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Welcome to Would You Wear It with twice the fun…mannequins here and on Jennifer’s blog.  Today, I think we are looking at two different women….or would you disagree?  Let’s put it to the test….tell us what you think of both outfits and if you would wear both or not.  Remember don’t just say yes or no….explain your answers.  Look them both over and tell us, ladies,


After commenting, go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for us.  Then, I hope you will return to enjoy the slide show below…Chico’s is giving 35% off your purchase in honor of the 35th Anniversary!   It is my favorite time of year, so it is easy to



  1. I like both outfits and would wear them, but I would prefer that there was no embroidery on the faux suede jacket. I know it’s popular, but it looks old-ladyish and would date an otherwise awesome jacket. As for the one on the right, I might prefer a slightly less bright and wild print, but I really like how this gives oomph to jeans and a tee.

    1. I like the outfit on the left, but I too would prefer the jacket with less of or none of the bling! The outfit on the right would be better if the jacket was less boxy, more princess(?) cut which enhances the waist. I like the colors But not the cut of the jacket….for my body, anyway.
      Have a great Saturday!

  2. I prefer a more casual look and lots of color, so I would definitely wear the outfit on the right. It is hard to tell from the image, but the outfit on the left looks to be dark grey, which is not a good color on me. It is not a bad look, but the style is too fancy for my lifestyle unless I am attending a special event. Nice choices this week, Pam!

    1. Computers really distort colors sometimes…the outfit on the left is an olive green. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. I would not wear either of these. While I don’t dislike them I tend to stick to solids for jackets and use prints for blouses or a scarf. They are both too trendy, i like things that I know I’ll wear for several years.

  4. I love the color and fit of the pants on the left mannequin, but the jacket is a bit too ‘fussy’ for me- too much going on with textures, wide lapel, cinched waistline. Also olive color by my face is unflattering to my skin tone. The mannequin on the right with the colorful baseball style jacket, however looks fun and amps up the style of jeans and a tee shirt considerably! Love the colors- they would compliment my olive skin tone & dark hair. I would wear this outfit to a soccer game, to do errands or to a casual dinner out. Just bought a fun red shoulder bag that would look great with it also.

  5. Yes, I would wear the outfit on the right; however, it is sold out! The multi-colored jacket is a special 35th Anniversary jacket for Chico’s and is reversible to black with red stitching. I view it as an artistic garment, one that I’d keep for years. The outfit on left is appealing but wrong color (olive?). Jacket and sash wouldn’t work for my frame and skin tone.

  6. I like both of these outfits, but would change them a little to suit me better. Olive green doesn’t look good on me, so I’d love the outfit on the left if it was navy or black.
    I like the colorful jacket on the right, but I’d prefer if it was a little more fitted & not as boxy.
    Great choices this week, Pamela!

  7. Left: i love faux suede, the color is beautiful (I’d accessorize with red) but I’m not a fan of the addition of the floral design down the front or the kimono style of the jacket. I’d prefer it as a button front. Love the colorful print on the other jacket but short and boxy would not work on my body type. If i wear a jacket this short it would need to be nipped in at the waist. The color would be perfect over black jeans.

  8. I would invent a reason to wear that jacket and pants! I love the sash at the waist and the embellishments! The pants are slimming. I really like it. Not sure about the colorful jacket, but I like the jeans and would probably wear the whole outfit. I’m with my sister and she loves the jacket because with her dark hair, the colors would pop. The necklace is nice too with all the colors. Yes to both!

  9. Both of the jackets seem a bit ‘busy’ to me: the embroidery on the left and the wild print on the right. The cut and length on the kimono jacket would be more flattering but the brighter colors on the shorter, boxy jacket would be more flattering than the olive. Bottom line: both of these would look better on someone else than on me so I wouldn’t purchase.

  10. I would wear the jacket on the left without the sash / belt to a concert or dinner party. The bling is fine add a pair of nice earrings, plain top, and heels and it’s time for some fun. The colorful jacket on the right is too colorful for my taste and being 5’2” would overwhelm me. Thanks Pam for continuing the Saturday posts!

  11. LOVE the faux suede jacket-I would wear it open, as I tend to stay away from belts-feel like it cuts me off and makes me look shorter and heavier. The other jacket, while I like the colors, I stay away from short jackets.

  12. The gray outfit is a definite no. The pants wouldn’t fit my, um, robust thighs, but the ankles are too narrow, I’ve lost interest in ankle-Length styles, the color is drab, and the fabric looks stiff. The jacket reminds me of the ’80s shoulder pad movement and something Dorothy would wear on The Golden Girls. The colorful jacket is the precise cut I like for work, so I am intrigued that they mix it with jeans. Although I generally like colorful abstract patterns, this is too chaotic. So, no.

  13. I would wear both outfits. The colors are great for Fall. The outfits are classic with just a bit of an edge. Disappointed to hear about the jacket on the right being out of stock as pieces like that are exactly what I’m trying to incorporate into my wardrobe to jazz up my neutrals with some color.

  14. I like both outfits, including the pants, but would not wear the tied at the waste grey jacket/topper, simply because it would not look good on my shape. The colorful jacket on the right would be a fun piece for many occasions.

  15. Good Morning Pam, I love the jacket on the left with all the embellishments and the belt is gorgeous! The jacket on the right is too loud for me!! Have a great weekend!

