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Many of us will sit around our Thanksgiving table this week, and at some point, the topic of elder care will arise.  The timing of this post is to help with that conversation.  Home Instead® Ready to care is here to assist and encourage others to reach out and help.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am 65, and when people address “seniors” they are addressing me!  I am blessed to feel younger, stronger and vibrant. But, I am well aware that is not the case for everyone.  In fact, I have read that before 2020 the number of people 65+ will exceed children under age 5 for the first time in human history.

The research states, “Our rapidly aging society is poised to impact us all. By 2050, the 65+ population will be more than double that of the world’s youngest citizens. Additionally, those living beyond age 80 are expected to triple over the next 30 years.”

A large majority of my friends are caregivers for parents and family members who are in their 80s, 90s, and 100s.  It is sobering to think that in the not too distant future I will need assistance, but I want to be open to my family helping me, because my mother was not.  I believe she died before her time, because she fought those who tried to help.  Became angry, ugly and pushed everyone away.  I am determined that will not be me, and I believe that is not the majority of seniors either.  Most want to be noticed, cared for, inspired and told they matter.  I suppose one way I am aware of my age is to reach out more to elderly adults when I see them.  I know that I am still in the game, so I am sure many are and just want someone to give them time and respect.

With all this in mind, I am pleased to learn about Ready to Care.  This is a free movement designed to inspire more people to become community caregivers by providing inspiration via weekly text messages offering care tips and missions, and it was established by Home Instead, Inc.  Ready to Care identifies opportunities for people to volunteer, donate, and learn more about aging issues.  They have created a social media community for individuals to share their experiences and they desire to help in key areas of aging such as nutrition, isolation, dementia, mobility, health and safety.

The founders of Ready to Care believe if everyone will do just a little then more of the growing population of seniors will receive assistance, and not feel forgotten.  Since they began in 2018, more than 1,000 care missions have been completed.  Simple acts of caring like:

  • Say “Hi” to a senior: Put down your phone, look up, and say “hi” to as many seniors as you can this week.
  • Help with Yardwork: Lend a helping hand to a senior in need of yard work.
  • Get Career Advice: Connect with a senior and ask them to share their experience and advice about the working world.


If you have a heart to do more for seniors, then check out READY TO CARE here and see how you can help more in your neighborhoods.  Or perhaps you are the one who needs more help, let them know…do not hesitate to tell someone you need help.  It was my mother’s pride and stubbornness which kept her from accepting help.  Join with me and don’t let that happen to you. Let’s reach out to others, so someone will reach out when we need a kind word or help.

  1. Visit imreadytocare.com to sign up.
  2. Enter your information: name, mobile phone, country.
  3. Receive weekly senior care missions, tips, and inspiration delivered right to your phone.

Follow Ready to Care on Instagram, Facebook, and #ImReadytoCare

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.  Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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