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Let’s do a little window shopping today for Would You Wear It!  This is the day Jennifer and I bring you mannequins we have discovered and you tell us if you would wear the look or not.  Please explain why or why not you would wear this look, and write in such as way as to not attack another who might feel opposite of you.  This window caught my attention recently, so tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………………………


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Per your request, here is the dress


  1. I love the dress and the fabric is gorgeous. I love the color of the jacket with the the dress and think it is very striking. But, the jacket is too much for my 5’4″ height and I might end up looking like a little bear.

    The color mix here is beautiful, though!

    1. I really love the color palette, and the print and dress style. The V-neck is a good look for someone with a round-ish face, like mine, and hitting at knee is perfect! I’m only 5 ft 4 so longish skirts look dowdy. This one appears right! On the jacket, Im on the fence. It might be cute, but I’m a bit old for cute! On another woman Id say, sure! Go for it…..

  2. Yes to the dress, but no to the jacket. Maybe a more tailored blazer would work with the dress. I love the color, pattern, print, and cut of the dress—in my mind. I would have to see if it would really flatter my figure, though.

  3. I love this dress. Faux wrap dresses are flattering on almost everyone. The belt is great too. The jacket is not my style, but I love the colors.

  4. I really like this but like others mentioned, I’m 5’3″ and I have broad shoulders so I couldn’t wear the jacket. But, if I had a jacket with less bulk, I would definitely wear this.

  5. I love everything about this outfit. The belted dress, which draws attention to a small waist. V neck is perfect way to scale back a larger bust! I love the muted pattern and color of the dress. I love the short fur jacket, especially the color. The purse is a perfect accessory, not too large, allowing the jacket to be the focal point. I’d wear this in a heartbeat!

  6. I love the entire outfit – the fabrics and the colors. I would wear the jacket. I am 5’5″ with narrow shoulders so I think I could pull it off. The one thing that would not work for me is the belted waist. I have a round tummy and the belt would bring attention to it. I prefer clothes with lose waistlines and I never tuck anything in.

  7. I rather like the combo of the dress and short jacket. Seems very complementary (and complimentary) to my eye. The solid black belt looks better than the belt with the gold buckle, which is a bit distracting from a more column appearance with the solid color belt. Wouldn’t that darling little fluff of a jacket look great with jeans?! I would march into the store to find my size for this outfit! Bravo!

  8. I like this outfit but I am long waisted and dresses that hit at the waist make me look all wrong. I can’t tell if it’s a set-in waist. If not, I would move the belt loops down. For this reason I like shift style dresses. I’ve been looking at that jacket and I wonder if the fact it is draped and the arms are not in the sleeves make it look bulkier than it might otherwise be. I’d like to see the jacket on the with the dress if Jennifer would take a photo for a later post. Overall I like it.

  9. Love the dress. That type of dress is flattering to most. I like the idea of a short red burgundy jacket with it, but not the fur. I would look like a red fluffy bear in that with my short, busty body.

  10. Love the print of the skirt and the color of the jacket. The wide belt is a little bit of an’eye stopper’ in that I don’t want the eye to rest on my waist, so I would definitely opt for the smaller belt. The jacket’s color is rich and warm-LOVE this. I would prefer a little longer length in the jacket though.

  11. I like the style of the dress, and love the seated version with the wide belt. It’s very flattering. I don’t like the color of these dresses, for me. With my coloring, I would look washed out, but the style in another pattern or color would work. I’m seeing this as brown, but maybe I’m wrong on that. I’m not sold on the jacket with the dress. The dress doesn’t need it, in my opinion. I would wear that jacket with jeans though! I very much like the sheer overlay on the dress, that’s a very feminine touch. I can see this dress with a blazer for a classic look for work.

  12. I love the style of the dress and the fabric. However I don’t love the small print. For some reason those never look good on me- although they look great on other people. I also love the color of the jacket with the dress but I’m afraid the fluffy fur would make me look bigger. I definitely try it on to see!

  13. I love the dress! It’s a good basic for a lot of women, but the jacket wouldn’t work for me at all. All of the fur and fluff would turn me into a roly poly bear.

  14. What a lovely dress. I think the jacket is really fun and modern looking. It would look great on a woman with a small bust or small frame. The dress would also look very nice with a blazer for a more classic conservative look or with a long tunic sweater for a more casual look. As others have mentioned, the jacket would be great with jeans. I would also pair it with a high waisted black pant. Both pieces would be very versatile.

