Thanksgiving is but a faded memory, and it is Black Friday and time to SHOP!  I hope all of you had a delicious, blessed Thanksgiving day.  It is a bittersweet day for me because I love my autumn decorations; however, love Christmas ten times more.  So, let’s put the pumpkins away and think of the gifts on our lists.

I love to gift shop…in fact, I love it so much, I think I would’ve been an excellent personal shopper.  What a great job to have…if it puts food on the table, that is.  So, let’s do an informal survey…

How many of you are shopping in store today and just love the experience?

How many are shopping on line, because it’s easier and warmer at home?

How many are watching Hallmark movies(or something else fun) and will shop later?

How many have already finished your shopping this year (allow us all to be jealous)?

Please share…I would love to know your holiday shopping habits!  Let the fun begin, the Christmas season is on!




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