Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Hip Hip Hooray!  It’s Would You Wear It Saturday with me and Jennifer!  We go out and about and look for a mannequin to catch our attention and then bring them to you on two blogs and ask what you think.

Today, on my site, let’s do something a little different. Look at the collection of mannequins above, and tell us if there is one of these styles you would wear and why.  Please explain your answers in order to help others…the comments are a huge part of this feature.  I will leave it up to you if you want to explain your losing selections…but all I ask, is that you explain the Winner!

Then head over to A Well Styled Life and let Jennifer know what you think about her choice.  I have so much fun to bring to you planned for next week, and a MAJOR closet clean planned for Monday.




  1. The only one I would think about wearing is the middle coat and black pants except that right now it’s -1 where I live so that wouldn’t work either. The dress would overwhelm my 5’4” small frame.

  2. The only outfit I would choose is on the back left mannequin. I like the flowy quality of her top & the length of the pant.
    The don’t like the pants at all on the front left mannequin. For me, if I’m going to wear cropped pants, they need to be more fitted. The loose pant just feels sloppy.
    The patterned dress in the front is too overwhelming for my short, small frame.
    The middle mannequin is ok, but I’d swap the structured, plaid jacket for a long sweater.
    Fun to have these different looks to choose from!

  3. I would wear all of it except the white blouse in the middle. That is too much see through. On my first place is the left outfit. I like the shoes, the pants, the blouse. I wear dresses, but i have to be in the mood for a dress.thats about once in a month. ?

  4. The shapes don’t work for me on the front mannequins and the colors don’t work on the rear ones. The only thing I would wear are the jeans/pants on the back left mannequin. The jacket looks too oversized also. This group of outfits do not fit my style at all.

  5. Each week I hope to see something I’d wear, and this week I found one thing from the picture…the white shirt waaaay in the back (left side, looking at the picture.) For me, the featured pants are too short, kind of just wrong with the booties (though trendy), the dress is very frumpy due to the length and print, the plaid jacket seems too big and the crossbody bag is not a good choice with such a large jacket, to me. Proportions are disturbing across this display. I might pause and shake my head, but I’d be moving on past these items!

  6. I would wear the jeans on the back left and the skirt? and top on the back right. The rest are just “meh”. The dress is dowdy, I’m not crazy about button up or sheer shirts. Maybe it’s my age, but I just don’t get the short pants for anything other than summer wear.

  7. The outfits on the left and right are not right for me due to the large prints. I just cannot wear them. The outfit in the middle seems awkward. I don’t care for the length of the pants or the color with the coat. I like the coat because I do love a nice wool coat for the cold winters here. However, I like the way it looks with the ivory scrunch neck top and ivory slim pants in the picture below the mannequins.

  8. I like the middle one…black pants, white top and plaid coat with the cross-body handbag. (Also like the very plain black pants, white top with mini kerchief) it’s way in back.
    The other looks just donot appeal to me at all, though the navy print blouse front row left could be cute with top button undone, not with these pants though.

  9. I would wear the white top and black pants in the back. I, too would be overwhelmed with the prints and even though I like the plaid coat, it probably wouldn’t work for me.

  10. Interestingly, I would only wear the back left outfit with the white blouse and bootcut jeans. The v-neck would flatter my broad shoulders and the jeans are full length which work for my petite height. I’d probably wear the scarf differently or not at all.

  11. Back left, and blouse in front left. I love H&M, because it fits my frame. I would wear the baggy left pants if they sewed down pleats above the waistband. I stay away from large patterns. I like the display.

  12. The blue dress would be perfect for me. The color, pattern scale and silhouette are suited to the size of my frame and pear shape. I would wear it with high boots or booties, like the mannequin. I would add a short necklace.

  13. Only if I had to choose would I go with the jeans and perhaps the goldish color sweater on the opposite corner. I like my pants to come right down to the end of my legs. White blouse with the jeans is too open and scarf too scant for my liking. But I’m not really fond of this whole collection.

  14. I will add my vote for the back left outfit. The scarf would probably go by the way-side. Actually the turtle/cowl neck gold top would be my choice.

  15. I would only wear the back left outfit but with a different scarf or necklace and a jacket or cardigan. I don’t like the pants or prints on the others. I do like the plaid jacket but it’s not a good color for me.

  16. I’d wear the front left outfit. Love navy and shades of blue with black, and the pants are very trendy..love the tie paperbag kind of waist. The rest of the outfits are a no for me–too sheer, wrong colors, no structure to them. I’d wear the coat in different solid color.

