Soft Surroundings: Perfect for a Soft Autumn Glow

Autumn and Soft Surroundings kind of go hand-in-hand…they are both soft, cozy, and beautiful.  I wish you could touch both of the sweaters I am wearing.  They are from Soft Surroundings and super soft and comfortable. I have owned the leopard cardigan for a couple of seasons now, but the maroon tunic is new and I like the added touch of color.

The Slimsation pants were also from Soft Surroundings and if you are looking for a comfortable, flattering fit in a pant, I highly recommend the Slimsation brand.

I love the fact this leopard cardigan is a timeless piece and will be in style …well, always! Soft Surroundings buyers bring such beautiful soft options to their audience which is mostly women 50+.

I also want to remind you about the beauty products at Soft Surroundings.  I stopped by the store at the Shops of La Cantera the other day to pick up a refill of the Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer.  My favorite under eye concealer (worn it for years) and my favorite lip color/gloss….this is a cruelty free brand and it is excellent.

You will find these items and more in the slideshow below!  Enjoy the autumn glow all around us right now……………………….and……………………………………………………………



Disclosure:  I was given product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Beautiful fall outfit Pam! Your necklace is perfect with this. I found my leopard scarf that I was on the hunt for, inspired by the different ways you find to wear this print! I am also a fan of Soft Surroundings for their flattering fits, and definitely the honestly soft fabrics they so often use. I’m enjoying bundling up in fall fashions too. It’s been pretty cold here already and a welcome change from the hot days that lasted a long time this year. Now waiting for the leaves to change!

  2. Karen, did I see on a previous post that you live in Columbus OH? I do too — actually Dublin.

  3. I love your leopard cardigan! It would also look great with a skirt, dress, or jeans. I saw somewhere that leopard is a “neutral” because it styles easily with almost everything.
    I haven’t tried Jane Iredale other than her pink lip stain, which I received a sample of last summer and had forgotten about. Thank you for the reminder, and the tip on where to purchase.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t have a Soft Surroundings store in my area. I do tons of online shopping but do not order from SS because of their hefty shipping and return fees. I can find too many high end online sites with no shipping that I use often.

  5. Love the outfit, Pam. I do have a burgundy tunic from a couple of years ago. Did not wear it very much. Now I am on the lookout for an animal print sweater !! As always, thanks for the tips.

  6. Hi Melodee, I live in Cuyahoga Falls, closer to Akron. I love Columbus and my sister and I make a trip to Easton for a weekend each spring! : )

  7. I love most of what I see on the Soft Surroundings website (which I first heard of on your blog)and was very disappointed that they do not ship to Canada.


  8. Pam, I love your leopard addiction! I have it too. You and you have an eye for distinctive jewelry. Please share your sources! Thanks for your blog.

  9. Thank you, Ann. Comments like this keep me going. My jewelry is from so many different places…I love it..perhaps you can tell. This necklace was found at a show done before a charity luncheon I attended. I have owned it for a few years. Whenever I can link to what I am wearing…I promise I will. Thanks for being here.

  10. I hope your leaves change soon, Karen. Always so inspiring and gorgeous. Loving leopard this year more than ever before!

  11. I have worn it so many ways, Christine. One of those pieces I am so glad I grabbed when it was available. Jane Iredale is a great line…I do confidently recommend it.

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