Earlier this week, I posted a picture of me in a tee shirt and jeans and commented that I left this look behind me when I turned 50.  One of the readers asked, “Well, what do you wear at home?”  The story of my style reinvention and my advice for a reinvention is told in my free document 8 Steps to Reinvented Style which you can receive either by filling out the space on the front page of this blog or by emailing me at over50feeling40@gmail.com.

I realized around that time that life is very short and I want to look and feel my best every day.  The way I was dressing at the time of my wake-up call was to wear tee shirts and ill-fitting jeans.  My look communicated that I had no respect for me and that I just didn’t care.  I had given up.  But, thank goodness, the wake-up call come and I accepted the call.  Everything changed at that point and for the most part tee shirts became a part of my past.

Now, whenever I dress that way it is because I am cleaning the house….working outside…or doing things where I know I will not see anyone else.   My casual, running errands, weekend looks communicate who I am and show I respect myself.  When I began to dress with the attitude that I MATTER, I began to experience more joy and more fun with life.  Now when I am out running errands, and I see someone I know, I do not feel embarrassed…it is easier to smile at others around me.  When I am just around home and not doing housework, I always look a little nicer.  I choose to look nicer and wear the good times because life is short.  I choose to eat off of the nice china or drink from crystal because life is short.  I want to experience each moment looking and feeling my possible best.

It is very rare now for me to wear tee shirts and jeans.  I am sitting here writing this is a nice lounge outfit…comfy, and pretty.  We each have to decide what works best for us….and helps us to enjoy life the most.  I confess that if I weighed less, I might feel more confident in tee shirts and jeans alone.  I do occasionally wear a message tee with jeans and a tailored jacket for one of my casual looks…but the jacket takes the look to a different level.  Also, I wear a lot of kimonos and leggings when at home or running errands.

I hope I have answered the question for you….now, it’s almost Labor Day Weekend…there are some amazing sales.  I found great pieces that I would use for casual wear in the slide show below.  If you want to pump up your casual style, you might look at the slide show!  It’s a celebration weekend, so make sure you


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