Welcome to a special feature I do from time to time where I share products with you I have experienced success with and believe you will as well!  I only share products I use and like in this post.  So, let’s begin with my Fit Bit strap.  It broke before Christmas and since all my funds went to gifts and holiday preparations, I set this one aside.  After Christmas I began to research the best replacements, of course, also in search of the best price.  That is when I found the POY Replacement Bands. The review comments were what convinced me that this band was worth a try …especially at such a low price ($6.88!)  I am so glad I took this chance…what an amazing band this is.  The blue one in the picture is the original…the purple (my favorite color) is the new one.  It is amazing…such incredible quality and fit.  Much better than the original …and at that price, I can get a few different colors if I like!  Highly recommend the POY REPLACEMENT BAND, and there are so many colors for a great selection.

Carbona OXY-Powered Carpet Cleaner is a product I was sent to try and it arrived at just the right time.  When my family came for the holidays, they brought a precious pup who left a few surprises behind.  First of all, I really like this applicator bottle with the brush, and secondly, it works great!  Very easy and works.  Again I highly recommend, and they also have a couple of specialty solutions. That I am happy to have on hand when needed.

Carbona Stain Devils for Coffee, Tea, Wine and Juice Stains

Carbona Stain Devils for Fat & Cooking Oil Stains

I haven’t watched the entire Netflix series, but I am right there with everyone else attempting to organize and clean out.  So I am in the process of thanking some of my accessories for their service and sending them on their merry way.  I found this bag on Amazon and have consolidated three boxes of smaller pieces into this one bag.  It does feel good to be able to see these…the bag will hang in my newly cleaned out closet after Monday and is filled with smaller pieces of jewelry on both sides.  I like it and I am in search of a similar item that would hold chunkier pieces.  But this one is found here….broTrade 80 Pocket Jewelry Organizer.

Finally, I will be making my husband birthday breakfast this weekend, and his favorite are these waffles, with cream cheese, and maple syrup.  The delicious Grain Berry mix keeps it somewhat healthy…just read all the goodness that is in this mix and it tastes delicious!  Try the Grain Berry Pancake & Waffle mix…excellent.

Watch this week for another styling series…I will pick one garment in my wardrobe and style it three ways.  Thank you for the feedback…I am going to keep at this, because so many of you have said it is helping you with styling ideas.


Disclaimer:  I was send the carpet cleaner for review, and the words about the product are my own.

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