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Yes!  Jennifer and I are still here with Would You Wear It!  Thanks to everyone for their input this week as we made the decision to continue or not.  Make sure when you say why or why not you would wear this look, to keep your comments to you personally and why or why not it does or does not work for you.  Also, use positive, encouraing words.  We want the retailers and display artists to hear from us with constructive comments.  Also, you do not want your comments to cause another woman, who believes opposite, to feel disrepected.  We can learn from one another in so many ways….  look at this display and tell us now, ladies……………………………………………….


Tell us what you think, then go over to A Well Styled Life and see what Jennifer has brought to us this week.  Then, I hope you will spend a few moments with the fun selections I have in the slideshow below……………………Thanks for being here, for enjoying this feature as much as some of you do, and, as always,



  1. No. No. No. I’m afraid this looks like a frumpy nightgown. There is too much white fabric and the trim on the sleeves is not flattering. I also have to say that I don’t care at all for the accessories either.

    Sorry. I wish there was something good to say about this outfit, but to me it is all wrong.

    1. I do,not think this long flowing dress/tunic would work for me personally. I’m short. 5 ft 4 inches and this will overwhelm me. When I first glanced at it, I thought, “wow”! It does look dazzling on the mannequin! Love the necklace too. But not for me……

  2. I could not wear it. I thought  maybe if I nixed the belt and multiple necklaces it would be a dress I could wear on the patio in the summer, but the sleeves ruin the look for me. I like gauze in the summer, but the sleeves make this too busy for my style. I like the individual accessories, but not together. I’d wear the belt with something else, the necklaces individually, and the shoes with jeans or something  darker. The dress would look nice with sandals, but these shoes are jarring with it to me.

  3. I like the interesting detail of the sleeves on this dress. I do think they overdid it a bit with all the jewelry. I think the dress would look better with just 1 necklace. With so many necklaces, it seems to take away from the nice detail of the neckline.
    Even though this dress is pretty in its simplicity, I don’t think the fabric would flatter my pear shape, so I wouldn’t wear it.

  4. I just realized I haven’t seen any of your FB posts or blogs lately! I found this through Jennifer’s link. Guess I’ll take some time this morning catching up. 🙂
    As for this outfit, nothing about it is my style or appeals to me. There are too many different elements (necklaces, bracelets, belt, ruffles) that in my opinion, don’t go together. I wonder if they were trying for a Boho look?

    1. Glad to have you back, Yvonne. Why don’t you sign up again to get the email notices in the sidebar. There was a little fall out with the new privacy laws implemented. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This would be an interesting fun dress for a vacation or cruise. I would rather have it in another colour, perhaps a light blue and would take off the gold necklace. That is too heavy for my taste with the dress so light. I do like the trim on the sleeves as that makes the ruffles stand out. I would us a belt that was a bit more subdued. Sandals would be more to my taste as well. All in all it makes me think of getting away. Glad you decided to stay.

  6. I would have rocked this dress hard in the 70’s- ? but this style wouldn’t work for me today! I do like the contrasting detailing around the neckline and sleeves. It is a pretty dress in a pretty universally flattering color. I think it would look great with a very bright scarf, shawl or ruana. I agree that the mannequin is wearing too much jewelry at the neckline; perhaps longer or varying length pieces that do not compete with neckline detail would be better. Great opportunity to really go bold with color in your accessories!

  7. The way they have displayed the dress doesn’t make it very attractive -white dress on a stark white mannequin. Nothing pops. Looking past that, I like the dress and how it is accessorized with the great pops of color. I would certainly wear it to a party.

  8. No thank you on the gown and accessories. Although the gown looks soft & flowy its not my style. Some of the jewelry is pretty & would be nice with other outfits but doesn’t work with this gown. The outfit looks as if it were just thrown together willy nilly.
    So no I wouldn’t buy this

  9. Looks like the dress I wore in the 60’s for the Greek play “Lyistrata”. Didn’t look great on me then and 30 more lbs later definitely NO.
    Would look nice on a woman with an hour glass figure or tall and thin.
    A little less jewelry would help, also.

  10. Maybe if I was several inches taller… the sleeves would not be flattering on a shorter woman with a generous bosom (me). The simple style might be perfect for a beach wedding on someone who is taller and thinner.

  11. This dress would be worn by a good number of women who practice Kundalini Yoga. We often wear all white, so I could see myself wearing this to a yoga event. Everyday wear? Not my style but I do see a place for it. Without the jewelry overload.

