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Happy Saturday!  It’s time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer of A Well Styled Life.  We show you a mannequin we have discovered around our towns and ask you to evaluate it according to your own personal style.  Don’t’ just tell us yes or no….tell us why, please.  Your comments have helped other women and I believe that is why this feature is so popular.

 Please look at mine here, and then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer what you think about the one she has discovered.  So tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


I also selected some fun items on the market right now (a few with sale prices) and placed in a slide show below.  I look forward to your answers……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


If you are interested in this jacket, see my comment below to Shelby!




  1. I would not wear this outfit. The “peasanty-looking” top isn’t my style. Plus, it’s long so it would probably not be the right proportion for me.
    The coat might be ok, it just looks rather slouchy on this mannequin.
    My hair is too fine for hats, any hat just makes my hair go totally flat, so that’s out.
    But I would wear the pants!

    1. Hi Pam,
      This is interesting! I like the hat, the leggings and possibly the coat…would have to try on. But, that peasant dress/tunic us not me.
      Not my style and I would look hideous in it. I’m sure that there is a market for this, but not me!
      Now from the little I see on the rear mannequin, I tend to gravitate to her off the shoulder top, in a lovely blue! White pants? Or skirt? Like it!

  2. I love love love the blouse! This year I bought 3 embroidered tops. I would probably shorten this because I am not tall and not being able to wear heels, I think the length would be too long on me. The coat I don’t need since I live in Florida, but I do have a purple cowboy hat that I bought when we visited Arizona a few years back.

      1. I would wear the coat and possibly the jeans depending on the waist, zipper, pockets, etc. I like the embroidery on the top but overall it’s too long for me.

  3. I would love this on someone else but not on me. The top is too long and the proportion wouldn’t work for me. The coat is cute and I like the ankle length jeans but would go for a bit looser cut

  4. No, would not wear this. It’s difficult to get a feel for the jacket, but the shirt definitely not. I don’t like the print or the length. It reminds me almost of “prairie style” from the ’80’s, and I’m not interested in revisiting that. The jacket might be okay, but the way they have it styled just drags the whole outfit down. Maybe a belt would work. While I do love hats and do wear them, this one is too cowboy to make the cut. This look kind of brings to mind the long riders. To my eye, this is poor styling on the part of the store.

      1. Hi Shelby, the jacket is Arratta and is $185.00. It is only available at Dillard’s in our Texas Shop and not online. But, they said if you would call the store, ask for the Texas Shop, they would be happy to sell it to you and ship it from the store. The number is 210-558-6121. Thanks for asking!!

  5. I love tunic length tops and embroidery but this is too much embroidery for me. I love boho but at age 68 I prefer a more subtle hand sewn look. I would wear the jeans and the coat. In fact I just purchased a vintage Tristan green long a-line raincoat at a local thrift store. It is lighter and looser than the one on the mannequin but with a similar vibe. No to the hat but maybe a yes when I move to Tucson in the next few months. Love your blog!

  6. Laughing again! You found a funny one here. Bad display, cowboy, ethnic, and leggings? The coat should be the star, the rest isn’t cohesive. I’m petite, so it’s all too much, the oversized / layering look probably won’t be my favorite. Tall people out there, go for it.

  7. The jacket looks fitted and velvet which I would wear in a cooler toned color. The hat is classic which I might wear if I was feeling campy. The shirt is too bohemian for my style. I’m not a fan of embroidery in my blouses.

  8. Not for me! The blouse looks too much like a housecoat in that length, and I can’t imagine me in a cowboy hat! The pants look nice, though.

  9. I love this outfit! I live in Wyoming…cowboy hats, embroidered shirts, slouchy coats and cowboy boots! Comfort with flair! Fits our high desert lifestyle! Yeehaw!

  10. I would wear the shirt with leggings, but the jacket would swallow me. Maybe wear an indian blanket sweater….no hat.

  11. I would not wear it as is since I don’t like this style of hat and the embroidered top is too sweet but I would wear another embroidered top like the black one below with this outfit. BTW, I like the purple long sleeved t-shirt below.?

  12. I would wear the blouse and the coat, but not together; never the hat. The blouse (love it!) would be great with faded skinny or legging jeans and some tan mules. The duster would be great with black skinnies or leggings and maybe tan or black booties, plus a beige or black top.

    As for the hat, I, too am from Texas, and cowboy hats always seem costume-ish. I do view the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as a big costume party, so maybe the hat fits in there with jeans and boots, cowboy boots, of course.

    1. You see the hats a lot in San Antonio…I guess we hare more laid back than Houston and Dallas. But, I do not wear them. I have many friends who do though.

  13. Love embroidered tops with Boho vibe although this is too long for me. Don’t care for the coat, wrong color; wouldn’t wear the hat!

    1. Hi Linda, This blouse is at Dillards. I had difficulty finding the exact one for the slide show, but you may be able to locate it on their website.

  14. A definite no on the top. It is too long for my proportions & has too much embroidery for my taste. It is very colorful though. I can’t tell about the coat. I would need a different view to be sure. I do like hats, just not this particular one.

  15. My first reaction was “yes.” But I’m now not so sure I would wear the pieces together. I love the blouse. I’m a huge fan of boho embroidery. I like the coat, but I don’t like that color with that blouse. The slim jeans/leggings work well with the longer top layers. The necklace is nice, but I think it competes with the busy pattern on the blouse. I’m not sure how I feel about the hat, but I do wish our mannequin friend had put some shoes on. LOL. Cowboy boots?

  16. My first reaction was NO! It’s not my style at all.

    But at second glance I have to say that these pieces really do work so well together. I adore long jackets, so YES, I would try this.

    Sometimes I need that little push out of my comfort zone — this might be it!

    1. Could be, Beth! We all need a gentle nudge out every now and then….thanks for stepping back to evaluabe it longer.

    1. Well, thank you Kay! I emailed a Dillards manager, but she had not been able to get back with me…so thanks so much!

  17. I like the outfit, but wouldn’t wear it. I have jeggings like those and wear them often, and like the long over lean, and third layers. While I love olive, and velvet can be ok, it isn’t durable enough in a coat/jacket for my lifestyle as a junior high teacher. I’m not a fan of varied color embroidery as it doesn’t feel elegant enough for my personal style. The hat in northern Ohio would not be culturally appropriate, unless worn in an almost costume-y fashion with turquoise jewelry.

  18. I love the separate pieces, but not together. I’d wear the top in warm weather over white capris. I’d wear the coat over darker or plain outfits. I love hats, but that style wouldn’t suit me, as I have a short neck and need by face opened up.

  19. Yes to the hat, if I’m riding a horse; no to the blouse ONLY because it’s so long, I would wear a lower hip length version; yes to the pants, if they have some stretch in them and finally, …not sure about the coat. In the camera shots, it’s hard to tell how it would look closed, there is so much of it open to the inside. I think it looks like a velvet piece, not much structure. Would have to see what it looked like on my body. If it overwhelms, then it’s a no.

  20. Each piece is okay (not great but not bad) but the peasant top with western style hat and coat look like you had the pants and shirt on then the weather changed and you grabbed the first outer layer you found. Maybe it would work better in a more rural or western region but not in my semi-urban, eastern part of the country.

  21. I like it, especially the embroidered top. I like the length and the color of both the top and the coat.
    No to the hat because it would make me feel self conscious. The necklace doesn’t add to any of the other three items.

  22. Actually, yes! The outfit looks spiffy! I think this ensemble would look flattering on the right body type (tall,lean). Overall, this outfit combo would look better good on a real female body as opposed to the faceless mannequin. ???. I like the casual cowboy vibe.

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