Before You Shop…Know the Color of the Year

For those who desire to stay on trend with their fashion and keep the looks fresh, here is Pantone’s Color of the Year…Living Coral.  It is a deeper coral meant to bring life across seasonal fashions, and is already showing up on retailers racks (see slide show below).

For ideas of what to pair with this color, go to Pantone’s Color Page Here.  I love pages like this to help us envision how Living Coral pieces can work with the rest of our wardrobe.  Some fashion experts say to retire red for a while and replace it with coral.  Hope this gives you ideas for future shopping.  We will see more of this color as we move toward spring.

So, tell us, are you a fan of Living Coral…or will you pass on this one??  Please share………………and hope everyone is having a Happy New Year celebration!



  1. I love the color but I simply cannot wear it. Maybe in an accessory, but I need a whole lot more pinky coral than this one.

  2. I think this is a very flattering color. I went to the Pantone link and was inspired by the different combos. I have already added a few items in this color in a darker shade. I’d like to find the lighter softer shade for Spring and Summer. Thanks, Pamela.

  3. As Mari said above, I need more pink. I love coral but have to be picky so it’s flattering.

  4. Love it! I always have coral in my wardrobe… glad it is trendy right now, but wear it regardless.

  5. Love the color, but would need a less dusty version than the examples in the sideshow. But some examples are spot on for me and I’d wear them in a heartbeat! I do love coral and I’m glad to see something different. There are several tops from Soft Surroundings in coral that I’m considering, and think that we can take the Pantone colors and interpret them to suit our own coloring. I actually love the picture of the actual coral!!

  6. Gorgeous! I’m not partial to the cool tones, so it’s nice to see some more warm tones showing up in the stores.

  7. This color would be fun in an accessory piece, maybe a purse, scarf or booties. Getting the right shade to wear next to my face is trickier.

    I do like how lively and fresh it is.

  8. Never really been a fan of coral or oranges. Just too much yellowness for me to wear. I probably won’t be retiring my reds. I’ll probably sit this one out.

  9. Totally agree with Kathleen O’Brien re coral or orange for the same reasons. Looked at the Pantone Link and the Hot Pink, Aurora Pink and Magenta are
    the hues for me and hope to see these colors in spring. In face, already have my eye on some hot pink tops and cute crops from Chico’s, yea!!

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