow coat and even the pants (which are out of my comfort zone), but seeing them on the maniquin, I do think it’s a great look. I would not wear the blue top with it because I’m still conservative by nature and it’s too many different colors. I might go for a black top. The leopard shoes would be one quick trip to the ER for me, but they are cute.

  13. I burst out laughing! The display person got my attention, that’s for sure! Fashionable bee keeper, probably wasn’t the look they were intending. I would take the hat off and add big sunglasses, that’s more “hip”. Or maybe this is the new “ headscarf” ? Dress and jacket are fine, I just don’t wear those colors. No, on bold pants and mustard coat, I’m not tall enough. Maybe fashion is going through a “ tall gal “ phase? Things are long, oversized, and larger prints…

  14. I love this look. I own an adorable MOTO jacket, but I don’t like to keep it on all day, it’s just too much. So I’m not sure if I’d purchase the look for that very reason. I love leopard though and wear it all fall/winter, in a shirt, shoes, belt, scarf….I’m not quite positive that I’d wear a whole dress, but I’d love to try it!

  15. Wow – it takes courage style and pizzazz to carry this one off! I would admire the person wearing it – giving them a big thumbs-up! Me, on the other hand, would only wear the dress and pass on everything else.

  16. No hood in my neighborhood, please!
    The hat is great but not paired with the dress. I agree with another commenter that it would be appropriate for a Halloween safari if both were worn together.
    I like the dress and the jacket and maybe even together. I admit to being a sucker for most animal prints.

  17. I don’t get the hoodie with the leopard dress, doesn’t fit. I wouldn’t wear the dress, only because I choose to wear animal prints in smaller doses, I’d go as far as a pair of pants OR a top, but not my entire length, like this dress. I love animal prints, not against those at all. I like the moto jacket, too, but wouldn’t pair it with this dress. I do like the hat with the dress alone, as long as there’s no hoodie, too.
    As for the mannequin in the back, The leopard shoes paired with the floral pants or skirt, (not sure what is is), makes me cringe. The patterns clash.

  18. I would buy the jacket and hat but wouldn’t wear them together. For me, I like animal print in accessories only. I get real warm so I pass on the added hood.

  19. Both dress and jacket look terrific and great together…would definitely wear the jacket. It would be helpful if you would note what store the items come from in case readers wish to purchase. Thanks.

    1. I will share in my post tomorrow!! Since this is a different format and form. Hope you will return!

  20. There are elements of this that I like, but as an overall look, it’s a no. I would definitely wear the hat and the jacket, but I have problems with the dress. First and foremost, the hood looks absolutely ridiculous! I love leopard and I could definitely see myself wearing it in a simple, slim fitting dress like this one, but the pattern is too large for my liking and I would prefer a lower neckline and a shorter hem (knee length or just above).

  21. I actually own a dress similar to this one with a darker background color that I bought years ago. I used to wear it with a short faux fur jacket in brown rather than black (which I no longer have), so yes, I would wear this – or at least I did wear this in my younger days! I’m not sure if I could pull it off now, but the dress does still fit even if my body shape has shifted a bit. I usually don’t look good in hats, but I would at least try it on.

    As for the other outfit, I like the colorful coat and top, but am not thrilled with the pattern on the pants, and I gave up platform shoes decades ago!

  22. I commented above, thinking the hoodie was added on, but now I’m wondering if it’s sewn onto the dress. Looking forward to seeing your links on it.
    Of course I wouldn’t wear it on my head, but I think it could be artfully arranged like a scarf around your neck and would be cute, if temps drop about 40 degrees.

  23. I love the jacket & would definitely try it. I like the dress but don’t wear dresses much anymore. I don’t understand the hooded thing, so I won’t go there. The hat seems too summery for the rest of the outfit, but that’s just me.

  24. I’m with everyone else about the hood … I can’t tell if it is under the dress attached to a tank or bodysuit, part of the dress, or part of the hat. But I don’t like it. I absolutely love the leopard dress with the Moro jacket though. Very me! I would wear it with very conservative shoes … no platforms or stilettos (as if … sigh … can’t do that anymore:)). Otherwise, it would be so over the top. I liked the other comment about red, but I would probably do nude, just because I might feel a little safer. As for the other outfit, I liked the mustard topper and the colors, but it didn’t inspire me a lot otherwise, and I’m not sure why.

  25. If I was going on safari or wanted to be camouflaged, I would wear this outfit with the hood.
    However, the hat has to go.
    I like the dress and I think the jacket works well with it.
    I would definitely try it:)

  26. I love the hat, but the jacket I wouldn’t wear the rest of the outfit unless I was pulling off a bank robbery… then again, I’d be a memorable bank robber in that outfit, wouldn’t I?

  27. My first thought was that this was a joke. No way! I do love an animal print and also enjoy wearing hats from time to time but this is too much of a mish mash.

  28. Did anyone else think this had quite a “Michael Jackson” influence working?
    Though I’ve lost a couple of inches in height these past few years (thanks, spinal issues), @ 5’8”, I’d absolutely wear all but that hoodie to, say, the theatre. Of course, I’d be courteous & remove the had so i’d Not block the view of fellow patrons!

  29. Love the yellow, blue, and floral layering on the mannequin, but not in the pieces that they have it. The large floral print is super tricky, creating the possibilities of roses blooming on your cheeks…no thanks. But that blue for a dress, with that yellow jacket, and floral scarf…yes please. The other outfit also suggest a more nontraditional pairing with a moto jacket inspiring a closet search rather than buying that particular outfit. About the mannequins, love the ones that Target has in their women’s departments rather than these with their 14 inch waist and mile long legs.

  30. I really like the leopard dress with the jacket. The hat is a no for me since my fine hair can’t tolerate a hat of any kind.
    There’s nothing that I like with the 2nd outfit. The floral pattern is too big & all of the colors are too bright.

  31. I love the dress and love the jacket it is paired with. There’s a lot of leopard, but to me it works! Very chic!

    I don’t understand that hoodie at all. Were they trying to be trendy? It looks like something a beekeeper would have on.

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