Making Space During the Holidays with EILEEN FISHER

I have a habit of overdoing the holidays…decorations, meals, gifts, family traditions…I want to do it all and at a high creative and productive level.  So, when the team at EILEEN FISHER asked me to write about how I make space during this time of year for others and myself, I had to really ponder the question.  The good news is that after I thought about it, I actually do make space for both.

Making time for others, especially family, is what this season is meant to be as far as I am concerned.  Each decision I make is usually to bless or honor someone in my life.  Family, friends, co-workers are all on my list and I look for ways to make the gifts personal and special…which means a lot of shopping and attentive care. I think my favorite space for myself is sometimes early morning or night.  I love to have a quiet house, lit candles, all Christmas lights on and sit peacefully in the beauty with a cup of coffee or cocoa.  I love those times and they are necessary to keep me going during a high stress periods.

Actually, wearing a brand like EILEEN FISHER is a huge part of increasing my productivity.  When I feel like I look my confident best, I can do more and do it with a smile on my face. I don’t waste fussing or fretting over what I will wear from day to evening event.  I have come to trust EILEEN FISHER in this area.  My closet has great wardrobe building pieces from various EILEEN FISHER collections.  I can mix and match them and know I will be very confident wearing high quality, great fitting pieces that also are a successful part of my style messaging.

I like to communicate strength and intelligence with what I wear, and EILEEN FISHER is created by a strong, intelligent woman.  She represents savvy women, sustainable clothing, exquisite fabrics, smart decision making, and chic, classic style which withstands time.   What I like is that from her beautiful separates, I can style a look worthy of the holiday functions on my list; style a look for family dinners.; or even one for those quiet moments at home.  When I do not have to fuss with clothes or worry about what to wear to events, then I have just made space for me during a very busy time.  I guess in a way, making space for EILEEN FISHER in my closet, makes more space for me. I am so in love with this fabulous Shimmer Jacquard 3/4-Sleeve Jacket, the shimmer wool scarf, and the Merino Mock Neck Top.  They all could go to a cocktail party, to shopping, or even be styled casual chic with denim.  I fell in love with all three the minute I put them on.  Great pieces for a mix and match wardrobe like I have with EILEEN FISHER.

I know my regular readers are well aware of my love for EILEEN FISHER, so it is a joy to feature some different options, and pay tribute to the woman who makes these fabulous clothes possible.  I want to thank you, EILEEN FISHER for giving me the needed space.  Confidence is empowering and that is a great way to get through the day and create special space and moments for all of us during the holidays and the remainder of the new year ahead.


You will find some great sale prices on Eileen Fisher in the slideshow below!


Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.

Location:  Dillards in the Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio, Texas

Photos by Haylee Young Photography



  1. That is a beautiful top, and an inspirational message. I used to do much more than I do now at Christmas. I’ve cut back on things that free up more time to relax. Except baking… but that is for my family, so there’s that… Like you, I love sitting with just the tree lights on and candles lit, maybe some quiet music, just to be at peace during a hectic time. No matter if we do a little or a lot, it’s important to carve out that time as you mentioned, and definitely to feel our best! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love this jacket so much. I wore it to work yesterday with dark jeans and it looked great! Thanks Jennifer!

  3. One of the ways that I make time for myself is by planning ahead. This year I did something that I’ve never done before and it has made a world of difference during this busy season. At the beginning of December, I took some time to make a list of all the events that we would be attending throughout December. I went through my closets and planned exactly what I would wear to each event right down to shoes and accessories. I also made sure that anything that needed cleaning or minor repair was done. Then when it was time to get ready for an event, all I had to do was check my list and get dressed. I’m amazed at how much stress doing this has alleviated and I will definitely be doing it again in the future.

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