San Antonio At Christmas – Look #1

San Antonio at Christmas is honestly one of the best places in the country to be.  My husband and I try every year to go stay downtown for a weekend, and experience the beauty of the city and perhaps take in something we have not done before.

This year we decided to experience the Briscoe Western Art Museum and we completely enjoyed it.  Beautiful sculpture and paintings, as well as some slices of history which were moving.

Lunch at Ostra on the Riverwalk was excellent and it was one of those “chamber of commerce days” with perfect weather for sitting outside and enjoying the scenes from people caroling on the river boats…to tourists from many places to quinceaneras, a cultural celebration of a young lady’s 15th birthday.   Church belles filled in all of the joy everyone seemed to be experiencing.  We even happened upon a wedding at the museum.

For exploring the city during the day, I was wearing

A knit v-neck top from JJill

A knit Calvin Klein vest from Macys

The denim jeggings I showed you on Sunday from Catherines

Rockport leather sneakers

Topped with a scarf and a French Kande necklace.


Dusk arrived in grand fashion outside of our balcony on the 14th floor of the Westin Riverwalk Hotel.  I highly recommend this hotel, it was beautiful…great service…excellent food…and our Riverwalk view was perfect.  Now, next post will cover our evening activities which turned out to be bittersweet, but still fun.  Hope you will return.

It is ONLY A FEW DAYS until Christmas.  I am certain most of you are as stressed as I am.  All wrapping must be finished before Saturday when the first round of grandchildren arrive. I am cooking for 15 on Christmas day.  Busy, busy, but make sure you…………………………….


Last minute gift ideas, below!


  1. Gorgeous! How wonderful that you have such a beautiful place to spend time. That is the perfect getaway before the faster pace of the Christmas celebrations kick in! The drink looks delicious – I love anything with raspberries – and the fish with the grits…what is that? It looks wonderful! I’m glad you share pictures, it’s pretty bleak here this time of year. Once or twice a week we see a peek of the sun and that’s always welcome! I have family coming for New Year’s, but my grandson from NC will be driving up this weekend to spend a week with me and I can’t wait!! It’s hectic getting ready, but so worth it when they are all here!!

  2. You look gorgeous and seem to be recovering from your recent health issues (or faking it very well!). Wearing a necklace with a scarf is an interesting idea. Thank you for the suggestion to visit the Briscoe Western Art Museum. Will definitely stop by there while visiting family in the area. Thank you for your inspiring blog.

    1. Thank you, Julie….so sweet. I am feeling great! Seems all sickness is gone… just in time for Christmas!

  3. Lovely to see the Riverwalk and views of beautiful San Antonio. It is a great place to visit especially at Christmas. Thank you.

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