Chamonix Skincare: 4 Months of Morning Glow

This is my four-month post using just one skincare line, Chamonix…and I am loving this morning glow so much.  Last spring and through the beginning of summer, I began to notice my complexion in the morning was dull, dull, and duller.

I tried several options, and finally began to think, it was something I just had to live with as I marched on into my sixties.  Somehow the dull, skin was worse than an occasional new wrinkle and really robbed my joy a little…though, you know I do my best to be positive.

Thankfully, in August, Chamonix’s skincare line entered my life and for the first time I agreed to go for a time just using one line.  I am so thankful I did.  My morning glow, after using what I think is the best night cream, is amazing and gets me started each day with my smile shining bright.

It begins at night with a good cleaning…removing the makeup, and then cleaning my face, of course, with a traditional white wash cloth and my favorite cleanser.  Then I put on the Genucel Revitalizing Face Crème for night repair.

Here is what the website says:

  • Superb firming and moisturizing effect!
  • Perfect for enhancing the appearance of healthy, vibrant, youthful-looking skin.
  • Works great for mature, dry skin.
  • You’ll love the results – guaranteed!


And it does work great for mature skin!  My morning shine is so different…with a healthy glow like nothing I have seen on my face in a long, long time.  I highly recommend the night cream.


After my three-month post, one reader asked me if I could only get one Chamonix product what would it be.  I have liked all of the products I have written about, but the one which impresses me the most is the Genucel Deep Firming Serum (DFS) made with plant stem cells.

“The genucel® Deep Firming Serum (DFS) incorporates the latest Plant Stem Cell technology that preserves the appearance of a youthful look along with Liposome technology that delivers its active ingredient, Vitamin C, at a 7.5% concentration to the deepest layer (the dermis) of the skin.

This product provides all the benefits of our Best Selling Deep Firming Serum plus Plant Stem Cell technology!

  • Flawless skin that will leave your face glowing
  • 24 hour hydration and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth”

I use this every day and after I exfoliate.  I use this in the morning under a moisturizer and the face cream above at night.  I saw immediate changes and after four months, I am not tempted to return to any product I have previously tried.  We will see if that continues.  Until then, try Chamonix, and



Disclaimer:  I am provided product for these posts, but the words are my own.


  1. I know I’ve probably asked before, but will you speak to how long a jar or bottle lasts please? It seems that most products come in a 1.7 oz. size, and I’m just curious how long you use this before you have to buy a new one. Thanks Pam

  2. Hi Karen, it seems that all of the products I have used last right at two months. And everything except the eye cream, I am using once a day. I use the eye cream twice a day so it goes faster. You have to train yourself to just use a little of the serum…it goes a long way…but feels so good on your skin, you want to use more!

  3. I bought these two products on your recommendation and believe it or not I could see a difference almost immediately. So far so good! I also love that these products are fragrance free. Thanks for the recommendation Pam 🙂

  4. You are so welcome, Lisa. I am glad you are enjoying them. I saw immediate results as well. Love this line!

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