How to Style A Colorful Jacket – Look #1

It’s a new week, and this week, I will style this EILEEN FISHER cardigan jacket three ways.  Thank you for your feedback on this theme and since it seems to be helping you to get ideas for your own wardrobe, then by all means let’s keep going.  The color of this jacket is called MONTERREY, and I love it…not too red…not too orange…not too brown…but just right!  This particular garment is called a Notch Color Cardigan, and is a wool crepe so for me it is very much a cooler weather garment and I do not believe I will be styling it from March to September.

It is easy to get in a rut with a colored jacket and think it just goes with one small part of our wardrobe, but actually a jacket like this goes with so many things that you could easily style it different every time you wear it.  I am beginning the week with denim, and a navy blue top underneath.  For a different look, I have paired it with a brooch rather than a necklace.

I wore this on Saturday when the family gathered at a hamburger joint for dinner and it was a perfect casual outfit.  I love the way this particular brooch picks up the colors in the purse and the shoes.  Ties everything together beautifully around the star piece, the jacket!

Do you own many colorful jackets or cardigans?  I find them to be very versatile and a great way to bring color into a wardrobe.  Come back this week for two more styles with this jacket, and make sure all week, you…………………..


There are just a few of these cardigans remaining and I have given your three retailers to locate various sizes and prices……



  1. This is a great series Pam. It’s so easy to get into a rut wearing the same garment the same way all the time. I love the way you’ve styled this.

  2. I’ve never worn a brooch that way. I love it. Thanks for the tip. I’m all about accessorizing. I think it pulls the outfit together. You know I’m a huge fan of scarves.

  3. Pam, love this ensemble. Color combo very refreshing. Great shoes,bag and I agree the brooch ties it all in. I would call this outfit very smart!

  4. Wow. Love how the brooch, bag and shoes subtly bring everything together. It’s casual and elegant.

  5. This is so classy, I like it a lot! Glad to see a close up of the jacket. I was seeing it more as a blazer, but see how it is a cardigan. I like how you styled it, and love the brooch with it! What a great idea! So nice how that piece ties it all together. I’ll have to borrow this idea. I have some colorful jackets, not many, but several for each season, and i love wearing them to elevate outfits as you have done. Looking forward to the other ways you will be styling this!

  6. Your jacket looks very smart indeed – and comfortable as well, surely a bonus. Must keep colour in mind when shopping for a Spring outfit. I love brooches and have quite a few of my late mother’s collection. Good ideas Pam.

  7. This is one of my favorite outfits on you since I’ve been following your blog! Love everything about it! Love the color combo of navy blouse with sweater- and I agree, the brooch makes the entire outfit!

  8. As much as I like the jacket and brooch as pieces, the outfit together has a really “buttoned up tight” look. The color of the shirt is great, but I might like it looser. A big cowl neck sweater? A longish tunic? The wonderful brooch toward the shoulder?

  9. The deep v of the traditional style sweater blazer is VERY flattering on you. It’s slimming and leads the eye right to your accent brooch and your face.

  10. I love color but wear it most often as a blouse with a darker jacket or cardigan. This jacket is lovely and shows me that I would love to wear some lighter colors as a third piece. I’m also very excited to pull out some of my brooches to wear this way, I’d never thought of that! I hate that so many women advise avoiding color when you are over 50. I most often feel better when I wear colors I love.

  11. This is the absolute perfect length jacket for you. Your legs look longer and you look so chic. A longer jacket, cardigan, or blazer makes legs look shorter and less chic,(almost frumpy)

  12. I have several coloured jackets including red, turquoise, raspberry, a couple of burgundy variations, blue, green,and yes, purple. ? I also have coloured plaid, blue pinstripe and two leopard prints. Life is too short to be boring!

  13. Oh I absolutely love the color and the texture of that jacket!! And I love the brooch. I have several I haven’t worn in years, and you have shown me how to give them a modern look!

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