Time to Put Pumpkins Away and SHOP (And take my survey)

Thanksgiving is but a faded memory, and it is Black Friday and time to SHOP!  I hope all of you had a delicious, blessed Thanksgiving day.  It is a bittersweet day for me because I love my autumn decorations; however, love Christmas ten times more.  So, let’s put the pumpkins away and think of the gifts on our lists.

I love to gift shop…in fact, I love it so much, I think I would’ve been an excellent personal shopper.  What a great job to have…if it puts food on the table, that is.  So, let’s do an informal survey…

How many of you are shopping in store today and just love the experience?

How many are shopping on line, because it’s easier and warmer at home?

How many are watching Hallmark movies(or something else fun) and will shop later?

How many have already finished your shopping this year (allow us all to be jealous)?

Please share…I would love to know your holiday shopping habits!  Let the fun begin, the Christmas season is on!





  1. I don’t go near the stores on Black Friday.
    Might do some online shopping, but I’m at work currently.
    Can’t wait to get home and watch college football!
    Have two gifts left to buy, so doing well!

    I love Christmas too Pam, and especially look forward to the family traditions we enjoy each year. I’m not into the commercial aspect at all, but naturally do give gifts. My favorite thing is to sit by the tree with all lights off except tree lights, with a hot beverage and focus on my blessings with quiet Christmas music playing in the background. I like the quiet times of Christmas!

  2. I was shopping online, until the strap broke on my favorite purse this morning. So I ventured out, pre-dawn, to buy a new purse. Thankfully the store I went to wasn’t overly crowded.

  3. Now that the mess from the Thanksgiving feast is all cleaned up, my plan for the day is to grab my computer, head to the couch, put on the Hallmark channel and start shopping! It was 15 degrees this morning so I’m staying in! I just don’t find the “thrill of the chase” on Black Friday all that exciting anymore. Staying warm on my couch and relaxing seems like heaven. I’m also hoping to put my fall decorations away and start dragging out the Christmas boxes!
    Have a great day!

  4. Shopped online sales, but house company doing the sales. My hubby and I will use the day to pick up and relax while spending time with our new little rescue dog who joined the family Thanksgiving evening. We are so thankful for so much and I thank you Pamela for your beautiful blogs that you write and all the encouragement you share with women especially us that are more seasoned! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I really am not doing any of the options today. I am removing the pumpkins and anything related to Fall, storing in attic, and replacing with a bit of Christmasy things. No shopping other than an early morning stop at Krogers on the way home from the gym. We may watch a Hallmark movie tonight. Otherwise, there is nothing very dramatic about my Black Friday.

  6. While I did some shopping on line today, I mostly finished with shopping via the pre Black Friday sales. As far as your “other activities” part of the survey, I am doing paperwork for my job today. I do plan to take a walk with my hubby later, as we are having a bit of a warm spell here in northern Ohio.

  7. No stores for me. Now that the children are grown and the grandchildren too I don’t give anything but money. That way they get what they like and don’t have to return things they can’t stand. Yes, it is the easy way out but it works for me.

  8. I bought everything pre- Friday sales. I will be looking online for retro dresses. I worked in retail many years ago, and have never shopped on Black Friday. My idea of the holidays is more like “ Holly-go-lightly” Audrey Hepburn. More chic than cozy.

  9. I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I don’t shop on Black Friday. I don’t enjoy the crowds but I did go to our square in downtown Georgetown for Shop Small Saturday and today I ordered from a museum store for Museum Store Sunday. I just found out about that one. I’m doing a lot of online shopping other than that.

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