  17. I am looking at this on a cold and snowy day. I am seeing possibilities for transitioning from winter to spring, either with the tops with my pants now, or later as we start getting closer to transitional weather. The shorter pants would have to wait, but the tops and longer versions of the pants are all giving me some ideas. Thank you!

  18. The only one for me is the back left. In fact, it looks like me on many days. I have long legs, so bootcut jeans are perfect. I always opt for v-neck or boatneck over crewneck, because I think they add visual interest and help balance me out. I have a long neck, so scarves add color and give me an easy “completer piece” that makes me look like I didn’t just throw on any old jeans and a top. I do love midi dresses, especially in summer, but this one is too long for me, and elastic waists are never flattering for me.

  19. I like the middle outfit. Good proportions — also trendy but classic. Well done!

    The pants on the left outfit are too short and make the outfit look choppy. I have short legs and this would not be a flattering look. However, I like the blouse and think if the pants were full length that it would be a great outfit.

    The dress is a no — the shape is very matronly especially with the print.

  20. The only outfit here that I would consider wearing is the one on the back left with the bootcut jeans, but only if the top is a winter white or cream. I can’t tell for sure in the photo, but pure white is too stark for my colouring. I wouldn’t wear it with the scarf that is shown. I’d probably choose a necklace instead.

  21. I would wear the white top & jeans on the left in the back. I like the feminine look of the top & the jeans are the right length. I like the blouse on the front left, but the pants are too short & wide for my frame. I like the jacket in the middle, but again the pants are too short, & this blouse is also too sheer. Been there & done that as far as the dress is concerned. I harkens back to my younger years which I am not interested in revisiting.

  22. The camel cowl neck and floral skirt. I like the warm colors, and I like the silhouette of a fine gauge sweater over a flowy skirt. I also like printed skirts over pants for some reason.

  23. Oh my. I love these pant looks. The dress is too busy for myself.

    I love the length of the pants because I am 6′ tall and that is a comfortable length with boots! I think I am going to love the winter styles. And i love that there are many looks…i have many bootie boots but think i will get out and find some ankle boots!

  24. As someone in their mid-70s I favour the jeans & white top (back left) and the camel colored top and navy print skirt (right back) a close second. (The fabric design of the dress right front brings back memories of my mother’s choice in clothing in the 1960s/70s.

  25. I can’t tell a lot about the outfits on the mannequins in the back but they both look like something I would wear; I would wear the tops in the center front and to the left front with another pair of pants. The shorter, wider pant leg with leg showing above the boot looks choppy and would make anyone look shorter (thus, wider? I think this is something folks will look back on and do a ‘what was I thinking?’ head shake). The print and cut of the dress make it a no for me.

  26. Great trio of the three in front. I would not wear the dress as I think the print would overwhelm me. I like the cropped pants and blue print blouse and would wear that. I also like the black slim pants with the ivory top and plaid coat. Both of these outfits look thought out and yet comfortable. I could wearing both as they fit my lifestyle.

  27. I like the center outfit, but I would substitute a black t-shirt for the blouse. The back left jeans/ sweater combo is cute but I need to see the sleeves. Bell, ruffles or big = no.

  28. I’d wear the back one (with the white light weight top) but I’d add a bit of colour by wearing a coloured tank underneath so it shows at the neckline (and allows me to bend over without hanging out my cleavage – what there is of it!) The patterns are a bit too busy for my taste and in Australia I’d never need the heavy coat.

  29. I really like the dress, maybe because I’m a sucker for blue! I’m 5’9” , curvy and like the v neck. I’d wear it with a black western belt to cover the waist seam and cowboy boots.

  30. I woud definitely wear the dress: I love the colours, they are all in my colour palette. I also would love trying the paperbag pants with the blouse front left… As I am curvy I tend to wear tops over my pants to cover hips and tummy, but very recently I decided that I might want to try to accentuate my waist better, as I have a hourglass body… a paperbag pant might be one way to do it
    the other outfits are ok, but not that special… but the white blouse in the central outfit seems nice.

  31. I’d shop the blue paisley blouse, the jeans, and the plaid jacket (with a plain blouse under though – I’m not a big pattern-mixer). The other short pants are not for my tall frame, and the white v-neck blouse looks a little baggy, the center white blouse too sheer, and the dress pattern is too busy for my taste. I couldn’t wear the attention-grabbing belly length of the cropped sweater, but the booties on the mannequins are nice. The little neck-kerchief is right snappy! 🙂

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