It was hard to categorize this post, because my aching feet are a health issue, beauty issue, and a fashion issue!  Because I loved stilettos in my 20s and 30s, I am paying the price now.  The first issue was a rather large bunion, which I dealt with by doing surgery.  But, I think the surgery and the pin in my left foot are causing issues now…so I guess I was doomed to pain no matter which way I went.

For my over 50 feet, I was able to begin with fun comfort flats and some low heels.  But, as I age, the decision have pretty much become fun flats only with occasional athletic wear for many casual days.  My current job requires a lot of on feet time and walks across a large college campus.  High humidity doesn’t help, and on those days I am particularly fatigued when my feet are throbbing.

I began an aggressive foot care program when I first had trouble with my feet in my late fifties.  Into my sixties, was when the hammer toes showed up and some days the swelling in the one foot is very difficult to handle.  So, my aggressive plan needs to be stepped up.   Here is the plan with the adjustments:

  1. Three years ago, I began to go for pedicures every two weeks…faithfully. My nail technician, Anna, was a nurse in Mexico in her youth and she brings a touch of that to my foot care.  She understands treating the callous on the bad foot and how to handle my ingrown toenails gifted to me from my parents!  My time there is so much more than pretty painted nails.  It is worth every penny and really is a part of my healthcare.  She used Sunflower Oil with my treatments yesterday and it was very soothing.  Outside of family and work, I probably see Anna more than anyone else!
  2. I do occasionally soak my feet in Epsom Salt with Lavender, but I think I need to do this more often…especially, at the end of long workdays. The brand with lavender is very soothing right before bedtime.  This is one part of my plan that I need to do more often.
  3. I have to face facts… I must shelve the cute shoes with no structure, and only wear the brands with comfortable foot support. I went shopping last week to try on several of the traditional comfort lines.  For my particular feet, some were great and others not so much (though known to help many).   The best ones for my feet right now are Rockport, Born, Sofft, and occasionally, Aerosole and Naturalizer.   I have to go try them on at a store….we all have such unique problems with our feet…weather arches, hammer toes, bunions, etc.  I usually have to go up a size to have room in the toe box for the hammer toes.  I still like a fashionable shoe…so these brands also offer cute designs.  Keeps me from feeling frumpy.

That’s the plan…and, of course, all ideas are welcome!  I have a slideshow below of my favorite comfort lines!  No more high heels…though I am suffering the consequences, I have to admit I loved them at one time of my life…despite the aches and pains…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



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