Answer to the Question: What Do You Wear At Home?

Earlier this week, I posted a picture of me in a tee shirt and jeans and commented that I left this look behind me when I turned 50.  One of the readers asked, “Well, what do you wear at home?”  The story of my style reinvention and my advice for a reinvention is told in my free document 8 Steps to Reinvented Style which you can receive either by filling out the space on the front page of this blog or by emailing me at

I realized around that time that life is very short and I want to look and feel my best every day.  The way I was dressing at the time of my wake-up call was to wear tee shirts and ill-fitting jeans.  My look communicated that I had no respect for me and that I just didn’t care.  I had given up.  But, thank goodness, the wake-up call come and I accepted the call.  Everything changed at that point and for the most part tee shirts became a part of my past.

Now, whenever I dress that way it is because I am cleaning the house….working outside…or doing things where I know I will not see anyone else.   My casual, running errands, weekend looks communicate who I am and show I respect myself.  When I began to dress with the attitude that I MATTER, I began to experience more joy and more fun with life.  Now when I am out running errands, and I see someone I know, I do not feel embarrassed…it is easier to smile at others around me.  When I am just around home and not doing housework, I always look a little nicer.  I choose to look nicer and wear the good times because life is short.  I choose to eat off of the nice china or drink from crystal because life is short.  I want to experience each moment looking and feeling my possible best.

It is very rare now for me to wear tee shirts and jeans.  I am sitting here writing this is a nice lounge outfit…comfy, and pretty.  We each have to decide what works best for us….and helps us to enjoy life the most.  I confess that if I weighed less, I might feel more confident in tee shirts and jeans alone.  I do occasionally wear a message tee with jeans and a tailored jacket for one of my casual looks…but the jacket takes the look to a different level.  Also, I wear a lot of kimonos and leggings when at home or running errands.

I hope I have answered the question for you….now, it’s almost Labor Day Weekend…there are some amazing sales.  I found great pieces that I would use for casual wear in the slide show below.  If you want to pump up your casual style, you might look at the slide show!  It’s a celebration weekend, so make sure you



  1. Even though I am 65, if dressed nicely when out in public, I notice men looking at me. I get side glances when the men are with their sloppy companions.
    Invest in yourself and upkeep ladies!

    1. I love today’s message. Yes, we matter and it only takes a few moments to accessorize, put on a well made blouse or shirt or a pretty 3/4 sleeve tee with a necklace or scarf.
      You always look great.

  2. An employee at the grocery store once asked me if I owned a pair of sweat pants. She was someone I saw almost every week. I told her that I didn’t. She said she was sure I didn’t because each week when I did my shopping I always dressed as if it were a special occasion. People do notice when you care about yourself.

  3. I truly wish more companies catered to “working” women, either those in jobs where they need well fitting, attractive and sturdy clothing that is comfortable or for those who work up a sweat at home, tending children, working in the garden and yard, out in the farm field, or cleaning house. Duluth Trading, LL Bean and Lands End have a good selection, but surely there could be more than that and Carhartt—and at reasonable prices and something beyond athletic wear and jeans and t shirt.

    1. I need to check out Duluth Trading and I haven’t looked at LL Bean in awhile. Thanks for the comment, Sue.

  4. When I began working from home, I continued my habit of getting groomed and dressed for the day. Bottom line – when you look better, you feel better! ( I’m retired now – my hubby wants to know why I wear lipstick when I go for my morning walk around the small lake – to impress the ducks? No, it’s for ME! I want to look like I am awake, even if I am still half asleep! lol!). — Great casual looks, Pam! Loving the flowered handbag and gold sandals!

  5. Excellent post! Yes, it really does matter how we dress even when we are at home. I like how you can now find pretty, more flowy t-shirts, longer lengths…it tends to be much more flattering (I’m 65 and my body has changed.) I loved the comment that Sharon posted about men looking when you dress nicely. It’s very true, I’ve noticed it. Not that I’m trying to attract anyone, but you get the feeling they’ve seen a lot of sloppy and appreciate when a woman takes time with her appearance. I just feel better about myself when I dress nicely, and that’s the main reason I do it. I put on makeup first thing, even on weekends. I also use the good china and always, always crystal! I very much believe in taking care of myself and making my environment my sanctuary where I pamper myself and can be completely me! Yesterday I was in the grocery store and saw a woman in a beautiful shirt that I knew had to be from Soft Surroundings. I complemented her on her outfit and you should have seen her face! She was beaming. I asked if the shirt was SS and she looked surprised and said it was. I think we need to complement each other also. I try to do this at work when I’m out in the halls (very large hospital) when I see something I really like on someone. Take the time to say something, it really does make a difference in that person and in you! I was also interested in Sue’s comment about working outside because I’m hoping when I retire to work in a garden center. I think LL Bean, Duluth Trading and a few others do a good job in that area. The bottom line is that it really does matter because WE really do matter!!

  6. I totally agree with you Pam, dressing smarter makes a big difference for women.You have more confidenc & you feel more beautiful.Dressing up can empower women too!

  7. I agree with you Pam and with all the comments above. I work from home so I do wear jeans and t-shirts more than you but the t-shirts I wear are in nice colors and fabric with a feminine cut. A lot of times, I add a kimono or cute jacket over it but even if I don’t layer, I add jewelry that compliments the outfits. I love accessories to help a casual outfit. If I’m in my grubby clothes because I’ve been cleaning or something, I always change before I head out of the door. I’ve also shopped at LL Bean, Lands End, and Duluth Trading for good quality casual clothes.

