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(Sorry About the technical difficulties, everyone. Better late than never!)Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life.  I am thinking some of you may want to relax after cooking, cleaning, shopping and family and what better way to do it, than give us your opinion on two mannequins. First, look over the one I found above and then tell us if you would wear this.  Always explain why or why not, because women love to read the answers and learn from them.

Then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer and her audience what you think of her selection.  I have some more shopping ideas for you below.  So, please, hang here for a little while and let’s have some fun. Look the top picture over, and tell us ladies…..



  1. Yeah, I would wear most of it. As a tall person, I tend to shun the ankle boots with skinny jeans.It breaks up the leg line too much for me. So, my boots would be tall, over the knee or just cute flat shoes.

  2. I like the overall silhouette, but not some of the details. The cuffs on the blouse are too much and I am not sure I like the buttons on the pants. While I do wear florals, I don’t really like the pattern on the sweater.

  3. What is going on with the cuffs? That is very odd. However, I do like the ensemble, long over lean and a cute hat. The colors aren’t my favorites, but I would war the same silhouette in a different shade.

  4. This is an okay outfit, but definitely not for me. I can’t imagine that all those buttons on the pants would be good. I like the blouse, but it seems like it is pulling in the front — maybe a larger size would help. The color mix is lovely and perfect for this time of year.

  5. I’m not sure what’s going on with those cuffs, but whatever it is, I don’t like it! 🙂 Button up pants are too fussy, just give me a simple zipper. The floral pattern on the sweater reminds me of a bedspread, so that’s a no.
    So this is not an outfit I would wear.

  6. I like this look. I don’t know about the button down shirt, I always seem to be adjusting them no matter the size. The cuff is odd, I think those are gloves which I may like but not with this look. Personally I like the button pants. Cute look!

  7. Nope. The button up shirt looks uncomfortable. I don’t wear long sweaters since the proportions aren’t flattering. The buttons on the pants interfere with some tops. I don’t wear ankle boots unless worn with a smooth, soft pant or legging. The colors of the clothing appealed to me though.

  8. I like this in overall concept … this, in my opinion, is the way to mix patterns, with the fine stripe and larger (but not huge) floral. While others mention the one cuff (maybe it’s a muff?), what doesn’t work for me are the large breast pockets on the shirt when paired with the cardigan. It breaks up the line and adds too much bulk up top. I’m not a fan of the buttons on the pants, as I think they are fussy, and might emphasize my large tummy. This is a lovely color on me, and I think it pretty flattering to most women, and the pieces would also work with other things in my closet. While I like the hat, nobody wears one here in northern Ohio, except knit caps in harsh weather. I would feel conspicuous in it,

  9. I would wear this exactly how it is pictured. I like the look of the outfit with the mixture of patterns and lengths. It is very modern. I am trying to do more of that type of style with my booties and I’m liking the look.

  10. Mannequin was hastily dressed with no care. Left a bad impression. Over all concept is attractive to me. Love the ankle length maroon jeans. Love the ankle boots too. I would choose jeans with zipper because the buttons and carpel tunnel do not play well together. Shirt is ok , although I would stand up the collar a little and the placket gap drives me nuts. Hopefully the sleeves can be adjusted so they are so bulky. I would choose a solid sweater as I would tire of the floral print quickly.

  11. I like the look, but the sweater is a little long for my short legs. If the button up shirt is the one on the rack behind the mannequin, those aren’t the cuffs on it. Could they be gloves? Stripe button up shirts are a classic in my wardrobe, so I would wear that. Not sure about the buttons on the pants. They would definitely have to fit just right to avoid gapping, but I do like the color.

  12. There are elements of this outfit that I like, but I wouldn’t wear it exactly as shown. First of all, I would remove that cuff. It seems pointless. I like the colour and fit of the pants, but as a woman of a certain age who sometimes needs quick access to the bathroom, a button fly is not something I’d be comfortable wearing. Finally, I would probably wear the shirt untucked.

  13. No, not for me. I thought the hat was ruining the look (and I like hats), but it looks too thrown together, nothing goes with anything in the outfit. I would wear the shirt, for example, but not with the other pieces. The jacket/topper just doesn’t appeal to me in general. The overall color scheme here would really wash me out. It’s bland. This whole outfit looks like they just picked things up and tossed them all on. It looks like they just didn’t try to create something attractive.

  14. I would wear the shirt untucked, (I don’t have a waste line I want to show off), I would not wear the open duster, it’s not my style. I would also either wear longer pants or knee high boots as this cropped leg on the jeans cuts up the leg line, too much for my taste. I prefer a long lean visual leg line.

    I was wondering about your missing WYWI post on Sat. Was hoping you just had too much going on and that you’re okay.

    1. What a sweetheart you are! I was out of town, and my laptop battery decided to die for good…for some reason I could not get into the blog on my phone. So, sadly the post went up on Saturday night when I returned home. Thank you for asking…means a lot. I am doing good!

  15. While I like some aspects of these outfit pieces, I wouldn’t wear it as is. I do love burgundy jeans, booties, and striped button shirts are actually one of my staples. The hat, the floral long sweater and the button fly are not up my alley. Thanks for the post, and interesting comments from all!

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