Let’s Get Some Gifts Under That Tree!

Time to shop and get some gifts under that tree.  Honestly some of our favorite retailers are placing impressive sales on great items right now.  But you must pay attention and act fast!

You can find amazing items from 30-60% off…you might scroll through my slideshow below, but use the slide show to go do more looking at some of these sites, because the prices and quality of items are worth it.  I am so close to getting my self a new mixer…I use mine so much, I think at these prices I could use a refresher!

Happy Shopping, everyone and KEEP SMILING


  1. I want the military coat!! Last year I got my daughter-in-law an InstaPot and it was a huge hit! She works 12-hour shifts at the hospital and uses it most days of the week! Your tree is beautiful Pam!

    1. I love that coat too, Karen! Full disclosure…that is a stock photo and not my tree! There are no packages under mine just yet!

    1. So sorry you are experiencing problems. I create these in Chrome if that helps any. I can open it every where. Would love to know if anyone else has problems with the slideshows. Thank you for letting me know

  2. I have the gifts. Now it’s time to wrap them! Like Jennifer, I love that part of the process.

    My daughter, who does a lot of baking, just bought the Kitchen Aid mixer at a great Black Friday sale and she is beyond thrilled with its performance.

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