How to Wear Tuxedo Pants – Look #2

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s move forward with styling the tuxedo pant with Look #2.  I love the chic styling of silver and black, and like to wear something like this when I need to go from work to an event or to meet someone for dinner.  This Misook top with the zipper neckline goes so well with the tuxedo pant it almost looks like a jumpsuit, but is for sure classic column dressing.

Yesterday, I discussed the messages I want to send with my style…which I have always defined with five adjectives and called them my Foundational Five. As I entered 2019, I wondered if it was time to transition those adjectives in a different direction after 15 years.  I began to look over some of my style books and returned first to my favorite book, The Truth About Style by Stacey London.  In the book, Stacey said women over fifty should be looking for style which is “reverent.”  Hmmm, I thought…reverent? I have always associated that word with priests, or nuns, or religious ceremonies. So, I looked up the definition


As I looked at the definition, my first reaction was, “I like that!”  Here is what Stacey says, “Reverential allure comes with a woman’s power, wisdom and experience.  It is about knowing who she is and what she is capable of.  When women recognize and radiate the knowledge of their own value, others will appreciate it and feel drawn to it.”  She says to forget trying to dress cute…and go for elegance, and the gravitas of reverence.”

I think this is always what I have been going for as a woman over 60 in a professional career full of youth.  I want them to appreciate and respect my experience.  I dress similar to the style I am wearing today in order to communicate it. So, now there are five adjectives I seek to communicate when I get dressed every day……….Creative, Approachable, Savvy, Strong….and Reverence.  The tuxedo pants, purse, and bracelet are the creative touches!  When I hit my five adjectives, I walk out of the house as a confident Pam!

When I retire, I still desire to have that respect from family (especially grandchildren).  Of course, I will be sending those messages in different types of clothing.

Do you ever think of pieces like tuxedo pants as adding a touch of creativity to your style?  What are subtle ways to add creativity and a touch of panache to an outfit?

Ladies, I must thank each and everyone of you who responded to yesterday’s post with encouragement.  You guys are amazing and make me want to be here every day.  Thank you so much! It can be very tough to put yourself out into the blogging world, but, you know, the blessings far out weigh the annoyances……..thank you, thank you, thank you, and please…………………………………………………………………


Today and yesterday’s blouses were purchased in the Dillard’s After Christmas Sale.  So my slideshow today is dedicated to black and the remaining great pieces and prices in that sale!


  1. Beautiful outfit, another classy look. I like the “reverent” take on fashion. In the way I get dressed, I try to express elegance (except right now when I’m heading to the gym!) In general though, I want to be elegant. It’s more than what I put on for the day, it’s an attitude, a way of being. Which I guess means I can still be elegant in my workout clothes…it’s how we carry ourselves, how we speak. I have gotten so much from using the Foundational Five. While my adjectives may change from time to time, the concept is the same. Love it!

  2. I love your Foundational Five and decided to develop my own. These might not be what makes the final cut, but here goes:
    Modern (this one needs work. It’s not exactly what I want to convey. )
    I love the tuxedo pants and think they would check every box for me. I would love a blazer, silk blouse, & small heels. Hmm, I need to make this happen.

  3. I think you deserve a sixth one…..CLASSY! You are a very classy lady – a credit to Southern womanhood and “women of a certain age”! 🙂

  4. I love this outfit. It is a great outfit to make any event special. Like you, I always thought of reverent in religious terms. The definition you gave is certainly one to which all of us should relate. We should respect ourselves enough to dress well everyday. At almost 65, I think I will leave being cute to my granddaughters. I too vote for elegance.

  5. I really enjoy your daily articles. They make fashion doable and fun. Your choices always look lovely, thoughtful, and up to date. Thanks.

  6. I never thought of reverent in these terms. Very appropriate! I like the pants and other basics however I always need something interesting to wear with them. That purse is it! ?

  7. Reverence: I get it. Isn’t that the principle behind how the royals dress?

    I don’t have their budget, but things like hemlines, simplicity in choice of silhouette, and maintaining dignity apply at any budget.

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