Welcome to the day I recommend products to you I have actually tried for myself.  I do not promote products to my audience unless I have tried them and believe in them…so there are many that do not make it to the blog.  Let’s begin today with some holiday cheer...Celestial Seasonings Herbal Holiday Teas.  These two flavors are my favorites….Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland, and Gingerbread Spice.  I particularly love them on cold weekends!  Here is a variety package available….

I love Kerastase Hair products and was sent this Aura Botanica Masque to sample…I put it mildly…it is AMAZING!  If you battle frizz like I do, you will love this…it has tamed the beast!  I am now a huge fan and have been using it once a week for three weeks.

I have been using this eye shadow for several years and now have to get it on Amazon to get this color, Suede, because it has been discontinued in the stores.  Here is why I would put an expensive eye shadow like this in here: cost per wear.  The last time I purchased this was a little over 2 years ago and I use it almost every day.  It lasts all day and looks the same at night as when I wear it in the mornings.  But, it goes on and on and on making the cost per wear very low.  I highly recommend it especially to those of you who are still working.  Just a little bit of Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow goes a very long way!


I love this Jo Malone cologne in Wood Sage and Sea Salt.  It is my second bottle in three years and I wear it almost every day.  This particular scent is rich and a little woody.  It is wonderful.  Here is a smaller size to get you started…

Now, my last recommendation is a bit random, but I just had to throw it in…..

Recently I helped with a huge cleaning project that needed “elbow grease.”  My husband returned from Walmart with these sponges after I requested the name brand.  I was irritated, but tried them and they worked great.  Later, he had to return to the store for more and came home with the name brand.  I am here to report, this generic at Walmart worked better than the name brand magic eraser.  If you have any sizable cleaning ahead of you, I highly recommend the Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser.

I stand by all of these and know they are quality for the price.  Now, have fun and always…..



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