  15. Yes yes and yes. This is great. I love that it is not in the orange family that is everywhere this fall. That does nothing for me. I like the jacket and I know that I am not skinny, but then again so does everyone else. Wear what you like. I also like to wear belts to give the impression that there is a waist in there somewhere and look a bit more feminine. Looks great with shoes, but would also look great with boots. I might add a large necklace to draw the eye up, and because that is what I like to wear. Like this choice.

  16. I love the whole look. I like a small print in both of the dresses and love the fall colors. The jacket is great. The color is fabulous and the faux fur is fun. It would really step,up my look.

  17. I love everything about the dress – color, shape, length, v-neck, print scale, and the lightness of the fabric. Even though I like looking at the color, I’m not sure these muted tones would be best for me. I’d have to try it and see. I love the leather belt with the dress — so much more flattering than the self-tie fabric belts dresses usually come with, which always make me feel like a sack tied in the middle!

  18. Yes yes yes! The only concern I have is the length of the dress. I even love the fur! It might not flatter me but I am loving the look.

  19. Definitely! I love burgundy as I think it looks rich. This print is gorgeous, and the dress is a flattering silhouette. I love the faux fur jacket. It is unexpected, and adds some fun.

  20. I love everything about the dress, but I wouldn’t wear it with that jacket. I think it overpowers the dress and makes the outfit look too top heavy. If I wanted to wear a jacket with the dress, I’d choose one that was less bulky. I think the jacket might be cute with jeans and a plain tee though.

  21. Say YES to the dress, lovely print, nice Fall colours. Would fit in with my wardrobe very well. The jacket is fluffy and lovely, but not for me. A bit overpowering for my short figure.

  22. Dress yes, jacket no although the color is great. Love the soft floaty feel of the dress, as well as the color and pattern. The jacket would be too warm and bulky for me.

  23. I love the print and color of the dress and jacket. The V-neck on the dress makes it very eye catching. I think I would have to have a much smaller belt. I don’t have a waist and the wide belt wouldn’t look good on me. Love the short jacket. The dress would have to be longer for me as my legs aren’t the prettiest due to veins. Very pretty outfit..

  24. I like the outfit and the colour.
    Would I wear it?
    I’m 5ft 9inches and as a rectangle shape with a 34inch bust, I would look for another outfit in a spring colour.
    Wrap around dresses don’t work for me

  25. Love the dress style and color/print, but not the jacket with it. Too boxy plus I would overheat wearing it. A long cardigan in the color would work

  26. I love this dress–the flow of the fabric, the color and small print design. The semi-sheer sleeves are pretty and feminine. The V-neck, however, might be a little too deep for me. I would wear it with the wide belt and boots. The jacket with its shape and color is edgy and fun and complements the dress so well. But, alas, I am a petite (5’2″) and I don’t think I could pull off this ensemble.

  27. I really like this dress. The style, pattern & colors are the classic look I am always drawn to. I believe I would pair it with a different jacket, but I do love the color of the jacket.

  28. The dress is perfect. Love the color and the small print. My body type is an inverted triangle so the V neckline would be perfect. I am a little worried about gaping buttons but I would try it on anyway. I love the length. I would prefer a jacket that would be more flattering like a blazer.
    I would definitely buy it!

  29. I really like the dress, love the color of the dress, jacket and purse, …so Fall! I personally couldn’t wear the dress simply because the cut/style is not good on my body shape. Wish I could! I don’t wear furry jackets, either, because I am very top heavy, makes me look larger. If I was a different body shape, I’d wear all of it, but probably not together. I’d wear the jacket with jeans and use blazer for the dress.

  30. I would wear the dress. A classic wrap. The jacket would be cute for a tall. thin. 20 year old. As a tall big busted 60 year old, I would look clownish.

  31. The dress is nice, but that coat… I don’t like the wine/burgandys/redish purples so popular right now. I would have to pass on both of these garments. I think I might be the only person alive who actively dislikes purple and its cousins. Funny, but I’ve felt that way since I was a child.

  32. Absolutely LOVE the dress! Colors are beautiful for Autumn…jacket is lovely color, but too much bulk for my frame. On someone else – definitely beautiful and trendy!!

  33. I love this look and would try it on in the shop. I’m not sure if the style of the dress would suit me. I’m short waisted so v necks often end up down at my navel! I’m still trying to find out if fit and flare dresses suit my shape. Love the colour, the fluffy jacket and the small print.

  34. I like it all although I would probably wear the jacket and dress separately. I would also shorten the dress for my 5’3″ frame to avoid looking dowdy. I bought a similar jacket in a bright pink on sale in the spring and can’t wait to wear it this year. It is surprisingly flattering on my short pear shape.

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