Part Two: Designer Spring Trends and How We Can Wear Them

We began this discussion over the weekend of ways to find inspiration in the Neiman Marcus Spring Fashion runway for our own wardrobes, as every day women over 50, who love to look our best and enjoy current trends. The first post is here.  I always leave the show with a desire to step out of my comfort soon and have some fun with my clothing.  So, let’s pick up where we left off, with point number four of how I can bring these trends into an every day wardrobe.

4. Ombre:  I may not need a fabulous evening gown this year, or even a beautiful coat (live in South Texas, y’all!) but ombre is a technique in woman can wear in tops, jackets and toppers.  Look for these textiles to be available in many garments.  When done well, they can be striking.

5. Sparkle:  I love a little sparkle and already wear it, as I did in a look a couple of weeks ago.  I think a tank top with a jacket is a great way to display sequins in order to have some fun with your style.  I have a couple of sequined tanks that I usually put away after the holidays, but I have decided to leave them out this year about try them with a couple of casual looks.  Mine are solid colors…one is deep green and one is black, so it is a gentle way for me to experience the trend.  This show included a couple of head to toe sequined looks.  Then I noticed a sequined silver jacket on another site for spring, so I believe we are going to see more of this going forward. It is a fun date night option!

6. Long Necklaces: I love long necklaces.  They elongate any look and add a “free and easy” touch to your style.  Long necklaces are still on trend and they were throughout the show.   Also, after all the splash and color I have showed you, some will be glad to know that strong, neutral style is still (and always will be) on trend!

7. Hot pink, coral, red, orange:  This show was packed with these colors, and though the coral is the color of the year, I am most excited about making some new bold choice with hot pink.  I already have a bright pink top that I have added to my wardrobe.  I like the vibrancy of that pink over the soft pinks, but I am making friends with the later.  Red is going to stay on through this next fashion season in different shades and as you have seen lately on this blog…I love red.  All of these colors come in different shades…try some clothes on and find the shade that is yours.

Other trends to apply to your own wardrobe:

  1.  We will continue to see metallics in clothing and accessories.  I saw an older woman recently in a great shiny silver jacket at church.  She looked awesome with perfectly styled silver hair and black garments underneath.
  2. Polka Dots are still in for spring…all colors!
  3. Blouses with bow ties….I am liking this one more and more.  I know it is a blast from the past.  There is something so chic about these tops.

Getting excited for spring, yet?  There are many easy ways to stay current and on trend.  Remember not to allow a designer fashion show to discourage you, but rather to inspire you!



  1. Great post. Loved everything. Hot pint, sequins with denim (yummy). Have always loved the mix and match which you have revealed. Very inspiring.

  2. I love that formal dress. I so wish I had a place to wear that one. I love almost all of the spring trends and am really looking forward to the new season. While I love black and navy, I am looking forward to more color outside and in my wardrobe

  3. Great idea to keep your sequins out. I could certainly see your tanks even for day wear if you covered them with a denim jacket and wore flats. Date night certainly, especially with a leather moto or blazer and jeans. The green might be harder to style, as my mind went immediately to holiday looks. I have tried ombré … it looks so interesting on the hanger, but I look terrible in it, every single time. This is true whether the darker color is on top or on the bottom. It always makes me look lumpy. If you can figure out how to make it work, even with a dressing room try on post, I’d love to hear about it.

  4. I will watch for pieces I can do that with but I confess I have experienced the same issues with ombré…the fit of the garment has to be just right! Thanks!

  5. This is very helpful! I have quite a few of the spring trends to blend into my wardrobe, which is good to know! I love dressy fabrics with jeans, so was drawn to that look that you showed! I’m very much excited for spring! We’re a long way off in Ohio, but it will come!

  6. In a past life, I had a hot pink blazer, so I am thinking about revisiting that. I usually don’t think sequins to be spring/summer wear, but that shimmery pink & white tank is changing my mind. Great information about the trends!

  7. My red silk jacket will be combined with a new black, small print dress and my white sequined sleeveless top may be used with a denim jacket., for new ideas. On another note, perhaps you could comment on how to store large pieces of jewelry for easy access; a jewelry box doesn’t have enough space.

  8. Thank you. It was interesting to see what the members of the audience were wearing especially their shoes.

    I hope the fad for torn up jeans will fade away but like the idea of different types of pants/trousers.

  9. I have an interview coming soon with a fashion expert and I asked about the jeans, Jill. We will see if they are fading out or not!

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