This week I will be styling a pair of Chico’s tuxedo pants, with a velvet stripe.  There are many versions of tuxedo pants on the market, and they can be very slimming, so I wanted to encourage you to give them a try.

But, first let’s discuss “confident style.”  I believe a woman has achieved a confident style when she can look in the mirror and say…”Oh yeah, this is me, look out world here I come!”  I also check every outfit I wear to see if it meets my the adjectives I have chosen that I wish to communicate with my style.  We each have our own style and style adjectives.  What we wear communicates something about us …whether we want it to or not. After going through a personal reinvention at age 50 (15 years ago), I have developed a confident style for me.  I write a blog to hopefully inspire other women to do the same for themselves.

Many of you have asked me to continue these posts of “different ways to style one piece”, and some have said the posts help with ideas of what do with your own wardrobe.  That is exactly what I hope for.  However, these posts have also generated criticism of me like I have not received in some time.  I have been accused of wearing white socks (it’s my skin, ladies…I am white!); I have been called boring; I have been criticized for my choices of clothing with my size of body.  Just remember, I do this to help you with your own personal style.  To generate tips and ideas…not because I want the readers to be clones of me; but in order, to spark creativity and confident style for all of us. You may criticize me if you like, but please know, I am confident with who I am and how I dress.  And I want the same for each of you.

Now that we have established the purpose of these posts, let’s look at today’s tuxedo pant in Look #1.  A tuxedo pant is menswear, and I wanted to begin with a traditional menswear look.  However, instead of a shirt and tie, I wore this lovely Vince Camuto blouse with a B & W tie.  The white buttons going down the front of the shirt take the eyeline on a path that is slimming.  I also wore my pearl-embellished pointed-toe flats for more elongation…so the slimming techniques are the buttons, the stripe on the pant, and the shoes.

These pants were on sale after Christmas at Chico’s, and there are many versions on the market.  I believe we will see them into warmer weather as well, though, of course, not in velvet.  I found a few for the slideshow below….along with some selections from the Talbot’s Red Hangar Sale which ends today.

Thank you so much for being here and for allowing me to do some further explanation about the purpose of these posts.  My wish for all of us is that we walk out wearing our own, individual confident style!!

Do you own a tuxedo pant?  If so, what are some ways you style them?  See you tomorrow with Look #2!


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