Feeling Younger …Attitude…and Senior Discounts!

Let me ask you this…Do you feel old?  When a commercial is talking to “elderly” people, do you think, they are speaking to you if you are over 60?

I don’t.  I never remember to use the special discounts, and I rarely pay attention when an ad or anyone is addressing people sixty-five and over.  I constantly have a need to remind myself that I am 65 ½! I do not feel my age at all.  Of course, there are days I may be tired or not feeling well and wonder if that is what getting old is like.  But, I have always had those days…especially since having children..  I think the last time I really felt “old” was when I fell and injured my shoulder…for a few days, I felt used up!

My new eye doctor recently told me I have the very early stages of cataracts and I thought really?  I know all of it is going to come and at some point may seem as if it is spiraling, but so far, I am glad that I do not feel old and that I have to remember I am in the group considered to be “elderly” by the rest of the world.

I do maintain a positive attitude and focus on living joyfully…as well as do my best to lead a health-conscious life (though I do wish I had started that earlier!).  But, I have made a decision in the name of saving money to pay more attention to the discounts and the special shopping days for my age.  Might as well take advantage of savings if it is available!  Right?

I also believe this is one of the results of a determination to look my best every day.  I look in the mirror and do not see anyone I would consider to look old!  When you are doing this daily and not just for special occasions, it keeps you smiling and excited about going out into the day!  And, finally, I make sure to  follow and admire many vibrant women from 60-100…there are so many still living a full life and enjoying every moment. They are inspirational!

Do you take advantage of the senior discounts…if so, then what are your favorites?  Please share!  Attitude is important and so are the smiles so always….


Here’s a slide show to remind you, I MATTER!


  1. You are not elderly! Take a trip on an airplane. When they call for those who need assistance, look at the long line of elderly people. Flying from NJ to Florida there must have been 12 wheelchairs! Then my husband and I (age 71) just quickly walked through to the plane, realizing how lucky we are that we don’t need assistance. On the other hand, I always look for senior rates wherever I go, particularly the movies.

  2. I think the communications world tries to label us as elderly. I certainly don’t feel it. Thanks GAIL.

  3. I’ve been using any Senior Discount I could find since age 50! (Not all places give discounts beginning at age 50, but some do – the ones that did, I took advantage of!) Now that I’m 60, I ask “And do y’all have a Senior Discount?” Restaurants and several stores around here have a certain day that gives up to 20% off to “Seniors”! Even our local Thrift Shop has a Senior discount day, Pam! I know you love those consignment stores like I do! Save a little here in order to spend a little more there!

  4. My favorite senior discounts are for the movies. We have 3 different theaters near us where seniors can see any movie, any time, for $6. It’s fun to stay up on the new releases, to see most everything nominated for the major awards, and have lots to talk about with younger people. It makes us feel current and part of the popular culture.

  5. To answer the question, no, I certainly don’t feel old or even close to my age (also 65). I do all I can to take care of myself so I don’t age early. I do use senior discounts, and have as soon as I was able to. I started at 55 for the hotel discounts. Now I have AAA, so it’s the same thing, but I always check to be sure. I go to movies only very rarely, but always use the discount when I do. Museums, historical sites, whatever, I’ll ask. Never any shame or embarrassment saving money. When my friend and I signed up at the various fitness centers for Silver Sneakers, the (much younger) staff members looked skeptically at us and asked for our ID as well as the insurance card. That has been the best of all, Silver Sneakers. We have access to the whole place for free. When I see ads for “seniors” (really don’t like that term unless you’re talking about high school) I don’t think “that’s me.” I think, “thank goodness that’s not me yet.” I see my 94 year old mother as elderly. I don’t see you as a “senior” either Pam.

  6. Pam, thank you for this reminder about discounts; I’m in my early 80’s and still feel I am in my 60’s; however, learning your age was a surprise, I would have guessed late 40’s, tops!

  7. Old is a state of mind. I have known some people who were old at age 40 & others who weren’t old at 90. I do take advantage of senior discounts when they are available. I have saved money on home repairs, at restaurants & when shopping. I even got a discount at the UPS store when shipping packages.

  8. My favorite discount is the Seniors menu at some restaurants. I have never been a big eater so I’m thrilled to be able to order smaller portions at a reduced cost!

  9. At 66, I do not feel old and I certainly don’t consider myself elderly! I do, however, gladly take advantage of any discounts that are available to me. While in Mexico recently I learned that there is a lovely term used there to refer to seniors. “Adultos en plenitud” translates as “adults in fullness”. I like that!

  10. I always take advantage of seniors discounts on airline tickets. Traveling keeps me young at heart and also helps me stay fit.

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