Recently, I heard from one of the readers, Linda, who is about to turn 70 and struggling with issues about aging we all face. Linda gave me permission to share portions of her email…….

Dear Pam,

I’m not sure I can be articulate about this, but I would like to ask you to consider this topic in a new way.
I started reading blogs of women my generation 7 years ago. I seem to be a bit older than most of you. I will be 70 next month.
In the beginning there was enthusiasm about breaking the fashion and aging rules of the previous generation. It appeared we were different. No more Alfred Dunner and Karen Scott like our mothers. 
And then it started, though seemingly different from our mothers. Perhaps we did not listen to them carefully enough. The feet, the knees, the hair, the skin, the digestion, the olfactory, the hearing,  vision etc. We’re not so different after all.
And now I’ve seen some and heard discussions from the younger generation. There are brands they deem to be their mothers’…(she listed some of our favorite brands here) 
I have come to the realization that I am going to choose clothes that make me happy and stop all kinds of comparisons no matter what others may think or what I imagine others are thinking. Still, I feel a need to know how other women of my generation are  experiencing and dealing with the ongoing changes

I know exactly how Linda feels.  I think we all have our days when we know aging is happening at a rapid pace, we can’t stop it, and we realize we are going through exactly what we watched our mothers go through.  I made a decision a few years ago with each challenge, I would turn them into positives. I have been through this list before, but here goes again

  1.  I have a ripped earlobe….so I cover it with my hair and wear fun necklaces and bracelets.  YES, I miss earrings, but life is too short to focus on the CAN’Ts.
  2. I have multiple feet issues…so I wear cute flats…and there are so many cute ones
  3. I have eyesight issues….again, cute frames!
  4. I have a pleasing plumb figure….I have learned to dress to look slimmer as often as possible
  5. I do have some wrinkles, but I practice good skincare so my skin looks healthy and bright.

It’s all about choices and the perseverance to enjoy life and keep having fun. I enjoy clothing and I plan to keep that enjoyment as I go forward (no matter what life throws at me) but I am not sure if in my 70s and 80s, I will be a creative bright Iris Apfel, or a chic classic Carolina Herrera.  Time will tell.

My mother always wanted to look nice.  She did her hair, put on her makeup, and dressed every day.  Now, her favorite clothing was a mail-order brand called BLAIR…it was matchy, matchy polyester.  Not, anywhere near my style.  But, at least she liked to look her best.

Linda, I also choose clothes that make me happy!  You go girl!  Today, I am wearing a fun cape from a brand called COAST.  You can find the CAPE HERE.  I have another friend who has a beautiful jacket from Coast she loves because of the high quality and the fit.  The leggings are JJill and I will put them in the slide show below.

My key to aging has been positivity…a choice to live life one day at a time with a smile. A choice to leave a legacy of style and grace with my grandchildren. There are tough days…when I fell recently and hurt my shoulder it was hard.  Not being able to lift weights has been hard.  But, I am still smiling and won’t let it get to me.  I hope to keep bringing that type of attitude to you on this blog.

Now, ladies how would you answer Linda’s request?  How would you answer her and/or what would you like to see discussed here?  I still don’t believe we are our moms…I still believe Baby Boomers have strength and resilience not seen in other generations and that we are going to smile and have fun as long as possible.  Please leave your thoughts……then…




Disclaimer:  I was provided the cape from Coast.  

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