August 29 was my last time I was at the gym to do a strength training session. What is especially devastating to me is that I was at my all time best.  I was stronger and more flexible than I had ever been.  I looked forward to my classes because I saw results.   Enter the cat, who literally ran hard at my ankles and took my feet out from under me…I still haven’t forgiven her.

During the last few months, my hammer toes have begun to curl more and create immense pain at the top bottom of my foot.  Sigh!  I just haven’t been motivated to return.  But, my body is getting more and more stiff, and I know that returning means one word to me…longevity or good health to enjoy these five grandchildren I have been blessed with.   However, every morning (I am one who likes to workout in the early morning) I have mustered up some excuse, from busyness to the weather, not to get in the car and drive to the gym.

This is where MY TEAM has played a huge role.  These amazing ladies I have come to know and love as we workout together would not accept my excuses, but with gentle prodding have given me the encouragement I need to return to the gym.  They understand I need to take it slow, but they also understand that I need to be there.  This support team is everything and what is great is that it includes women of all ages.  We are there to help each other through.  So, hopefully Tuesday, I will return to a light strength training workout and will be attempting to do the treadmill or bicycle in between.

More motivation (of course) would be new clothes to work out in!  A shapewear company, CYSM FIT, set me items from their workout clothing!  I will give these items a try this week!

I wish I loved working out so much that I ran back to it on my own.  I was there but working through the pain has set me back.  However, I know there are many who work through the pain…especially, as we get older!  Perhaps you can be an encourager to someone who is hiding from the gym as I have been doing…or perhaps, like me, it is time for you to get back in the game,  We need to take care of ourselves, ladies, because WE MATTER!!


Disclaimer:  I have been provided this clothing for review.

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