How to Style A Colorful Jacket – Look #2

Welcome, for look #2 in the week of styling a colorful jacket! As a reminder, this particular jacket is actually a Notched Collar Cardigan by EILEEN FISHER and the color is Monterrey.  I love structure in garments, and while this has more structure than a traditional cardigan, it has less than a traditional jacket.

With any colorful jacket, you can never go wrong pairing it with black. What I love about black is it goes with just about anything and often arrives with the “chic factor.”  Here it takes the color and relaxed style of the cardigan up from casual to casual chic.  All clothing here is EILEEN FISHER.  The wonderful wool turtleneck top is short sleeved, soft, warm and perfect for warmer winter climates. I noticed some who purchased this garment were not pleased with it…thought it was itchy and sheer.  I did not experience wither problem and would recommend it. .  I wear the EF crepe pants because of the climate…I can wear them all year long.  To me, this necklace is the perfect size…it fills the upper body gap and is just the right length.  This necklace is another from Chico’s and has a touch of leopard print.  I am also wearing a favorite bracelet I own from Soft Surroundings in the same color theme for the outfit.

Do you ever turn to black pieces when you want to wear a stylish casual look?  Please share your favorite neutrals here explaining why you love what you love,and I hope you will all………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



  1. I love this look Pam. I find dressing a black column very easy. It has been a wardrobe basic for me for years. So many ways to dress it up or down. As I age, the one thing I find is that I do now need more colour near my face.

  2. Another great way to style the cardigan! The necklace really is a perfect fit with that. Sometimes it’s not easy to perfectly fill the neckline like you’ve done! I do turn to black frequently. It seems to work for any occasion from casual to very formal, and has always been my go-to when I’m not sure what to wear. A column of black is such a good foundation, and allows for color to brighten things up! Much the same with navy, another of my favorite neutrals. I like transitioning to taupe when the weather warms up, but also love taupe in the winter. This is a great look on you Pam! Definitely classic chic!

    1. Appreciate the suggestion Binky but this event is to give my readers ideas for styling their own outfits with use of color and accessories. I wear many different lengths at different times and wear outfits which fit my own style story and body type. I own a few short jackets and have worn them occasionally on the blog. No gauntlet necessary to toss. I am hopefully providing inspiration to inspire others with ways to tell their own style stories with their own pieces.

  3. Love it love it love it. Straight out of my wheelhouse. I also am quite intrigued by the color of the jacket … asking myself is it pink? Merlot? Blush? Mauve? Dusty Rose? Peachy purple? It’s a strong color, yet light, yet looks rich. This piece is just made for accent colors and earth tones seem to go well with it. Yes, it’s that black-with-color go to look, but very sophisticated and deft.

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