I know…the song lyric is country not classic…but I use the song to make a styling point today.   Recently, I wrote in a comment that I did not know in 20 years if I would be an Iris Apfel or a Carolina Herrera.  Later, I was thinking about it…trying to visualize me in my 80s or even 90s and thought…that’s silly, I will be both!

The reason it is silly is that my current style encompasses both.  Some days I lean toward Iris…other days, like in today’s pictures, I take more of a classic turn and lean toward Carolina.  For the past 10 years, my style story has been developed around five main adjectives…creative, strong, savvy, approachable, and classy.  I think this is where I have become the classic/rock n roll woman.  My choice of the word creative gives me the license to style classic my way.

The local marketing director of Neiman Marcus is an inspirational woman, Xitlalt Herrera Salazar.  I am always inspired by Xitlalt’s style, because I believe she takes my five adjectives to the next level.  I think she communicates the same messages I am going for…just styled off the charts.  I always pay attention to how she looks.

In the top picture today, I am wearing smaller accessories gifted to me by my husband.  Some days, the smaller, delicate pieces are me.  But other days, the loud and large statement pieces are me.  I just want you to see that both people can exist in the same style of one.  I learned a long time ago when I remain true to my five style messages, then I develop my own style and I am very happy in that place.

It is important for me to leave the Iris Apfel- rock n roll woman in my style story as I go forward so that I keep having fun with who I am every day.  Now, I have thoroughly confused you…or does this make sense?  I hope it does.  As we go forward, let’s enjoy life on many levels and in different ways.  For some of us that will be our personal style. The slide show below is fun accessories (all on sale) …for gifts or you!


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