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Welcome to Would you Wear it, everyone, celebrated on two blogs…here and with my friend Jennifer Connolly.  Since I could not get out and shop this week, I thought it might be fun to discuss Holiday sweaters and sweatshirts.  Think about it, is a holiday sweater for you a …..

Yes, Absolutely…it’s fun

No way….ever

Yes, at home with family


Just let us know what you think and please explain your answers for the benefit all who love to read the comments.  Then go over to A Well Styled Life and see what Jennifer has for us.  I decided to do a slideshow with holiday decorated tops below.


So, tell us, everyone…………………………….




  1. I would wear this ONLY if I were going to an ugly sweater party! I don’t like cutesy prints or anything overtly holiday-themed (any holiday).

    1. Linda, I agree with you. This is a sweater I would buy at Goodwill for an ugly sweater party and after the party I would donate it back.

  2. I think holiday sweaters are fun! This one is not too over the top, it’s kinda cute. And I’m an animal lover so, what the heck – I’d wear it to a family gathering! 🙂

  3. I have never really worn holiday sweaters. I have a collection of holiday pins/brooches that I will wear on a jacket or sweater. I wore a Christmas dove pin from Talbots this week to a get together. It creates a more subtle holiday look IMO.I would probably wear the sweater shown above if it was given to me to certain occasions but I wouldn’t spend my own money on the sweater. I scrolled through the rest you have at the bottom of the post and I wouldn’t wear the more colorful ones.

  4. I would not wear a holiday sweater with pictures on it. The only kind I would consider would be a sweater with some understated sparkle woven in, something classy and dressy. I prefer gold or silver with the metallic threads woven in. I don’t really wear sweatshirts unless I’m working outside on a cool day. Christmas -themed sweaters and sweatshirts just aren’t my style!

  5. I don’t have ANY holiday sweaters living in Florida they’re rarely necessary & a cardigan works best easy on/off.
    BUT…this is cute without being cutesie
    and if it’s a soft knit I’d wear it around the house.i think my cats would enjoy the company.

  6. Hope you are feeling much better Pam. Yes I would wear the sweater – for a family dinner at Christmas (or maybe another time?) The two grandchildren would probably laugh their socks off – along with Grandma.

  7. I would wear it. I love getting in the Christmas spirit. This is a time of year to have fun and laugh. Flamingos I Santa hats would be better.

  8. As a busty woman, I do not wear things that draw the eye to that part of the body. I go with the subtle metallic threads as mentioned above. Pam, I hope you are well on the mend.

  9. I’m with Linda, nothing cutesy, or any holiday themed items in my closet. My mother was from Denmark, and Christmas Eve was the celebration time, nice clothes were worn. A ski sweater would be worn to ski in, that’s the closest I’ve gotten to a decorated sweater. I wonder if The Parisian women would wear this?

  10. Yes, I would. I’ve decided to wear a few modern updated Christmas sweaters and tops. They are fun. I’ve noticed for all the making fun of ugly sweaters, there are a lot of Christmas sweaters and graphic tees being worn everywhere. I think the key is having fun and being festive. It’s no different than wearing camo, or graphic tees or animal print.

  11. No, I think I would look silly. I do more subtle with color or accessories. For example, I wore black jeans and black tank with a red tartan plaid blouse that is sheer. It felt festive and just enough. Accessories are also great. I love a great pin or necklace.

  12. I actually bought a holiday sweater to wear! Used to say never in a million, etc. I styled it with a dark demin type button up, black straight pants, black booties, cuffed the shirt up over the sleeve cuffs and it looked hip, edgy and pretty cool. Got lots of compliments and comments on my “festive” look. It’s fun for the holiday season, styling it in an unexpected way keeps it from looking frumpy.

  13. I enjoy wearing fun clothes. This sweater is cute, but not being a cat person I would choose a different animal, maybe a llama!

  14. I have four dogs. They would be highly offended if I wore a sweater with cats on it. Lol. However I do adore sweaters and but I try to wear neutral colors. Merry Christmas!

  15. Nope, not for me, as I don’t want to purchase something to wear for a limited time. I use pins or accessories or just color to be seasonal. This year I have a pretty top in red with pleated sleeves, and a midnight blue sequin top. That’s enough sparkle for me!

  16. No, I would not wear this or any holiday specific clothing. Limited use and takes up valuable space in the drawer/closet. However, years ago, as an elementary teacher, I did wear clothing like that.

  17. I have an array of Christmas sweaters and tops/shirts I wear with my 5 young grandkids, while we decorate the tree and bake Christmas goodies. It’s part of our tradition.

    I would not, however, wear to an adult Christmas party, I would be more dressed up.

    What is that saying about a time and place for everything?

  18. I used to have a bunch of holiday sweatshirts & wore them often. I still have a few holiday pieces, but they are more subtle. I like the sweater, but I am a cat person so that is why I find it appealing. I personally think holiday sweaters have gotten a bad rap. Many of us need a little fun in our lives.

  19. Absolutely not! Too cutesy and childish. I am now encroaching eighty and still have more style than to wear something like those themed sweaters. I do not remember having worn them even as a child.

  20. Well, if you were a kindergarten teacher… I just can’t think of anything nice to say about tops embellished with animals. But, as always, wear what makes one happy.

  21. When my grandchildren started laughing at my cutsie holiday sweaters, I gave them up. I was only dong it for the kids because they used to like it.

    1. Hi Mary, Jennifer Connolly is alive and well and blogs almost every day on her blog A Well Styled Life. You must have her confused with someone else. Check out her latest post today!

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