Let me ask you this…Do you feel old?  When a commercial is talking to “elderly” people, do you think, they are speaking to you if you are over 60?

I don’t.  I never remember to use the special discounts, and I rarely pay attention when an ad or anyone is addressing people sixty-five and over.  I constantly have a need to remind myself that I am 65 ½! I do not feel my age at all.  Of course, there are days I may be tired or not feeling well and wonder if that is what getting old is like.  But, I have always had those days…especially since having children..  I think the last time I really felt “old” was when I fell and injured my shoulder…for a few days, I felt used up!

My new eye doctor recently told me I have the very early stages of cataracts and I thought really?  I know all of it is going to come and at some point may seem as if it is spiraling, but so far, I am glad that I do not feel old and that I have to remember I am in the group considered to be “elderly” by the rest of the world.

I do maintain a positive attitude and focus on living joyfully…as well as do my best to lead a health-conscious life (though I do wish I had started that earlier!).  But, I have made a decision in the name of saving money to pay more attention to the discounts and the special shopping days for my age.  Might as well take advantage of savings if it is available!  Right?

I also believe this is one of the results of a determination to look my best every day.  I look in the mirror and do not see anyone I would consider to look old!  When you are doing this daily and not just for special occasions, it keeps you smiling and excited about going out into the day!  And, finally, I make sure to  follow and admire many vibrant women from 60-100…there are so many still living a full life and enjoying every moment. They are inspirational!

Do you take advantage of the senior discounts…if so, then what are your favorites?  Please share!  Attitude is important and so are the smiles so always….


Here’s a slide show to remind you, I MATTER!

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