A reader asked in the comments last week, what do you wear for fall when the weather is warmer? That’s really my life in South Texas….we will not have true cooler weather until closer to the end of the month.  But, that doesn’t stop me from packing away the summer clothing and still dressing with autumn in mind.

This JJill top is perfect…it is a current trend with the plaid, and in autumn darker colors, yet, the knit is not heavy.  I wore it with these capri pants…because that gives a little air conditioning below.  For me, this time of year is about lighter fabrics….I will wear sweaters designed for summer wear in the north but perfect for us down here.  I stay true to the autumn colors I like, but make sure the fabrics are lighter, not heavy, and also good for layers.

These little fun capri pants were from Soft Surroundings summer line………………………………and adding a heavier piece of jewelry will keep the look in an autumn state of mind.  Remember we are still talking warm weather…when the cool breezes blow, I will wear this top with pants.

This necklace was from Chicos this past summer as well, but down here can be very heavy in one hundred degree heat.  Right now, when the temps are topping off in the upper 80s, it works well.

Would anyone else like to share their transition tips if you live in a warmer climate?  Please do and then I have a few fun items in the slideshow below!  Have a happy Monday, and, of course,



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