San Antonio at Christmas – Look #2

Our day in downtown San Antonio at Christmas went into the evening.  My husband and I dressed up for his company party.  He works for one of the largest employers in the country and for this party they always bring in top talent…this year it was the band Journey…yes, the “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey.

As the Christmas lights came on all around us, we walked through downtown from the hotel to the Convention Center.  Many of the employees stay downtown for the party as the company negotiates special rates for the night.

It is usually well attended, but I think they highly underestimated the popularity of Journey right now.  As we got closer to the Convention Center, it was evident the crowd was beyond huge and the line to just get into the party wrapped around and around the building. We stood in line for over an hour, and along with many others decided to bail out.  I like Journey, but honestly, not enough to stand for hours and only imagine what it would be like inside.  But, as I said the other day, it was bittersweet because we joined some of his friends at a bar for laughs and good conversation and line watching.  Once it went down, another hour later, some of the friends decided to go inside and sent out this picture.

I think the ones who stuck it out had fun.  My only regret is that we stood in line for so long and did not go enjoy some of the other sites in downtown.  But, it was still fun to dress up and our day had been wonderful.

My outfit was simple, but I felt confident in it and my husband liked it.  I have owned this jacket for a long time, and to me it just fit the Journey decade.  Underneath is an Eileen FIsher tunic tank, a Chicos necklace, Joan Vaas Leggings, and these fun Rockport pointed toe flats.  My motto is…………..It Is Never A Waste of Time to dress up and look your best!!

Have you ever had an evening turn completely around on you?  How did you handle it?  Please share and remember, despite the circumstances,  Please join me tomorrow for a fun, special post…and, as always,


So here are a few fun finds from Walmart and Target!



  1. I have had entire days and weeks turn on me, so I know the feeling. It would have been a blast to see Journey, but you still made the most of it and had a wonderful time. And from the pictures, you got to see plenty of downtown decked out for Christmas! Disappointments abound, but as I get older, I am learning (work in progress) to just let it go and move on. There is always something waiting around the next corner for us to take notice of and be thankful for, you know? That is some company party!! And your outfit was beautiful, even for walking around enjoying the sites, and chatting for awhile with friends. It’s so much fun to dress up!! You made the most of the evening, had a fantastic time getting away, and anyway, concerts are loud, people push and shove and it wrecks our ears! You can always catch Journey on YouTube, just saying… 🙂

    1. Exactly, Karen…we had a lovely weekend and neither of us really have regrets for missing Journey! I am always happy to dress up and be amidst Christmas lights! Thanks for your positive spin!

  2. Yes, agree. Your outfit is stunning, especially love that jacket! The evening sounds like fun….always great to be with friends or colleagues, the lights, the decorations, the feeling of this wondrous season around us.

  3. Isn’t that just the way life goes? We think we know how things will turn out, they don’t, we start to get disappointed and then something better ends up happening after all! Unexpected positive outcomes. I think alot depends on how we roll with it. You look lovely! Good thing you were wearing flats!

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