Soft Surroundings: Valentine’s Day Ready

Last week, I said my favorite red outfit would be worn for the beginning of Valentine’s week and it is brought to you by Soft Surroundings.  I love this kimono jacket and it is so lightweight, I can wear it often once the weather warms. The color red definitely fits my style adjectives of strength and creativity.  Red is such a power color.

I styled it with a black tank underneath, my Soft Surroundings snake print leggings; a Soft Surroundings leopard print cuff, and leather flats.  Simple, fun, and very comfortable.


We went out for our Valentine’s dinner date over the week and both ate too much at Saltgrass Steak House, but it was so good!  We join many by staying in on February 14 because of the crowds and high prices.  But, we make sure to celebrate the special day at other times. I hope you have enjoyed all of the red.  Please come back for more spring trends tomorrow and for some Soft Surroundings fun below!



Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.


    1. You look great! Love the hair,( a bit shorter)?and the outfit! As others have said red and black are part of your palette! The pop of animal print on your wrist….Very nice!

  1. This is so pretty. I like the flowy effect of the kimono, and the leopard cuff is the perfect creative finishing touch! Good for you having fun celebrat in Valentines Day! A little splurge once in awhile is good for the soul! ?

  2. This outfit looks so fresh!! red is definitely your color and the leopard print cuff is just the wild touch that makes it special. You inspire me to try new things with my clothing. Thank you!

  3. You are officially the “Lady in Red”! You look amazing in it – I think it must match your personality or something! Love the outfit!

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