    1. Thanks Michele…I need to check out Duluth Trading…not really familiar with what they offer. Appreciate you sharing.

  8. I am a jeans and T shirt gal almost exclusively anymore. However the jeans fit and are a dark wash and the T shirt is usually well fitting and a nicer fabric (JJill, Talbots etc). Always a V neck for me. The beautiful jackets, toppers that you wear are gorgeous, but too hot for me. I don’t know how you do it in San Antonio. I can’t do it in Dallas. I do accessorize, but the cute shoes are over for me…dr’s orders. Sneakers only. I really notice how much I had given up on my “look” just because I couldn’t have cute shoes (wide foot=ugly shoes). Clean, neat and made up go a long way. I am always on the lookout for cute sneakers as well. I ramble, but the other day I held the door open for a gentleman as he was carrying in a pkg to a store. He commented that I was “the cutest door stop he had ever seen” Absolutely made my day. Just a smile goes a long way to change your look.

    1. Cute comment! Like I said, if I was smaller and felt more confident in the jeans and the tee shirts, I would wear them more. Thanks so much!

  9. Many years ago when studying Eastern cooking and culture (I’m a sushi chef) I quickly learned why Asian women always dressed well.

    Like you, it is stemming from self-care and respect. Respect for oneself and “others” who encounter them. That was particularly interesting.

    You see when one dresses in torn/ripped/worn/stained, etc clothing one is inviting negativity or poverty. If you look unkempt or down and out- it is believed that it could manifest. Makes sense, no?

    I avoided the 90’s grunge look and have run away from the “ripped jeans” trend. And do try to be comfortably coordinated when at home.

    So, yes! Your topic today resonates with me!

    Happy weekend!

  10. Oooh, I really like the outfit you are wearing standing on the staircase. I completely agree with everything you said so it doesn’t bear repeating. I feel how I dress so even running errands or at home (not cleaning house), I feel better if I think I look “put together” as friends often say about me. It’s a personal preference, of course, but it makes all the difference in my self-image and I, too, matter. There are so many comfy styles out now that are stylishly casual. I’m not a big jeans person, but the soft stretchy denim, including denim leggings look great with many of the tops you featured in today’s selections.

    1. I know…comfy wear has become chic and cute…and sometimes no different from today’s professional wear. What ever brings on the confidence is what I navigate toward. Thanks Nina

  11. couldn’t agree with you more! I rarely even wear jeans anymore. But that also comes from my dad – he was a navy man and “dungrees” were for work days of cleaning and getting dirty. So I rarely wore them! Even with my work, I try to look nice and put together, every day. Even around the house, looking good is good for me, always puts me in a better mood.

  12. I love your gold sandals! And I am one of those who, though retired, maintain an acre lot and work outside frequently in hot(90’s plus), humid, dirty conditions. And you bet I wear capris, jeans and old t-shirts to do it. (Or old workout T’s–they really do help with sweat!) Nothing I would want to wear out, but then not many people see me, and my neighbors are used to it by now. I can’t be bothered with fashion when I’m streaming sweat and digging, or hoisting hay bales. And most of my volunteer work involves the same type of activity. We should all do what feels comfortable and safe for us–gloves, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bug spray…or makeup and nice clothes.
    It is a pleasure to come in and clean up–and NOT wear jeans and t-shirts, (unless they are nice T’s from JJill). Once the work is over, that’s when I do enjoy fashion, beauty tips, and ‘fluff’. Until then, I’ll drink from the hose if that’s what I’ve got!

    1. Well, if I was doing the work you are doing, I would be in jeans and a tee! We each have to do what fits our lifestyle and wear what helps us to enjoy life and feel confident. Thanks Susan.

  13. I remember some unkind words of advice after I had a baby. My MIL said I didn’t need new clothes from then on, because I could just wear my husband’s old clothes…and shoes.
    Well, h-e-double-hockey-sticks to that! No mother of a newborn, adjusting to a new life and changing body, should listen to that.

    I wasn’t extravagant, but I bought new clothes to give me a boost, as my body shrank and shrank, and shrank some more. Clothing does affect our outlook, especially when we’re largely confined to home, as in the early days of new motherhood. It doesn’t have yo be extravagant, but should fit well and give us a lift with color and suitable shape.

    1. When I was a mom with kids at home is when I went astray…I so wish I had a do over…but thank goodness I finally caught on. Thanks!

  14. This is one of the lessons that I learned first from you, Pam, and then had reinforced by reading other blogs. Unless I’m gardening, painting, or doing some other serious housecleaning, I dress at home the way I want to be seen outside the home. Consequently, I’m never embarrassed if someone comes to the door unexpectedly or I have to run a quick errand. The greatest benefit, however, is how good I feel! Thank you for that!

  15. My favorite look for this post has the flowered purse and the gold shoes. You look great!
    I notice that when I wear a scarf that I get better treatment.
    Looking as if you care about how you look doesn’t have to be expensive. My cutest stuff comes from thrift/charity shops.

  16. This is a very late reply (because I missed this one, when it was new). Just want to say, I totally agree and if I had a do-over with my childbearing years, I sure would be doing it differently! These days, I too, dress well even if I’m at home for the day and only wear my grubbies for painting, gardening and dirty jobs doing housework.

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