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Hi everyone, welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and Jennifer Connolly!  I hope your first week of 2019 was wonderful and you are ready to inspect a couple of mannequins.  For anyone new, what we do is post a little fashion merchandising styles we discover while we are out and about…me in Texas and Jennifer in California.  You look over the style and tell us if you would wear it and why or why not.  Please, please explain your answer…the audience loves to read the comments and learn from one another.  After you comment on mine, please go over and comment at A WELL STYLED LIFE.  Do not assume we have selected mannequins because we either love or hate them….we rarely comment on the look…this is done to hear from you, not necessarily us.  So, look at this dress above and tell us, ladies


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  1. This is not an outfit I would wear. The large plaid feels a bit overwhelming. The black sweater with the dark plaid dress is overall too dark for me. The general feel I get from this outfit is “frumpy”.

  2. Yes, I would wear the dress but not the sweater. Long sweaters are not a good look for my short body. I would choose a shorter sweater and maybe in green.

  3. The dress is cute. I would like to see the sleeves. I would not wear it with that sweater – maybe a jean jacket. Adding tights and boots would help.

  4. No, I would not wear this. This adds pounds. The style of the dress alone might be okay, but the sweater ruins the whole look, presenting a shapeless form. The print on the dress is not something I’d give a second look to. Might be okay for someone in their teens or maybe 20’s. Possibly on a pair of pants or a blazer… Maybe. When I look at this as presented, my first thought is very frumpy. The sweater looks like it could be very nice over slim or skinny pants. Just looks all wrong with this dress. You mentioned hiding in clothes earlier in the week, and to me, this outfit exemplifies what you mentioned.

  5. I would not wear this dress. The plaid is “too busy” for me and I think it would make me “look big.” Would not even try it on!

  6. Love the dress but agree I would want to jazz it up with a jean jacket and tights or jeggings. I am of Scottish heritage so I love plaids.

    1. Ditto about the heritage. I would wear black booties and tights or OTK boots with this dress, and maybe my black leather jacket with its peplum waist and flared sleeves. The empire waist is flattering with my pear shape. Love the green!

  7. Maybe…I would have to try it on. I agree that it has an ‘I’m hiding’ vibe. A denim jacket would be better. Since the colors of the plaid are muted and the fabric is light, I don’t object to the print.

  8. No on the dress, the plaid is too large & the style says frumpy to me. I love a black watch plaid but in a smaller scale. The sweater is nice in cut/style but black is no longer a color I wear by my face as it washes me out. I don’t wear pointy to heel. I don’t wear any heels if I can help it do to neuropathy in my feet.

  9. Nope, the plaid is so large that even the mannequin seems overwhelmed! I like the idea of a dress and cardigan, maybe a smaller print. I also dislike the self belt where it’s tied, that’s my problem area and I wouldn’t use that type of belt.

  10. The plaid is the kind of “trend” I like …. classics having a moment. I agree with others that a jean jacket with some curved seaming would really look nice with this. Also agreed on the black tights and ankle boots. I think the slightly high tie (where they’ve placed it goes around the smallest part of the torso on most women) and fuller skirt would flatter a tummy. It needs a necklace, which would lessen the frump factor considerably. Yes, I’d try it on.

  11. I don’t love plaid so I would not wear it. The outfit looks a little frumpy, but it probably looks better on with bright lipstick and fun jewelry.

  12. I would have chosen this outfit when I was working. Now that I’m retired I hardly ever wear a dress

  13. I like this dress, but perhaps the darker line in the plaid is what makes it look wider. I like the length and neckline, but would definitely change the shoe and and a necklace for interest. Thanks for adding a plus size to the mix for us. I would not wear a jean jacket with this as it would chop right at my fuller hips.

  14. Nope for me too. The dress style and fabric would accentuate my weight and I would not pair it with a black sweater. Also,the mannequin appears to be in the juniors dept. Maybe that is why it doesn’t appeal to older women. I think I would pass it by and not even notice it.

  15. I’d wear this with a different sweater–maybe a shorter cardigan type, or a jacket that was fitted but not black. I’d also wear a different belt. It’s just too dark the way it is presented..

  16. I agree with Miss Amy…I like the idea of a dress and cardigan. However, the plaid in the dress is too large and dark for me. So….probably wouldn’t wear it.

  17. I’d lose the black sweater because black washes me out and would wear the dress alone provided it has long sleeves that I could push up to 3/4. A V-neck is my fave because of a round face and I love the juxtaposition of the bold, trendy plaid with the sheer fabric at the skirt bottom that lightens the look. I would replace the fabric belt with a slightly wider leather one with a silver buckle.

  18. I do like the colors in the dress but it has some fatal flaws for me. Self tie (fabric) belts cheapen it’s look, the fabric looks scratchy and the plaid is too large for me my petite self. The sweater doesn’t flatter it either. Too long and shapeless.

  19. I like blackwatch plaid and have items like a skirt and slacks, but this dress would not look good on me. My tall, slender daughters could pull it off.

  20. I like plaid but the style of this dress is not flattering for my pear shape. I would look huge in it! Like others have said, it would benefit with something other than this sweater.

  21. I love the colours and the plaid, but the style of dress is wrong for me. I’m tall, long in the body, and an empire waistline rarely falls in the right spot on me. I also agree with Jennifer that the self tie cheapens the look.

  22. “How cute” was my initial reaction. Love the colors! I am thinking the dark plaid wouldn’t be overwhelming to my frame. A definite “try on” for both pieces. I like the idea of a structured jacket better though.

  23. Might be too matronly. I like a dress and cardigan, but that cardigan is wrong. Thanks for showing a plus size, though!

  24. Oh no. A young adult woman could pull it off particularly if tall, but it might age anyone else with the scale of the plaid.
    The pattern is casual, but the fabric is dressy. It’s confusing. And, the black pumps with those white legs, even if a mannequin’s legs, sets the entire ensemble off-balance.

  25. I like the cardigan. It looks soft and casual. I do not like the dress. It’s too short for that cardigan over it. I don’t like the plaid. I will not be wearing it.

  26. I seem to be in the minority here, but I like the dress & would at least try it on. I agree the sweater is a bit long. I, too, am retired & rarely wear dresses any more.

  27. I love the plaid pattern of the dress, but the style is not very flattering. I think a more fitted style would be better. I do like the black sweater paired with this dress. The colors are a great combination for winter months!

  28. A sheer fabric dress in winter? Not even in So Tx! Don’t care for the large plaid design nor the colors together. Looks like a vintage maternity dress…
    Think the sweater would be better in a cobalt blue instead of black (too dark as mentioned before). Would not wear this even if I did wear dresses lol.

  29. Plaid is my favorite color! Yes I would wear it.
    At some point it would be helyfor those of us that say yes to know where we could purchase the outfit.

  30. I like the look but might or might not purchase depending on the sleeves and whether or not the plaids matched at the side seams. I’m average height (5’6″) and I like the longer cardigans.

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