I want to thank everyone who participated with ideas for blog topics for 2019.  I loved so many of your ideas and plan to implement them starting…Now!  Since this week is still a little laid back as we transition into a new year and since most of us are experiencing colder temps, let’s begin with wraps and three ways I style them.

Typically, I wear a ruana or poncho style wrap.  In Texas, we will also see serapes, which are longer versions of the poncho, sleeveless with only an opening for your head.   A ruana is like a poncho but the seams on the sides are open.  This garment originated in the Andes region of Colombia and the ones we wear most often in the United States do not include a hood.

I love to wear a ruana to add a bit of panache to any look…the ones I own display fun prints and are more open than a scarf around the neck.  The only times I am frustrated with runanas are in windy weather.  If the high breezes are blowing, you may be fighting the garment to keep it on or from soaring off your body like a kite into the sky.   When windy days are forecast here, I select an outfit I will not be struggling with throughout the day.

Today, I am wearing a winter ruana which was a fundraiser collaboration from Ming Wang and Dillards last year (The one for this year is in the slideshow below).  I love the print and the ease of this look.  I have paired it with.a pair of black pants I got at a boutique years ago, and a black Eileen Fisher silk tunic top.  Also, on my feet are my Aerosole suede flats, and the statement necklace is a previous Chicos purchase.  All items I have had in my wardrobe for a long time.  I tried to find some similar items in the slideshow below.  This is how I might dress to run errands or meet a friend for lunch.  It is for casual wear, not for work.

Ruanas are also great garments for spring time if you are retired with a more relaxed lifestyle.  Just throw one over a foundation of similar color…black top with black bottoms, or blue top with dark denim…this is known as column dressing.  It is an easy, very flattering style of dressing and the column helps a bit with an oversized wrap.  The greatest pitfall to wearing wraps are they typically fit oversized. Yet, they transition a wardrobe so effortlessly from winter to spring with lighter options available.  I found this image below from Chicos, and love the way it is styled.  It looks great with the jewelry and even embellishment on the jeans, so remember to have fun with a ruana as an accessory.

I will return tomorrow with another look featuring a wrap.  Until then, what do you think of the ruana?  Are you a fan, or not?  Please explain your answers and I want to tell those who are always so willing to participate just how much I appreciate you!



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