“Clothes are sometimes the armor we wear to give us strength in a challenging world.”

This was one of the comments in our aging discussion on Friday and came from Binky…and I love it.  I am six months into a new professional job I began at age 65.  I know I was hired for my experience, but the challenge for me is to keep my co-workers not thinking about my age.

I want to bring my A-game every day, and I do believe my clothes are the armor I wear for that challenge.  My professional dress sends the message I am intelligent, creative, strong and successful.  That gives me confidence and helps me to face the challenges with a determination to complete each day as a winner.

In the six short months I have been there, we have added two grandchildren and I have experienced a shoulder injury.  So, you can perhaps see what a challenge it is to keep the focus off my age.  I do it with diligent, determined work…and my armor.  I do believe, especially at work, the right armor is so important to send messages of competence and confidence.

Do you agree that clothing can be our armor to gain strength in a challenging world?  If so, do you have a situation you could share with us?

I love to wear Ralph Lauren when I want to feel classic and strong.  Though this jacket has been in my closet for years, different versions of it are still in style today.  This is Ralph Lauren Week at Dillard’s and I have included several retailers with RL looks in the slideshow below.  Thanks to Binky for the great quote and for all of us, remember to

KEEP SMILING!! (No matter the challenges)


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