What I love about wearing black and white is that you never have to wonder if the look is in…black and white outfits are always in and one of my favorites for confident style.  I picked up this little cardigan in a Chico’s off season sale over the summer and it works perfectly for office wear.  A little jacket like this provides a really versatile piece for fall, and it is definitely a fall item since it is heavier and requirse a little cooler weather to pull off.

Something I like best about wearing black and white is we can pop in a color, or just leave it all B &W.  Since, I am a fan of wearing black, I love the chic, classic look of going without a color. This little cardigan is another reason I love off-season sales…you can always find a treasure or two.

Remember to add in a fun accessory………and, of course, if the piece is also black or white that works too.

How many of you like to wear black & white, and do you do it often.  Please share.

Some have sent sweet messages about my arm.  It is a severe strain and very painful.  I have not been the best about wearing my sling, but when I do it really helps and I have less moments of stabbing pain.  If it does not significantly improve over the next 10-14 days, I am going to see a specialist.  I think my biggest battle is the deep disappointment about not being able to work out.  The pictures above were taken before the fall, and the picture below was the past weekend at my granddaughter’s birthday party.  I try to stop myself from lament and remember life is short……………..and everyday I need to

KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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