Texas Wine Festival: Part 2 at the Becker Winery

Part 2 of our Texas Wine Festival weekend is about the first event we attended at the Becker Winery.  Highway 290 out of Fredericksburg has become known as Winery Row…I did not realize how true that is until we traveled it.  Row after row…vineyard after vineyard of Texas grapes and wineries.  Becker Winery hosted our first evening…and the weather could not have been better for this gorgeous Texas scenery.

The evening included tastings of wine after wine…locally sourced hors d’oeuvres…excellent acoustic guitarist…and lovely scenery looking out over the vineyard and fields of lavender. Becker Winery did it well…though they have a new award winning Cabernet and I was dying to taste it…but, alas, none was to be found!

I was very pleased with my outfit for the evening.  I selected a lovely Soft Surroundings kimono from last year…it is one of the burnout designs and i love this look for a cool, not cold evening.

It was a perfect Texas evening in many ways, and we brought home our favorite bottle from the tasting to enjoy later.  Now, I put together a fun Kimono slide show below.  Have you attended a wine tasting?  What was your favorite part if you have?  Have you been to one you loved…if so, please share the details.  And as always…………………………………………




  1. What gorgeous scenery, and you certainly were dressed perfectly for this evening event. It sounds wonderful!! It looks like the winery made it a rather elegant event, which is something I know I’d appreciate. Elegant, but relaxing. Just a perfect evening weather-wise too! I’ve been to wine tastings, some not memorable at all because the same level of care was not taken, but one that stands out was at Whalehead in Corolla, NC. It was a gorgeous September evening and while they featured NC wines, they also had other international offerings that made it even better! There was something about being just steps from the ocean and the sound, the warm evening, it was perfect and I’ll always remember it!

  2. A winery visit is on my bucket list! Great pics Pam! Beautiful fall scenery! I’m a kimono gal, and I’m loving your look!??

    1. Thanks Betty! I was surprised to learn how many vineyards there are in Texas! It was fun and a learning experience!

  3. Pamela,

    You looked absolutely gorgeous. The setting was spectacular. This was just a perfect combination of subject and story. LOVE your outfit.

  4. I wanted to add that a wrap makes a nice accompaniment to a kimono for southern evenings when you never know if it will be too hot or too cold.

    I visited Mesina Hof many years ago, but just looking at the Texas wine trail astounds me as to how many vineyards there are now.

  5. Thank you for this. It brought back happy memories of when my late husband and I stayed there in that little cabin on the grounds. It was so peaceful and lovely.

    1. Oh my…you are so welcome Jill. It was all the peace and lovely and more. Memories like that are blessings.

  6. Ooooooh, love your kimono! Is this one you posted before? I think I may have searched for it before.

    Wine tours and tastings are fun! I’m not sure I learn a lot but trying all the wine works for me!

    1. Yes, I have worn it before Janet. Soft Surroundings has some pretty ones on the website right now…check them out!

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