Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for September

Today is the first Friday of September when I give you a style tip just for women over 50 to consider for the month. It is now 15 days until fall officially arrives on September 22, but why waste 15 great days dreaming of the season to come.  I consider fall style the season of details….it really is a time when accessories and small details on our clothing are everything.

This is what I am talking about.  These bronze studs are on the Soft Surroundings Colored Metro Leggings…I have two pair for fall, this blue and a wonderful red.  These type of details just seem to celebrate the season.

I have about three or four scarves which I believe are just for autumn…like this one I found at Soft Surroundings a few years ago.  My shirt is actually eggplant purple, so I am staying true to my plan to really mix up colors in a new way this year.  But adding a detailed scarf in autumn colors is a great way to plunge into the season this month and be too warm doing it.

The cardigan is actually a summer sweater I bought in an out of season clearance sale a few years ago.  It is Eileen Fisher and a very light gray…which is one of the signature colors for this fall.  It works well in Texas since it is not too bulky or warm.

But, challenge yourself this month to find a few details that just say autumn…not necessarily winter.  It will help you join in with seasonal fun.  Do any of you have accessories you wear just for autumn and perhaps put away when winter blows in?  Please share.

And I have found some fun details below for your consideration!  Please look them over and make sure you



  1. This is a perfect transitional outfit Pam! I love that scarf and you’re right, it does say fall! Soft Surroundings has such beautiful, comfortable and unique items. I really like those Metro leggings and hope you show off the red ones too!! I do have some things that I bring out just for fall. Several scarves that have fall colors, one I found in the drugstore here at work that has gorgeous fall leaves…it was only a couple dollars and it’s beautiful! Also a navy felt hat my sister gave me and several fall ponchos that are strictly for fall in my Ohio climate. I like how you incorporate fall colors in your tops also, that’s something I do too, bring out the warmer colors – especially love shades of orange and yellow. Fall is a wonderful time of year. Our winters are long and bitter cold, but fall is glorious and I plan to be outside a lot enjoying it! Your Eileen Fisher sweater is perfect for this time of year! Isn’t it wonderful when you find EF on sale?!

    1. The whole feeling of all things fall from the decor, to the foods, to the clothes…it is my favorite. Hopefully it lingers awhile before winter rolls in, Karen.

  2. I agree, those little details make an outfit more interesting! Fall gives us a little cooler temps to either add a layer, even if it’s a scarf. Longer pants, these days can be embroidered, studded, pearls added, a vented ankle and I really like your buttoned ankle pants.

  3. I enjoy following your blog and since I also live in Texas I track along with you on seasonal changes that are different than other parts of the country. My question is about pants. I see the slim, legging type pants you often wear. I am shaped with a small waist and middle and heavier thighs. I just can’t pull those off well. Is there a different pant style or brand you could recommend for me?

    1. Hi Glynnis, have you tried JJill? They have so many types of pants and different Leg widths…it would be worth a fun afternoon in the store to try on a variety of sizes to see what works.

  4. Great outfit and I love Fall clothes. I’m embarrassed to say how many scarves I have, but whenever I feel an outfit just isn’t complete, I add a scarf. The fall and winter scarves are definitely my favorite. Our high temps are going to dip in the 60’s [temporarily] due to the impact of the hurricane bringing a cold front to the Midwest and I don’t care what the calendar shows, I’ll be pulling together some Fall outfits out of my closet, complete with scarves. I have several pairs of Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings and they wash and wear wonderfully. The button detail gives them a little extra style. So versatile, too.

  5. Nice outfit. I love scarves but I don’t wear them enough. I have a couple of scarves that I have had for over 10 years and I still love them because the colors are perfect for me.

  6. Beautiful scarf! Fall is my favorite season… from the colors of nature, pumpkin spice flavors, to the warm textures & colors of the clothing.
    I have several scarves for Fall, as well as medium-weight sweaters which are great for this transitional time.

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