  16. I like both outfits. Actually, I love the colorful jacket on the right. As soon as I saw it in the Chico’s catalog, it took my breath away and I purchased it immediately! Yes, I am a Chico’s girl, and a 35th anniversary jacket means something to me. The colors and design are so vibrant and eye-catching. The olive green jacket is pretty with the vertical embellishments and the obi sash complements it well. The sash caught my eye first, and then it was drawn to the jacket. I would try on the jacket, but due to the length, it would have to be proportionately sized for a petite.

  17. Love both! I’d buy and wear both in a heartbeat! The long jacket would look flattering on most all body shapes and be quite waist flattering. Olive green goes well with my dirty blonde hair ( my hair is squeaky clean y’all-it’s a figure of speech. LoL). Crushing on the colorful jacket! Wear it and how could you not smile?! Love these looks, Pam! ??

    1. Eileen, I agree with your comments. I prefer tailored clothes in solid colors or tone on tone subtle prints. Nope to both those outfits.

  18. Like both looks. I would definitely wear the outfit on the right, inspires me to make the jacket myself! I would need to try on the left, not sure if I am too short to pull it off, may look different without the belt. Thanks ladies

  19. Of course I would wear both. Great colors in each and both have an element of pizazz, bright colors in the quilted jacket and embroidery in the olive jacket and belt!

  20. Boy the other comments varied so much. The jacket would go with a lot of color combos, so yes I would wear it. And it is just fun! The grayed olive outfit would pop mixed wth fall’s rust and oranges. It would also be elegant with teals and turquoise or my favorite cadmium red light, a red just sitting on the edge of becoming orange. And don’t forget the ochre yellows. Gorgeous!

  21. Yes, I would wear both, but I don’t think I would pay to wear them. I don’t care for the embroidery of the grey/green one and would probably not wear it with the matching pants. The belt, I’m not really sure about because I tend to stay away from belting, but it does add an nice touch to the outfit. The colored jacket is really too bright and too short for my liking. However, if it were to appear in my closet through a nice donor, I would wear it with jeans and a cream white tee.

  22. I love them both! I would wear the olive outfit without the belt. I can see that olive jacket with lots of coordinating autumn colored pieces. The colorful jacket is adorable and I was drawn to it immediately, but it stops before the cuffs and wouldn’t be flattering on my middle. The reversable to black is a real plus.

  23. I love both these looks! I would definitely wear the outfit on the left as I think that it would be flattering on my tall, thin frame. I prefer the look of the jacket unbelted, but I would definitely try it both ways. I’m not sure about the jacket on the right. While I like the look, with my pale colouring the bold colours and pattern might be too overwhelming. I would certainly try it on though.

  24. I don’t much care for the color of the longer jacket, but I seem to be going through an I-love-embroidery stage, so I do like that part. The boxy quilted jacket is what I wear most of the time. I have several EF jackets with that cut, and the quilting is good for just a little warmth here in California. I can’t go with those colors, though. Much too busy for me.

  25. I like both outfits but would ditch the obi sash on the one on the left because it would not flatter my particular figure. Both outfits are simple enough to fit with my casual life style, but they have stylish details that make them stand out.

  26. I do like both outfits but would make some minor changes. The grey jacket on the left is gorgeous, but I would pair it with a black skirt or pants. I think the contrast would emphasize the beautiful details on the jacket.

    For the second outfit –it’s great. I think the jacket looks a bit too big and might need to be more fitted. The colors are wonderful!

  27. I like them both. The gray is elegant and serene.
    I hope the print jacket is not boxy. I’d prefer a blue shirt underneath rather than white in order to have a column with the jeans.

  28. Love the one on the left. Looks like a sophisticated, cool woman with a little edge or down south,little sass. The one on the right looks to me like what my 84 year old aunt wears. Don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful and always rocking fashion. Just for me personally, a little too mature.

  29. Left: perfect dressy pant outfit for a triangle: wide lapels, defined waist. Sleek column of color. No accessories needed, aside from earrings. Grey is my favorite base color for colder weather.

    Right: casual outfit not for a triangle: too boxy, too many horizontal lines at thecwrong places that add visual width. Prints on top are a good idea for triangles, but only if the silhouette is correct. The jean is too boxy for me, and too light a wash. Summary: a complete disaster on my figure. Not for me. Maybe for someone else.

    This is truly a tale of two figures and two lifestyles.

  30. I like both outfits. Although I love the sash and think it adds definition to the silhouette, I am too busty for it (darn!). I think the embroidery on the olive jacket is embroidery done right (tonal). For those of you who think you don’t like olive, I would urge you to try some on if you haven’t for a while. Somehow, in the last few years marketers have slightly changed olive to be a true neutral, not as yellow green as before, and I find it extremely flattering. I would love this outfit with brick red or burgundy red bag and leopard flats. I also find this color olive works very well with black.

  31. I would definitely wear the jacket on the left, especially in the Montana Moss. I like a monochromatic look and sometimes black is too harsh. I would wear it without the belt and with a slim trouser and gold flats. I might pair the belted jacket with leggings and a short bootie It’s one of those things I would have to try on first. I like the color and pattern of the jacket on the right but the boxy short cut would make me look too wide at 5″8 150 lbs. A little longer and a little more fitted and it would be a yes.

  32. I wouldn’t wear either outfit. They both enhance and visually enlarge the top portion of the silhouette which I tend not to like on my inverted triangle figure. If the jacket on the left didn’t have the embroidery, I might prefer it.

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