Fashion Over 50: Black & White Always Works

What I love about wearing black and white is that you never have to wonder if the look is in…black and white outfits are always in and one of my favorites for confident style.  I picked up this little cardigan in a Chico’s off season sale over the summer and it works perfectly for office wear.  A little jacket like this provides a really versatile piece for fall, and it is definitely a fall item since it is heavier and requirse a little cooler weather to pull off.

Something I like best about wearing black and white is we can pop in a color, or just leave it all B &W.  Since, I am a fan of wearing black, I love the chic, classic look of going without a color. This little cardigan is another reason I love off-season sales…you can always find a treasure or two.

Remember to add in a fun accessory………and, of course, if the piece is also black or white that works too.

How many of you like to wear black & white, and do you do it often.  Please share.

Some have sent sweet messages about my arm.  It is a severe strain and very painful.  I have not been the best about wearing my sling, but when I do it really helps and I have less moments of stabbing pain.  If it does not significantly improve over the next 10-14 days, I am going to see a specialist.  I think my biggest battle is the deep disappointment about not being able to work out.  The pictures above were taken before the fall, and the picture below was the past weekend at my granddaughter’s birthday party.  I try to stop myself from lament and remember life is short……………..and everyday I need to

KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the black and white look, and it is amazing on you. This fall I am doing a different, but similar classic – navy and white. Best wishes as you heal! Hope it is quick…

  2. 50% of my wardrobe is black and white. The added bonus is that it’s a snap to pack for trips…everything matches.

  3. I have a wardrobe of Black and white. It is always a chic choice and the separate pieces integrate well into a colored wardrobe. When I travel I pack my black and white items with little pops of color. Some of the most striking clothes I have are black and white prints.

  4. Black and white is one of my favorite combinations. You’re right, it always works and for me, it is a confidence booster as well. I always gravitate to the black and white displays in the stores. Your jacket is very cool, and would go with dresses, skirts, jeans, and of course, how you are showing it here. Your sling is not bad Pam, be good and wear it if it helps you!! Your little granddaughter is such a pretty little girl. This is a wonderful grandparents picture and definitely a keeper!! Be patient with healing…you are just on a little break from working out. You’ll get back to it. I’m currently on a break too, but it’s not permanent!

  5. What a great outfit – love the cardigan and necklace Pam. I have never really done the black and white thing before as I tend to put colours with black or white items but now I have to try it. Wishing you well and I do hope you get that arm sorted out out very soon. All the best.

  6. Your black sling goes with everything! So you can still look stylish, no matter what!
    I also like the classic black & white look. Sometimes I get decision fatigue, so black/white or navy/white is a great go-to that requires little thought.
    Best wishes for your speedy recovery!

  7. I recently bought a black and white jacket very similar to yours, only longer. I am looking for a black and white scarf.

    I empathize with you about your arm. I’ve had a couple bad falls over the past couple years and it can take a while to heal. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  8. I love black. It always looks more expensive than it is, and always looks more elegant than an identical piece of a different color. I often wear it head to toe, in black and white, or with only a scarf or other accessories bringing the color. I also think it looks really fresh this year with unexpected pops of color: rather than my go to red, or bright blue, instead olive, rust, lavender, or dusky blue, for example. If popping in a color, I usually let it be my tank or turtleneck. I love black and white geometrics as you have styled it here. Black really helps my wardrobe go farther, especially as a working woman.

  9. Dear Pam,
    Keep smiling and Wear Your Sling!
    You will heal faster! Take it from one who tripped and fell, landing on her shoulder, which proceeded to break in four places! I was in a sling, not a cast, for months and faithfully went to PT. I am now healed, able to reach a glass on an upper shelf. My orthopedist can’t believe how far I have come. You, too, will heal with positive dedication. Best of luck! P.S. I am 70 years old and enjoy your blog.

  10. Pam, the black and white outfit is beautiful. I love the classic shoes. The length of the pants are perfect. The cardigan is so smart looking. It is so nice to see such pretty oieces put together. I am not much on some of these new fads on the mature person. I realize I am older than most all of you but I love looking nice, put together, and stylish. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I do try to incorporate color in my wardrobe, but black and white always works. I read that navy is the “color” this Fall. I think navy and white is a good look, too.


