Cashmere…Showing Up A Little Early this Year

It has been a cashmere kind of week and that is fine with me…I love to wear cashmere.  We do not get to wear it often, so if it comes out before Thanksgiving, then I am a happy camper!

I only own a couple of cashmere ponchos, a wrap and a couple of scarves…but l love them all.  For even in warmer Texas, there are times I need a soft warm alternative.  I gift cashmere items every year…especially to those in colder climates.  I know it is a gift that will be well received.

About the outfit:  This is a cashmere sweater poncho from Black, my snakeprint leggings from Soft Surroundings, and the necklace with leather strips is from Chicos.  I have some great cashmere items selected for your consideration in the slideshow below.

So, here’s to soft, beautiful cashmere… what do you say………………Cashmere…Yes or No??   Give you opinion and make sure you


Cashmere makes a great gift…whether for you or someone else…here are a few selections!



  1. I love cashmere and could cheerfully live in it from fall to spring in our cold climate. Some consolation for the weather!

  2. Love your outfit…where are your boots from? I enjoy reading your daily blog, you are one of my favorites! Thank you!

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