I have been so excited about the cooler weather, the leaves in my yard changing colors, putting up my decorations…and, oh yes, wearing my autumn clothes.  As I was dressing with a touch of leopard on Monday, it occurred to me how universal leopard prints are now.  In fact, some are calling it a neutral…meaning it will go with just about anything.

So, I wanted to encourage you for any women on your shopping gift list to consider leopard…because for most, it is a safe bet they will like the gift.  Now, I realize that ALL to do not like EVERYTHING.  I know some of you do not even like neutrals…as much as I do any way.  But, I have not met a woman in long time who did not like animal prints…particularly leopard.  And it is everywhere this year.  It makes a great gift, because it never goes out of style.

Check out my slide show below and see the gift options on the market.  So many fun ones…and I even noticed younger ladies are wearing it this year!  I do not think you can go wrong with leopard as a shopping choice.

You can also see that it goes great with tossing leaves in the air…so much fun! I hope these shopping tips and ideas are helping you.  Play in the leaves this week, and by all means……………………………


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