Dillard’s: Meeting Holiday Needs with a Smile

Yesterday’s photo shoot took place in one of my favorite places to shop, Dillard’s located at The Shops of La Cantera mall in San Antonio.  I have been a Dillard’s customer for years and each time I visit the store, they meet all of my gifting needs with a smile!  If you are here for WOULD YOU WEAR IT, we will return next Saturday.  Today is dedicated to helping with last minute shopping!

The photos were taken in the Southern Living department of the store, and it is so beautiful… from each plate to cup to Christmas decorations to stunning ornaments.  I would welcome any of the trees into my family room.

We began the afternoon at the makeup counter for Christian Dior and I was pampered in preparation for the shoot by Meredith Gonzales, area Beauty Director for Christian Dior. I wish I could take her home with me…loved the products she introduced me to and loved the way she did my eyes.  They have several products with crushed pearls in the makeup to give that youthful glow…and, of course, to help us feel utterly fabulous.  Do not fear going to the beauty department and testing some new products and look.  Maybe for the New Year it is time for something new on your face.  It does not cost a thing to do research there and you might be pleasantly encouraged and surprised by what you discover.


Many of my Christmas gifts are from Dillard’s, because I can get excellent customer service and find top quality designers and brands for my family.  One of my sons requested Dillard’s items for Christmas this year, because he says if there need to be returns, it is easy and he can find what he wants there.

But, this recent trip was not to shop for others…it was about me! I went to spend some time in the EILEEN FISHER department.  I actually saw this rack of new product coming in, but my eye fell Immediately on the sale racks.  I always build upon my EF wardrobe on the Dillard’s sale racks….love the products and the savings.  Perhaps a little “Christmas-is-over-therapy” should be scheduled for the end of next week!

If you are in San Antonio or the surrounding area and you still have some shopping to do, go see manager, Sheri, and her team at Dillard’s.  They will take good care of you…and tell them I said, “HI.”

I know they will be a part of my 2019 life, and I look forward to the information we will bring to you.  Thank you to Sheri and her team for their help with the Eileen Fisher shoot and for all they do to help us feel beautiful……….with a smile.  Perhaps some of you need to pay a visit to your local Dillard’s for last minute shopping needs.  I do have some of my favorite brands in the slide show below!

3 days and the clock is ticking, everyone.  But, remember to KEEP SMILING! 





  1. Looks like a winter wonderland!! That blue and black cardigan is gorgeous!! Looks like velveteen maybe? I’m hoping my shopping is complete, but I love being out in the last minute madness when I know I don’t need anything. Not sure why I enjoy that, and i come home and need some serious downtime after!! It’s all fun!

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