Texas Wine Festival: What I Wore, Saw, and Did Part 1

Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mr. B and I went off on an adventure to the Texas Wine Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  It was such a fun time, I thought I would spend a few posts this week sharing the fun.  First, let’s talk about our Bed & Breakfast, The Magnolia House.  This week’s posts will be photo heavy so you can enjoy each experience.

As you can see the home has historical significance, and inside the original blue print hangs in a hallway for all to see and follow where the rooms are located.  Our hosts were Claude and Lisa, and they are excellent inn keepers ….not to mention wonderful cooks.

They run a traditional B & B where the guests all sit together at the breakfast table.  We met some charming people from different walks of life and each meal was lovely….and, oh so, delicious.  I think the Apple Walnut muffins were my favorite.  One of the couples at the table stay at the Magnolia often and went on and on about the different menu items.

The rest of the day and evening, there were homemade treats, carafes of wine, and other goodies readily available.  It was such a peaceful place to stay.  We slept with our windows open, and could hear the fountains by the pond in the backyard, and occasional church chimes ringing.  Also, the weekend delivered picture perfect weather.  I was dressed perfect in light sweater tops and kimonos.

We highly recommend The Magnolia House in Fredericksburg….just in case anyone is headed toward the hill country…it is fabulous during the holiday time as well.  I have prepared the slide show today in a “bed & breakfast” state-of-mind.  Do you like to stay at B & B’s …please share your experiences.  I hope as you begin your week…you will join me as we all…………………………………………………………………………………………………….



  1. What a fun thing to do! Is this an annual event, the Texas Wine Festival? It looks like a gorgeous place, and I can just imagine falling asleep to the sound of the fountains and the church bells – how perfect that would be! And the weather even cooperated – that’s a plus! There is something truly magical about sitting outside on a perfect fall evening (or any season for that matter!) with a glass of wine listening to music and just enjoying nature. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend! I like B & B’s too, love the history of the older homes they are so often in, and I enjoy seeing the décor and getting some inspiration. There is one in Pittsburgh that is my favorite, it’s more of an inn but considered a B & B, and it works for an introvert like me because the dining room is full of smaller tables and there is a patio area with tables also, so you can either be social or sit quietly and enjoy the morning or read as you enjoy the fabulous food. But I do find B & B’s to be much more homey and cozy than a hotel. Glad you took lots of pictures to share this week!

  2. B & B’s are so nice and fun. Owners know the area and give good options on things to do and see. Sometimes I feel I’m too much of an introvert for a B & B but I always cherish the memories!

  3. You had a wonderful time in one of my favorite places, Fredericksburg ❤️ I have stayed at several guest houses in Fredericksburg and enjoyed them all.
    ~ a fellow San Antonian

  4. It was very homey and cozy…glad we did this! There were plenty of nooks to hibernate in if you wanted to chill and be alone. Thanks for sharing.

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