After a Fall, I Need A Little Fall!

In South Texas, we have had several days of rain and clouds…not a typical September which usually feels more like summer.  But I have welcomed the hint of fall in the air, and it has helped to keep my spirits up as I sport around my new accessory…the sling!  It is so easy when an injury or illness gets us down to let ourselves go.  But, as always, I find encouragement and joy in fixing myself up every day.  Having a confident appearance helps me to feel like I am still in the game and to look forward to being out and about.  If I give the sling the power to control my emotions, then I will sit in a chair and………………age.

Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite fall outfits from last year.  I still love these looks and plan to take the pieces and mix them up into different styles. I looked them up to gain a little inspiration for some fun ways to re-style this year.

Looking back, I am so glad I saved these pieces…I need a little fun color to brighten up the sling this year!  There are some more fun items below…in case you need some inspiration.

Has anyone been wearing sweaters and jackets, yet?  Let us know.  I hope everyone on the east coast is safe and taking precautions.  We saw first hand in Texas last year what a dangeious hurricane can do.  Be safe everyone, and



  1. Isn’t it wonderful to pull things out that you loved last year and find that you still love them? I always look forward to changing the closet over, it’s like finding treasures all over again! Your outfits, above, are indeed inspirational (I need the scarf in the first picture for tomorrow – exactly those colors!) So glad to see from the slideshow that there are still so many long cardigans, ponchos and capes – and that black turtleneck caught my eye immediately. (Probably because it’s black in the slideshow!) At some point it would be great if you could cover necklines, and what flatters as far as height, shape, even face shape. Personally, I feel I look taller with a scoop or V-neck as opposed to a crew neck which for me also has the disadvantage of making my neck look much shorter. It would be an interesting topic. That black jacket in your second picture with the buttons on the sleeves, would you share where you found that?

  2. Love all these outfits on you and the colors do ‘speak’ Fall. And best of all, all of these ‘looks’ from last year are still very much in style this year. (That’s what I love about classic/traditional cuts and styles. I have some pieces I still wear from the 1990’s!) Sorry to hear you’ve been injured, (I missed that earlier, been having one busy season and haven’t had as much time for the Internet), I will add your successful recovery to my prayer list.

  3. Pam, I love your idea of looking at last year’s outfits and then looking at ways of wearing those items in a different way – maybe with new accessories or clothes which you have bought more recently. Here in the UK we are enjoying the tail end of an unusually hot and dry summer but the early mornings and evenings are getting colder now so cardigans and jackets have been spotted this week! Glad you are keeping your spirits up and thanks for all the style ideas.

  4. All of these outfits are so “me”. I do love the Fall colors and am looking forward to wearing them. It’s still in the 80’s in Ohio but I’m trying to put transition outfits together with Fall colors but not cold weather outfits. I have enough of my own “heat” to contend with in addition to the outdoor temps. Did you purchase any of these pieces recently? I’d love to get my hands on the black and white jacket/sweater.

    1. I love that topper so much. It was from Soft Surroundings and sometimes they bring pieces back. I will contact them and let you know Nina!

  5. So many great outfit ideas from this post Pam. We leave Monday for an extended trip to the mid-west and will need lots of mix/match, layering outfits. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Sorry to hear about “the sling” Pam. These things have a way of happening. (I do hope you wore it covered with a designer scarf!) Absolutely love the black jacket with the buttons, such a classic look and so multi purpose. Thanks for all your valuable tips.

      1. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I do love your fall outfits and still need to put my cooler weather clothes in order. Trouble is we have had a hot humid late summer here in a Rhode Island! Hard to think of long slacks and sweaters! Your outfits are stunning…..

        1. Thanks so much Paulette. Since you are in RI you will probably have more than want if cool weather soon. Have fun with it!

  7. I’m glad that Karen brought up the topic of necklines because I’ve always felt that, while we shouldn’t be “ruled” by the neckline shape, we should definitely realize what a difference it can make. I’ve always felt and observed that women who carry a lot of their physique in their chest area look better in vee’d necklines or scoops. Women who are more petite and less endowed do tend to need that crew neck as opposed to the vee. Cowls seem to flatter most everyone.

    And I wish all ladies would remember when trying on clothes or dressing that people view the whole woman head to toe and look at the eyes/face when visiting. You are the only one who concentrates on your thick waist, or heavy chest or big belly or what have you. So look at the total picture you make when dressing, not just your “issue areas.”

    You have so many big beautiful scarves and shawls—you should definitely wrap/cover your sling with one and make it sing. It would brighten your mood about having to wear the thing.

  8. I really like the pieces you pulled for shopping. I’m going to keep watch on the Chico’s kimono to see if I can snag a markdown and I’m seriously thinking about the first cardigan in red. For some reason, I’m craving red!

  9. What a fabulous post, Pam! I adore summer, but I truly adore wearing fall clothing!! How’s that for a conundrum!! This post is so helpful — I’m now looking at pieces from last fall and enjoying how to make them shine this season.

    Do tell me about that gorgeous black top with all the buttons!! Wow — if you posted it last year how did I miss it?

    1. It is actually two pieces…a tunic with buttons I found a few years ago at a boutique here with a print sweater topper from Soft Surroundings. I do love it and have worn it maybe 4/5 times on the blog. Thanks Beth!

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