Shepherd’s Fashions: A New Online Experience

Since I joined Instagram, I began to follow Shepherd’s Fashions…a group of stylish ladies from Canada who own a boutique in Ottawa I would love to visit.  Though they have a successful store front, they also bring a completely new online experience for women like us….in different sizes, shapes, and ages.  I always find great style tips, inspiration, and clothing which fit my style adjectives. Since today is the first Friday of October when I usually bring you a style tip for the month, I thought I would share with you where I find so many ideas.   Shepherd’s Fashions is more than a shopping site….you will find helpful videos and services offered there.

Shepherd’s Fashions has a seasoned stylist on staff equipped to help  women discover their style story…if assistance is needed… and to discover the best fit offered. Katharine is an experienced woman of a certain age and not a young lady just out of college, as many of the retail stylists are.   I went through this styling process with Katharine and found it fascinating.  First of all, you send a very detailed report of meaurements and photos.  The photos show different angles of your figure in an all black outfit standing in front of a mirror.  After body shape and sizing is secured, then comes the personality questions to determine your style.  I enjoyed this part of the process alot and talking with Katherine about how she surmised that I am a classic person with a dramatic twist.  It fit perfectly with my five adjectives to communicate strength, creativity, confidence, youthfulness, and intelligence with my style.

I am using her advice and guidelines as I currently style looks. She has recommended the Sympli. Collections.  This is a stylish, fun, comfort line which offers traditional looks, but also, looks with a little panache.  You can see their line in  the fashion show above.   We are all different with different likes and dislikes and working with a stylist like Katherine can help us to pinpoint exactly what we want to say with our wardrobe.

I posted about Shepherd’s Fashions today, because every Friday they do a new Style Tip video, another way their website is so different with a host of videos which are very helpful and enjoyable.  I highly recommend you spend time with Shepherd’s Fashion online and subscribe to the videos as well. At the bottom of their website, is a place to subscribe through email. I think you will grow to enjoy them as much as I have.  These are inspirational women of all sizes and ages, who help the rest of us to



Dusclaimer:  I was provided the styling process, but the words are my own. 


  1. Thank you for this recommendation! I’m going to subscribe as you suggested, it sounds like fun! I saw that second picture of the woman in the black pants, white shirt and cape and thought, “that is SO me!” Should be a fun and enlightening experience!

  2. I have been following Shepherd’s Fashions for a long time. Just love that they showcase ALL body types. And I love that they are Canadian ??

  3. Hi Pam,
    I live in Fl, it’s October & it’s 91 degrees today.
    How should we southern ladies dress in the fall?

    1. I think 91 is forecast for San Antonio today as well! I am wearing an animal print jacket today that is very light weight and perfect for air conditioning. Light weight fabrics in autumn colors and prints is how I do my clothing right now.

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