  12. I am not tall enough to carry this look off, but I think that someone who is at least five foot eight and with a bosom on the smallish side would look wonderful in it. Although I personally love jewelry and often layer necklaces, I think that these layered together do not make sense, and, were I wearing this outfit, would stick with only the gold one, or only the longer one.

    I love your Saturday emails with this feature, as I don’t shop much and enjoy seeing these mannequins!

  13. Brings to my mind an Egyptian costume in old movies for some reason. Would like to see it on a real person. It could be beautiful, but on the white manikin, it looks pretty washed out even with the bright accessories. I know my body is not the type for this style. So, no.

  14. What comes to mind, first, is going to a toga party. I think if it was in a different color, it wouldn’t inspire those images. For my body, too much material (on an apple shaped body) and like I’ve written before, I don’t tie or cinch in the waste of anything, …since I don’t have a waste line any more. So not for me, but I can see it on an hour glass shape, looking fabulous. (Liz Taylor comes to mind.)

  15. This would look fabulous on an hour glass shape, …which I am not. On me it would be a bad version of a Greek toga party.

  16. It looks too costume-y to take seriously! For me, there’s just too much going on–I prefer simple lines and construction. I’m more of a rectangle in body shape, so this wouldn’t flatter me AT ALL.

  17. I love the lettuce ruffle sleeves on this dress or would it be caftan? With a high hip, belts do me no favors worn like this so that would go. This looks comfortable and I would certainly consider it for house wear depending on price. I agree a longer necklace would work better.

  18. I would wear it to a summer party. It’s out of my comfort zone but it’s feminine and looks comfortable. Not my usual classic style which is why it would be perfect for a party. I’d lighten up on the jewelry but the belt is what makes the dress. The more colorful the better. I’m a gal from the 70’s (college) and something about this dress takes me back to that time.

  19. I would not wear it. It is not classical enough for my style and I look better in deeper tones or jewel tones. Lighter colors, even in neutrals, don’t flatter me. Although an outfit like this screams for individualistic accessories (always my fave part of outfits for myself, and what I like on others), the way it was styled seems incoherent for my look.

  20. I can’t think of any occasion to wear a dress like this, so I would not buy it. I’m thinking it’s part of a Coachella collection or some target demographic that does not include me. That’s okay. Something for everyone. It would be Coachella appropriate.

  21. I think if I were taller I would give this dress a try. I’m 5ft 2in and I think it would overwhelm me. I like that the sleeves cover the upper arms and that the belt gives definition to the waist.The hem appears to dip in the front and back and I think alternation could ruin the look of it. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone but who knows once you try it on. I think this dress would look simple stunning on a taller woman.

  22. I generally like the look and feel, but I don’t think it would work on me as is. A shorter version might. I like the sleeves and pops of color.

  23. No, I can’t think where I would wear something like that unless it was to a fancy dress party with an ancient Egypt theme.

  24. This outfit made me laugh! It looks like a hippie’s wedding dress from the ’60s. I actually like it, but I do not look good in maxi dresses (legs too short, torso too long) and I cannot wear white as the color is a stain magnet on me. Maybe if it were shorter and a different color I would try it. I do love the way they accessorized the outfit, although I am not so sure about the shoes.

  25. I like some things about it, and might admire it on someone else, but it’s not at all for me. I like the colored edging on the sleeves and neckline, and the blue jewelry (I’d ditch the gold necklace and one of the bracelets). For me, the length is too long except for a specific summer party. I also don’t look good in gathered waists like this. Midi dresses, rather than maxi, are more practical for me because they don’t drag on the ground when I’m driving or sitting. My style is more tailored than ruffly. I’d opt for a fit and flare with a fitted band at the midriff/upper waist.

  26. I don’t think this is such a bad look on the right person. I think I’m too busty, but I have a tall slender friend who really rocks the boho look, who would look fabulous in this.
    I wear a lot of layered jewelry, but I don’t think the 2 collar necklaces go together. I would also choose a belt with more blue to match the necklaces or red necklaces to better match the belt.

  27. There are things about the dress that I find appealing, but I wouldn’t have an occasion to wear it & am not sure how it would look on my short, round figure. I think there are too many necklaces. I do like the blue beaded necklace, but the other two don’t appeal to my simple tastes. I like the belt.

