How to Style Tuxedo Pants: Look #3

For look #3 of How to Style Tuxedo Pants, I decided to go a little bit Elvis, and a little bit rock n roll.  This is still styling the tuxedo pant in an outfit with a menswear bent in the Chico’s metallic blazer, but the Soft Surroundings sequined top brings in a touch of feminism and blends this into a creative power look.

When I did my closet cleaning this week, I spent extra time pondering my special pieces.  The really unique ones I do not wear that often, so I had to decide how much I loved them, and how could I wear them in different ways.  These two garments (the jacket, and sleeveless top) made the cut.  I really like both and believe I can find more ways to wear them…like I did here with the tuxedo pant…and justify their space in the closet.

Looking for a few unique, artsy pieces which are uniquely you is a great way to punch up your personal style.  I plan to wear this jacket soon with a white blouse and denim.  It has lived in my closet for over a year, so it is time to finally give it some wear!  I guess the one main style tip from the past three days has been to keep tuxedo pants worn with traditional menswear pieces and you will be more comfortable wearing them.  My tuxedo stripe is so black that you need to be close to see it, but I still like the style.

Sometimes it is fun to step out and try a tuxedo pant or a metallic jacket and have a little fun with it!  I really enjoyed these outfits this week….hope you did as well.  You guys are the best.  Enjoy the slideshow and………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



  1. It’s nice to see someone who kind of looks like me style different things. You always look great and are inspiring. Thanks.

  2. I’d wear that jacket with some kind of graphic t shirt (need not be rock and roll, lol!) and denim. That would be a young, edgy look. Not that I don’t like what you have put together, it’s great! At first when I looked at the top I thought it was a graphic T. I’d still like that. Keep both pieces, I’d say!

  3. My first thought was how elegant you look in this outfit. More than edgy, I see it as a way to really dress up the tuxedo pants. The jacket and the top are wonderful together. That’s a great tip about styling tuxedo pants with more of a menswear inspired slant. While I can definitely see them as a stand alone with a dressy, even ruffled white blouse, I can see where the menswear is a natural way to wear them, which would inspire confidence!

  4. Love, love this outfit, love everying together. Love especially how the blazer fits you. Looks so slimming because it is a bit more form fitting than some of your more “boxy” fitting jackets/blazers. Love the length on you also. Just love this. Can you tell I really do like this look on you? LOL

  5. This is my fave of all 3 looks, and that is saying something because I liked them all. I think this is sensational. By using mostly neutrals, you took the edginess down enough for real-world wear. I absolutely love the jacket. When I saw it on you, the first thing I thought of was “black denim.” Glad to hear you are going to try it with denim.

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