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Welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT day with me and Jennifer!  We head out around town and look for mannequins that make us wonder if you would wear the looks.  So, just examine the picture above, and comment on one or both of these styles, but make sure you explain your answers!  I select mannequins for different reasons…not because I personally find them stylish or fashionable. I think we need to help the retailers out and tell what works and what doesn’t.  We have learned a lot about and from one another through these exercises….so,ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………..


Once you tell us, go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.  Then I hope you will spend time with my slide show…so many fashionable winter pieces coming out!  Enjoy……..and



  1. I would wear the pink sweater/coat ONLY if the collar is removable. I don’t like the cut of the other pieces for me. Also, I find that since I have gone gray, I can no longer wear ivory.

  2. The coat, yes, however it looks like it wrinkles which is odd. I like the shirt on the other model without the ill-placed embellishments! I’m not a fan of flared crops but would wear the jeans. Too bad about the white shirt, I really like the style and fabric! They should have taken time to steam out the wrinkles on the coat. I like it with winter white pants, just not the flares.

  3. Peachy long sweater is nice but wrong color and the fur collar would be over powering for me. Do not like the cream color pants; nor the cream/ivory sheer blouse with grey pants (wouldn’t put grey and ivory together). These colors would wash me out for sure.

  4. Some one was in a hurry, they didn’t steam the clothes. My impression is the fabrics look cheap, and won’t hang well on the body, so I’d pass. As a pear shape, light colored pants are not my favorite, straight coats and Loose boxy tops are not as flattering either. Keep walking….

  5. Interesting placement of the embellishments on the front of the ivory top..lol. Since I noticed the placement it would bother me to wear this though on first blush I liked it. The jacket is a pretty color and I love fun fur touches but maybe the size of the fur collar would make me feel like I had no neck. The pants on both are just a no for me. I don’t care for the lace on the bottom of the ivory pants. Normally I like any type of jeans, however the raw hem is not a favorite

  6. The whole pale pastels is off for my skin tone, so no, not for me. I’m not a cropped flare leg fan and wouldn’t wear the style even in a different color. If the sweater coat’s fur was removable and in a different color, I’d try it on. (Large busted, don’t want to add any more fluff to the chest line.) The white top on the other mannequin would have to have a little more shape and structure for my body type. If the skinny jeans were in a different color, I’d at least try them on.

  7. I see possibility here, but I would want to feel the fabrics and examine the quality of the garments. Perhaps the shop simply didn’t take the time to steam the clothes before putting together the display. Assuming that the quality is better than it appears in the photograph, I could definitely see myself wearing the outfit on the left. I would probably choose different shoes though. I love the sweater jacket on the right. The colour is a favourite of mine, but the furry collar would limit it’s usefulness. I wonder if it’s removable? I would not wear the flared crop pants. I like a cropped skinny like the one on the left, but not a wider legged crop.

  8. I like the coat, color, cut, length, but I don’t like the faux fur. Much of the faux fur I see lately looks matted after a few wearings. No on everything else, I think. I’m pretty much over sheer or anything requiring a camisole underneath.

  9. The only item that I would wear would be the pink sweater/coat – but, as others have mentioned I’d like the fur collar to be a bit smaller as I feel it would overwhelm me. The other items have no appeal as I don’t wear ivory/cream and most of the fabrics look rather flimsy and cheap I’m afraid.

  10. I have to agree with the above comments about the wrinkled clothing. There is no excuse for that!

    I really like the ivory top minus the embellishments. The fabric is very pretty and I like the style.

    Thanks, Pam. I really enjoy these posts!

  11. I love the sweater and would wear it in a different color. The blush pink is awful on me, as is ivory. I like the pants and shoes; I resisted nude shoes for years because I hated the color but sometimes nothing else looks as good. They continue a line that elongates your legs.
    On me, the sheer with camisole under is just not a great look (adds volume where I don’t need it)so I’d skip the ivory top.
    Hoping the frayed edge thing goes away, along with holes and rips! And I never wear clogs or mules because I don’t feel safe walking in them. Old age is a pain, but falling is worse!

  12. Both the top and coat have major design flaws in my opinion, and I would not/could not wear either one of them. I agree w/ Pam, the ivory top minus the embellishments would be nice. The coat in my opinion looks cheap and poorly constructed. I have worked in retail for years, and I don’t know of any company that would put out a display that looks like that one. I’d have to shop else where.

  13. As is, I wouldn’t wear the ivory top. If it didn’t have the oddly placed embellishments, then I would wear it.
    Both pants are unappealing, too short, don’t like the raggy hem.
    I do like the pink coat.

  14. I might wear the top under the rose sweater coat, but hard to tell. I don’t really care for the embellished top or the faded jeans, and the ivory pants seem impractical. The fur collar is a bit much….close, but no cigar. The outfits on the mannequins don’t entice me to purchase, but I might look around this ladies dept for something else on their racks.

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