  12. I need to think of it as a short break…you are right, Karen. The encouragment and stories from readers has been so helpful!

  13. Love black and white! On the subject of shoulders, I had a bad problem several years ago and ended up seeing a sports medical doctor in San Antonio. He diagnosed the problem at once and the treatment. I had been going to PT as recommended at my local clinic but PT was not the answer. Anyway, I highly recommend a sports physician and wish I had seen him sooner.

  14. You should try it, Gina and see what you think. I love the look and feel of black and white. Let us know how it looks!

  15. So true…when in doubt go either way and it always works. Thanks Cindy. I am going to wear my sling…after hearing from so many that I need to, I see the importance of it. Thanks!

  16. It does…and even when I am not working, I will probably always wear black in some way…I love it. Thanks for your comment, Linda.

  17. Thank you for sharing, Jan. After hearing from readers today, I have a new attitude and determination to persevere. Your comments are so helpful and inspirational…thank you for being here.

  18. You go girl! Keep looking stylish and feeling younger. Confidence is powerful no matter our age! Thanks for sharing.

  19. I am going to style a navy and white for work this week. Now, I am inspired! Thanks Nina

  20. I love black and white so much that I often have to pull myself off of it in the store and force myself to look at colors. It’s a go to combination when I’m uncertain of the formality of an event. It always looks clean, put together and suitable for anything. It can be worn all year round by using more white in the spring-summer and more black in the fall-winter. I always feel secure and confident wearing it because it’s pretty hard to mess up putting an outfit together! Navy, is my favorite, but there are different shades of navy that often don’t pair up well…

  21. Good point about the different shades of navy, Connie. Certainly something we should all be aware of. Thanks for being here….

  22. Black and white work in any season, depending on the weight of the fabric. Of course I love it. There are so many combinations. A touch of color near my face is best for me.


  23. Yes,I wear black and white fairly often. It is easy dressing and looks crisp with the contrasting colours. Hang in, I know its tough. Smart to get as much advice as possible and not leave it to long.

  24. I have to disagree with your title, Black & White Always Works. For most of my years, I couldn’t wear black or white, especially close to my face, without looking like a corpse! I’m a “spring” with very fair colouring and both black and white washed me out completely. I didn’t look good in silver jewelry either. This was frustrating because black, white, and silver always looked very classy to me. Thankfully, as my hair has taken on more and more silver highlights, I’ve found that I can finally wear these colours. Too much white still washes me out, but I have so enjoyed adding black, white, and even silver to my wardrobe.

  25. Thanks Janet! It has been very helpful to hear from some of you who have been through the same experiences.

  26. Black and white are my go to colors. As for shoulders, have you considered seeing a sports medicine doctor? A number of years ago I had a painful shoulder problem, was sent to endless PT that did not help. Finally I went to see a sports physician in San Antonio and it was amazing. He diagnosed the problem, sent me for treatment and my shoulder was fine with in days.

  27. We do have some excellent sports doctors here…some are connected with the Spurs. We will see where this takes me. Thanks Jill!

  28. Sweet family pic! – Poor arm! Be sure to take sufficient time to fully recover to prevent reinjury! Best wishes for speedy recovery!(but it takes as long as it takes! So be a good girl Pam, and don’t rush things) – love the b/w combo. Love that necklace. My eye always go to the bling! ??

  29. I have always loved Black and White – and Navy and White! Now that I am a “Silver Sister” as we say 😉 – I have changed up how I wear it! I loved White tops with Black bottoms – now I wear Black tops with White bottoms….Even though I wear makeup (foundation, blush, lipstick, etc) I find White near my face washes me out with my silver/white hair. I do not “suntan” like I used to (trying to prevent further damage), so I am a good deal paler than back in the day, too. But I agree 100% – Black and White will always be classic for me, too! BTW – you & your husband have that awesome “this is our grandchild” smile that my husband & I wear when we have our picture made with our little loves! Keep Smiling! Wear your Sling! 🙂

  30. Black and white is my favorite color combination. I often like to add a splash of red. I have the Chico’s ivory and black necklace. It’s one of my favorites.

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