Have you ever wondered what the true distiction is of what makes clothing vintage?  I pondered it recently while doing some closet diving and looking for something to wear I have not worn in a long time.  I know this blouse is maybe 15 years old…does that make it vintage?

After doing a little reseach, it seems there is agreement that clothing which was made before the 1920s is referred to as antique, and clothing from the 1920s up to twenty years before the present day is considered vintage.  Retro is short for retrospective or vintage-style and usually is used to describe clothing which imitates styles from a certain era.   I believe I have owned this blouse since around 2000, so it is not vintage.  But, the wool coat I found at Goodwill years ago is a true vintage garment and it is my favorite coat.

The way I modernized my older top in the orginal pictures, was to add modern accessories, and great fitting pants.

Well, now we know…you can’t just call an older garment vintage…but you can re-style it and wear again. Is there anyone here who has a true love of vintage clothing?  Please share a little about it and how you typically style the pieces.   Have a fun day, everyone…and

Here’s a tease….something in this outfit will be a part of fall trends this year!  Come back Sunday to find out what it is.


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