  28. No, no! I don’t wear dresses any more but if I did, it wouldn’t be this one!!
    It’s too long, white would make me appear larger and jewelry and belt are atrocious together. Don’t like anything about it.

  29. Goodness no! Definitely not for my slightly overweight body, however, there are components I would wear. I love the bracelets. With the right outfit, I would wear the blue choker necklace too. The dress is too much gauze.

  30. Wow – that’s lovely just not on my shape. I would look like a sausage tied in the middle! On a tall lanky young lady – a beautiful look!

  31. Boy! I wore a dress just like that in the seventies ( when I was in my late teens) I loved it. Now, However, it lacks too much structure for my body and I feel it would cling in all the wrong places!

  32. I wouldn’t wear it but I like it, especially the sleeves. I agree with others that the neck is too cluttered. And it might be better in a colour other than white.

  33. Like others have commented, I wore dresses like this when I was younger. While I love the dress, I don’t think I could wear it today. I need more structure in my clothing now. I do like the interesting accessories, as I think they take this out of the 70’s and add an interesting contrast.

  34. I would have to choose the right occasion, but, yes, I would wear the dress. I’m not keen on the colors in the belt, but I do love the necklaces. The gauzy fabric is also good. When it’s about a thousand degrees outside and never cools off at night, this would be a perfect outdoor party dress. I did wear things similar to this in the 70s and I don’t think I’m too old to wear it again.

  35. Not on me, not at my age…even in my hippie days I didn’t wear gauze-y things, although lots of friends did. It lacks any structure, which is what I think is essential in clothing for my body type (tall, curvy) But on someone willowy, tall and young, with different shoes-and they’d wear way less jewelry- it could be most attractive!

  36. Too much material for my height and shape. Even so, I don’t know where I would wear it. Funny how it reminds many of us of the seventies. It wasn’t my style even then but it still makes me smile.

    1. I think the 70s and 80s are big influencers in todays styles, Janet. So I that may be purposeful. Thanks so mucn!

  37. Gosh, no. I don’t wear dresses, and this one is especially a difficult one to wear. Jennifer finally found an outfit I would consider today. Please look at the mannequins and consider something that would be close to your good taste!

    1. Cathy, Jennifer and I have taken two different approaches to this exercise. I started this to show you what retailers and retail display professionals are putting on mannequins. It has never been about what I would wear or recommend wearing. jennifer has approached the exercise to ask about current trends and if you would wear them. These mannequins do not reflect my taste and few of them I would wear. Every now and then I post one I really like. I think originally I was hoping this would be something professionals to go to and see what real women like or don’t like. Do you understand more now what this is about?

  38. I like the look of this dress, but I’m not sure it would look good on me. So, I’m mixed on this one. I’m trying to layer my jewelry, so I might see if I can take some ideas from this picture.

    On another subject. Your picture this week of how you dressed before inspired me. I have a collection of t-shirts that I wear with shorts or other pants I wear for work outs. I decided some of the t-shirts need to go, so I’m going to purge my collection to be limited to what I love and the ones that are important to me. It took putting on one that is shapeless and wasn’t inspiring me.

    Thank you for your blog. You have challenged me in so many ways.

  39. No, I wouldn’t wear this. There’s too much fabric going on for my full-busted figure. It’s more suitable for someone tall and very slender.

  40. Truthfully the only two things that appeal to me here for are the long turquoise necklace and the colorful belt. The dress is not something I’d see anyone wearing in my part of the country (hot south), where you won’t see many long dresses, not even sundresses. I’ve not seen anyone wearing bracelets up the elbow either (but that may be to just make it fit the mannequin). Flat sandals would look cute with the dress, and I’d like different more subdued sleeves or sleeveless better. All in all, the total look for me is not a keeper.

  41. Not for me…it’s too much: ruffles, necklaces, belt…and the color wouldn’t be flattering for me. To be honest (too brutal?), my first thought was: Is it a nightgown or a costume? But it certainly is a ‘POW’ dress, if you want to stand out or attract attention, this might be the party dress for you!

  42. This reminds me of the designer Mary McFadden from the 70’s.
    I’m afraid it will be see-through. It also seems out of season due to the white gauze fabric. I would not wear this.

  43. This would look cute on another person – maybe one of my very tall granddaughters – but not on me. There appears to be a lot of fabric, and my first thought is that I would trip over the skirt and fall. I like a more tailored sleeve also.

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